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Aruba Holidays

Smiling faces, paradise beaches and the clearest of oceans will greet you as you touch down on Aruba holidays. Comfortably found in the Caribbean Ocean, this small island enjoys phenomenal weather all year round.

Quick Tips

Roman Catholic
Aruban Florin
GMT -4

One Happy Island

The sun shines over Aruba for more days each year than any other Caribbean island. Plus it's outside of the hurricane belt so good weather is guaranteed though it can get a little windy in the winter months.

The towns and cities of this island are catered for tourists providing relaxing days and exciting evenings. The most popular resorts in Aruba are spread across the north west coast, an area that includes Noord, the capital Oranjestad as well as Eagle Beach.

Holidays to Aruba gift visitors with some of the most highly rated beaches in the world and the sands are conveniently lined with excellent luxury hotels and accommodation.

Places to Visit


Feel free to take a spin at one of Aruba's many 24-hour casinos. With drinks and games on tap, it's a great place to start you night. During the days? There's no better place to hide from the heat and heal your sun burn than inside one of these gaming meccas.

Plaza Daniel Leo

A quaint location inside the heart of Oranjestad that features multi-coloured pastel buildings and an adorable water fountain. With nearby shops and restaurants, this setting looks like it has been taken from a Dutch storybook.

Antilla ship wreck

The largest ship wreckage in the South Caribbean, experienced divers love the thrill of exploring the spooky underwater debris. This World War Two German freighter is a popular excursion that is even eerier when viewed at night.

National Park Arikok

The expansive area that takes up a fifth of the island is filled with wondrous sights created by nature. Rock pools, caves, forests, sand dunes and deserts are all found within this versatile land. Explore on your own or hire a tour guide to help you tick every feature off your list.

Sunset Cruise

Sunsets are the house special in Aruba. And they're not something you ever get used to. Even after years of living on the island, the locals still pile down to Palm Beach at 5pm every day to splash about in the water as the sun sinks into the Caribbean Sea. On this trip, you'll watch the dusk descend on the island from the deck of a catamaran. There'll be a bar on board where you can get cocktails. Look at your drink then look at the sun, and you'll notice a chameleon quality between the two. Just before nightfall, the light turns woo woo-pink then bloody Mary-red. You'll head back to the mainland as the early-bird diners begin sitting down for dinner.

Seaworld Explorer

See the marine life off Aruba's shores on the Seaworld Explorer semi-submarine. The vessel doesn't submerge, but you can see below the sea surface from the underwater viewing chamber in the ship's hull. Once onboard the Seaworld Explorer you'll cruise through the Arashi Reef, passing the World War 2 Antilla shipwreck, where you can view the coral formations and multi-coloured tropical fish.

Tailored for tourists

It's all about fun and sun on Aruba holidays. Belonging to the Netherlands, it can sometimes feel like a more exotic version of Holland; there is even an imported windmill overlooking Eagle Beach. The official language is Dutch, but thankfully both English and Spanish are widely spoken.

Aruba is a small island in the Lesser Antilles, and when grouped with Bonaire and Curaçao, it forms the ABC Islands in the west Caribbean Sea. Over the years, the country's economy has been supported by gold mining, aloe cultivation and oil refinery, but it's now almost entirely maintained by tourism.

Eagle beach

It is no exaggeration to say that Aruba boasts some of the world's best beaches. The stunning Eagle Beach on the island's north west coast was awarded third place in TripAdvisor's 'World's Best Beaches' poll in 2011.

The beaches on the south coast are sheltered from strong currents, making them perfect for bobbing around the inlets on your inflatable ring. There's even a bay called Baby Beach, so called because it's safe for your little ones to splash around in.

The warm, clear blue waters, so typical of the Caribbean, are perfect for swimming. Just off the coast, you can don your snorkel and flap your flippers alongside colourful reef fish and sea turtles.

Wreck diving is also a popular pastime, thanks to the many spooky shipwrecks littering the Caribbean's seabed. If it's rugged rocks and crashing surf you are after then head over to the north east coast where strong winds make Aruba a surfers' paradise.

Arikok national park

When you've had your daily dose of sun and sea, brush the sand from your feet and explore inland. Hop on a jeep safari tour and explore Aruba's natural charm. If you're partial to a bit of nature, wander over to Arikok National Park.

Covering 20 percent of the island, it's the largest national park in the Caribbean. Wandering amongst twisted trees, cacti and abandoned gold mines you'll feel as though you've landed in a Wild West film set rather than the Caribbean.

In Noord you can find Philip's Animal Garden. A fun interactive zoo experience with massive snakes, farm animals, friendly camels and many more that kids will love. For more creature comforts look for the Butterfly Farm, Ostrich Farm or the Rancho Daimariin in Oranjestad.

Kukoo Kunuku

When night falls, relaxing island vibes are reverberated around the popular beach bars. Enjoying a cocktail under the stars is enjoyable but there are also outdoor nightclub venues in case you feel like staying up late.

In many bars you're encouraged to get in the swing of things and enjoy a salsa lesson but the real party isn't found in any building. It's not even found on the beach.

The brightly coloured Kukoo Kunuku party bus can be spotted trawling the streets of Noord. Hop aboard and you can be taken on a dinner and bar crawl or a bar and nightclub trek across the very best venues of Aruba.


Enthusiastic about bling, you're likely to spot more gold, diamond and jewellery shops than any other kind on the streets of Aruba. The establishments prove popular because of the price and selection on offer to customers.

Souvenirs, cigars, clothes or alcohol can be found across the town centres too. Oranjestad in particular has the largest offering across the pastel coloured buildings and malls.

South American and Caribbean flavours

Despite being a small island, hundreds of restaurants are packed into Aruba with international cuisine available. You're offered a choice between dining in the lavish surroundings of a fancy restaurant or the authentic feel of a beach shack.

Often the price will reflect your surroundings but whether made in an industrial grill or on an open fire, Aruba offers delicious options come meal times.

Getting there

The journey to Aruba may seem a little daunting at around 14 hours, depending on the length of any layovers, but there is no better place to recover than on an Aruban beach.

Queen Beatrix International Airport is centrally located in Aruba and the transfer time to your resort is likely to take less than 20 minutes.

The island is so small that many attractions are within walking distance. Taking the cleverly named Arubus is the cheapest way to get around and there are several services that link resorts to Oranjestad.

Best time of year to visit

Average temperatures in Aruba are always approaching 30C while remaining dry for the majority of the year.

The only wet months of note are November, December and January but even then the days that see rainfall only suffer from short but heavy showers.

While the island has plenty to see, do and experience, Aruba truly is a place to enjoy doing as little as possible. Relaxation is the name of the game, and it's all about being happy. Aruba prides itself on being a happy island. Heck, even the car license plates say Aruba is 'One Happy Island'.

Location of Aruba

Average temperature
JanuaryTemp: 30°C
FebruaryTemp: 31°C
MarchTemp: 31°C
AprilTemp: 32°C
MayTemp: 32°C
JuneTemp: 33°C
JulyTemp: 32°C
AugustTemp: 33°C
SeptemberTemp: 33°C
OctoberTemp: 32°C
NovemberTemp: 32°C
DecemberTemp: 31°C
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