Italy Holidays 2024/2025

There’s a very good reason why Italy is known as ‘Bella Italia,’ and that’s because this country is truly beautiful. From the amazing natural features of the Italian Lakes to the architectural splendours of Tuscany, you’re always going to find something to wow you with holidays to Italy.

Italy Holiday Deals 2024/2025

Italy, where style and natural beauty dominate

The Italians have a wonderful phrase for putting your best foot forward. It’s ‘bella figura’ – which literally means making the best of yourself. When you wander around Italy, you’ll notice that this is a country that oozes style.

Whether it’s in the hilltop villages of Tuscany or the wonders of the Neapolitan Riviera, you’re sure to come across some jaw dropping sites when travelling through this beautiful country. Italy is made up of a whole variety of regions, each one as beautiful as another, you’ll be overwhelmed with things to do, see and learn on holiday in Italy..

Even when people-watching in a local café or sunning by the beach in Alghero, Sardinia you’ll be overwhelmed by the Italian vibe. Prada, Gucci and Ferrari all come from Italy, and there’s something quite magical about sitting in the warm sun and gazing at a wonderful view that inspires creativity and talent. So be your best self and book your next holiday to Italy.

Holidays in Italy


The best of both worlds

You could say it’s the best of both worlds in Italy, being able to see the old, traditional Italy as well as the built up, tourist side. This gives you the option to explore what suits you, but we would recommend seeing a bit of both to get the full, beautiful picture of Italy. 

Take your Italy holiday to one of the more traditional towns such as Ravello and you’ll see some beautiful formal gardens created by English landscape designers in the 19th century. Just a heartbeat away in Positano however, you’ll find some of the most upbeat and cool nightclubs you’ll be able to visit in this part of Italy.

The countryside varies here too, from the rugged cliffs along the Neapolitan Riviera to the hilltop beauties of Tuscany. Before you leave, be sure to check out the calm coastline along the Venetian Riviera too. Holidays to Italy can give you so much variation within one destination but all will impress you just as much.

La Dolce Vita

Italians don’t just sit revelling in the beauty of their towns and landscape – they like a good party too. Italy holidays may not be the first that comes to mind when thinking of party holidays, but what’s better than a day of beautiful sights, topped off with a night of singing and dancing with beautiful people. If you’re staying on the Neapolitan Riviera then the towns of Positano and Sorrento have some fantastic nightclubs where you can listen and dance to some of the best dance hits around. 

Sicily has some uber-special cocktail bars, and if you’re looking for night-time fun in the Italian Lakes you can either sample the bars around Lake Garda or dance on the rocks by Lake Maggiore. Our all inclusive Italy holiday packages are always a great pick too. Most of the hotels offer evening entertainment that allows you to let your hair down without even leaving the hotel.

Architecture rules

Italians are justifiably proud of their stunning architecture and there’s no surprise as to why. You’ll find some wonderful gems in the more popular destinations such as Venice and Florence, two of Italy’s bigger cities. In fact, the magnificence of St Mark’s Square or the glories of the Uffizi Palace are hard to beat. You’ll soon see however that most towns in Italy have a selection of beautiful monuments, churches or even just a stunning fountain in a village square. Italy holidays will have you laying your eyes on some magnificent sites at every corner.

If you’re staying in the Neapolitan Riviera, a day trip to Pompeii is easy and a visit to this extraordinary archaeological site is fascinating. Or, Sicily is a fascinating pick because it has been invaded by nearly everyone over the years, and still displays the effect that all these visitors have left with their own mark on the local architecture.

Beaches and beauty

There’s just as much beauty on the sandy shores of Italy as there is in the town centres. Our Italy holidays offer plenty to do and see in every resort and they’re the perfect destination for family holidays. With an array of beaches across the coastline, chilled days can be on the agenda as well as exploring and sightseeing.

Cefalu is a fantastic resort for a beach holiday in Sicily. The main beach, Lungomare, is a generous five kilometres of sandy space where you can worship the sun, and families can swim in its shallow waters. You’ll find that Cefalu is much more than just a beach though. Wander around the town you can lose yourself in its mediaeval walkways among the Norman cathedral and a bathhouse that dates back to the Saracens.

Sardinia’s Alghero may be renowned for its kilometres of golden sand that could go up against the shores of the Caribbean, but the town itself is also well worth a visit. The old town is mediaeval and is where you’ll find many of the best restaurants in the area, situated in some of the town’s most beautiful buildings.

Or for a more resort-type beach holiday, which is quite hard to find in Italy, head to the purpose-built Lido di Jesolo on the Venetian Riviera. It has the longest beach in mainland Italy, plus a funfair and a waterpark. There’s miles of sand for you to lay out and top up the tan, build sandcastles or take part in the watersports.

And then there’s the food and the wine

While the French may claim their cuisine is the foundation of European cooking, the Italians would passionately disagree. Everywhere you visit in this beautiful country you’re sure to understand why the Italians are so passionate about their food and drink. I don’t think there’s a debate that Italian food will be the highlight of your holiday to Italy.

From humble pizza best eaten in its founding town, Naples, to the slow-roasted meats and game stews of Tuscany, Italian food will keep you coming back for more. The Italians extend their love of style to their passion for food, and very often the plate carrying your meal will be presented like an artist’s palette.

Each region of Italy is also famous for its own alcohol. When staying in the Italian Lakes for instance, the selection of local wines is usually quite exceptional. Tuscan wines are renowned the world over and the fiery reds of both Sicily and Sardinia are vibrant and tasty. Be sure to enjoy a glass of wine with every decadent Italian meal and mix it up each time to try a variety.

With all this amazing food and wine, Italy holidays sound like a luxury already, but we do offer authentic luxury Italy holidays where you’ll be in a true Italian paradise. It’ll be nothing but the best during your whole stay, with spectacular views, service and food. You’d really be making the best of yourself.


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