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Italy Holidays

Famous for food, fashion and some spectacularly cultural cities, discover this multifaceted country for yourself on Italy holidays.

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Europe’s most stylish destination

The cool kid in Europe's playground, Italy has long been world leaders in art and fashion but the natural surroundings of this country will also never fail to impress.

Whether you're exploring the Italian Lakes, sampling wine in the Tuscany hills or sailing through the streets of Venice, you'll find beauty at almost every turn on holidays to Italy.

Holiday Hypermarket offers getaways in some of Italy's most scenic locations with Sicily, Lake Garda and the Neapolitan Riviera being just some of the highlights to choose from. Couples of all ages will fall in love with the perfectly placed restaurants while families also have exciting options to keep everyone happy.

Where to stay in Italy

Italian Lakes
Italian LakesView on Map

This famous lake region of Italy is a favourite holiday destination for people looking to relax in peaceful settings. The big three of Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore provide some terrific options of where to stay.

Lake Como is the region of choice for the rich and famous but everyone is invited to enjoy the serenity of dining and reclining by the large body of water.

Lake Garda is the family favourite with a theme park as well as sporting opportunities on the lake and in the mountains. Each region of the Italian Lakes guarantees the chance to wine and dine by the water with some outstanding views included.

Neapolitan Riviera
Neapolitan RivieraView on Map

The Neapolitan Riviera is famous for being home to some of the greatest locations in Italy as well as giving the world some delicious foods.

While staying at some elegant and relaxing resorts, you can make the trip to visit Pompeii which lies in ruins next to Mount Vesuvius that levelled the former city.

The conditions in this region of Italy are ideal to nourish the wildlife so you'll find plenty of beautifully decorated gardens here with spectacular views over the coastline.

SardiniaView on Map

This Italian Island sits on its own out in the Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia enjoys more than just Italian culture with Spanish cuisine and architecture spotted in parts of the island.

The island is green at its heart with a gold border of beaches surrounding it. There are many terrific beach resorts to choose from on this isle and some great activities to help you explore by land and sea.

Some of the towns are filled with fascinating history and impressive buildings, especially the capital Cagliari that is placed on the southern coast.

SicilyView on Map

The famous island resting on the toe of Italy's boot, Sicily is a beautiful location filled with vibrant forests, attractive communities and dominating mountains.

On the southern part of the island you'll find Castelmola high in the hills. This village looks over the popular cliff town of Taormina before dropping down to the Ionian Sea. The area is filled with great beaches as well as ancient castles and ruins to explore.

On the northern coast is Cefalu that is home to a long and spacious 8km beach. The majority of this sandy coast is lined with restaurants, bars and cafes where you can spend a slow-paced day out in the sun.

TuscanyView on Map

In a country full of culture and history, Tuscany lays claim to some of the most prominent figures in history. The region is said to be the birthplace of the Renaissance and Florence was once called home by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Rafael.

As well as the impressive cities found in the region, the landscape encapsulates Italian wine country at its finest. Between the hills and mountains of Tuscany there are miles of vineyards with famous wines such as Chianti produced here.

Museums and art galleries fill the cities with some spectacular and famous attractions to see within. Pisa and its leaning tower is also found within Tuscany.

Venetian Riviera
Venetian RivieraView on Map

The Venetian Riviera offers accommodation right on the beach while the floating city of Venice is located nearby. Lido di Jesolo rests in front of the Venice Lagoon where a varied landscape hides islands, wetlands and beaches.

Ferries leave regularly or you could drive to the legendary city of Venice where the cars and roads are replaced with gondolas and canals.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities between Venice and Lido di Jesolo as well as a Friday market in the latter. Families will seek out the fun of the waterpark, fairground and go-kart track by Lido di Jesolo too.


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Volcanos, lakes and beaches

Italy enjoys a Mediterranean climate that is sprinkled with the occasional shower making almost the entire country and its islands vibrantly floral all year round. Italian gardens are well cared for on the hills of the Neapolitan Riviera while the forests in Sardinia are naturally scenic.

If you're looking for a beach getaway underneath the summer sun then you have an array of options on holidays to Italy. Lido di Jesolo in the Venetian Riviera, Cefalu in Sicily and Costa Smeralda in Sardinia are just some of the superb beach resorts found across the country.

The mountain ranges of Italy grace the landscapes from all regions but none are more menacing than the dominating figure of Mount Vesuvius in the Neapolitan Riviera.

Up along the central regions of the country are the Italian Lakes where hills, mountains and forests sit by the waters of Garda, Como and Maggiore, creating some of the most picturesque views around.

From Romans to Renaissance

Italy's history needs no introduction with Roman folklore being known the world over. Buildings and ruins in Sicily, the Neapolitan Riviera and Tuscany display evidence of the civilisation's long and fascinating history.

Tuscany is said to be the birthplace of the Renaissance era and the city of Florence played a major part in this movement. Famous artists, inventors and innovators lived in the cultural city and have left many monuments and artwork here since.

Venice is a truly unique destination floating in the middle of the Venetian Riviera. A city built across dozens of small islands, the roads have been replaced by canals and the buildings look as if they're floating on the water.

Family fun across the country

Younger visitors will be glad to hear it's not all gardens, mountains and vineyards to be found in Italy. Both the Venetian Riviera and Sardinia have large waterparks to enjoy while Lake Garda is home to the major theme park Gardaland.

Across most beach resorts you can take the opportunity to try a water sport out on the waves while many also offer exciting boat trips around the coast. The Italian Lakes also offer the same luxury on the landlocked water areas with regular boat trips, ferries and other water activities.

Music bars and coastal clubs

Nights out in Italy can't be compared to the wild, crazy and occasionally messy nights of other European cities. The bars and clubs found in certain parts of Italy are considered more stylish and high-class with some great venues.

Sicily's beach is home to a couple of great clubs right by the sand while Taormina is a town with a lot to offer at night. Clubs and music bars can be found by the water in Lake Garda and Lake Como while the majority of resorts offer at least some outdoor bars and restaurants to unwind in.

Italian cuisine

Get ready to pack on those carbs as Italy's world famous specialties of pasta and pizza are presented in a variety of delicious dishes. Restaurants and pizzerias are never hard to come by in any Italian resort, town or city as the locals take their food very seriously.

Outside of meal times, ice cream, coffee and wine are all treats that Italy is famous for providing. The café culture is prominent here meaning you'll often find a great place to people watch out in the sun or after dark too.

World leaders in fashion

Armani, Versace, Gucci, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana are just some of Italy's many world famous clothing brands. High-end fashion is displayed and sold in many locations and visitors also have the chance to purchase delicious reds and whites from the country's wineries.

Getting there

Flight time from the UK to various parts of Italy usually takes between two to three hours. Depending on your destination will determine how long your transfer to your resort will be.

There is a train line servicing Italy from the very top of the country right down to the island of Sicily. There is even a railway service on the island of Sardinia to help you get around.

Car hire is widely available from the airports and towns in Italy and this is the easiest way to move around with freedom.