Kassiopi Holidays 2024/2025

You’ll find Kassiopi nestled between rolling hills, rock formations and deep azure blue ocean. This little beach resort consists of an upbeat village, a choice of beaches, coastal walks and a rich history. The village has an ancient Byzantine castle and long-standing fishing culture, and as if this wasn’t enough, the historic capital city, Corfu Town, is just an hour away.

Kassiopi Holiday Deals

A handful of sandy stretches

There are a number of breathtaking strips of beach available to visitors of Kassiopi, each with their own unique character. The pebble and shingle shores are great for kids on Corfu holidays as the shallow waters are calm until the afternoon. After the midday sun has disappeared the waters get a cool breeze which is appreciated after a day basking under Greece‘s scorching sun.

There are a line of restaurants and bars which skirt the shoreline. Around the main beach at Kassiopi – Kalamionas – are a selection of tavernas which offer a bite to eat in plain view of your towel so you won’t have to lose your space by the sea. Plus, this beach is a Blue Flag award-winner for its cleanliness.

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  • Scenic walks in the wilderness

    There are two main routes you can take if you’re looking to trek around Kassiopi’s sprawling landscape. First is the headland walk which attracts thousands every year to look out over the ocean and take photos with the horizon in the background.

    The second route is up to Mount Pantokrator, which towers over Corfu like a rocky giant. If you’re up to the challenge at the summit you’ll be greeted by a charming monastery and a cafe where you can rejuvenate over a coffee or beer. Don’t worry, there’s a route up by car too if you don’t want to make the journey by foot.

    An hour to the capital

    Corfu Town, the island’s capital, is blessed with a whole range of things to do. If you like a bit of haggling then check out the bustling market in the old district. Here you’ll find everything from olive oil to olive wood, ouzo to shoes, novelty T-shirts to Greek novels. In the modern commercial district are all the boutique and designer shops that offer something really special.

    The Old Venetian Fortress which overlooks the entire city is dated back to the early 15th century and stands as a reminder of the island’s rich history. The structure has defended the island from three Ottoman sieges and remains an asset for the city. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to see it put to use as a venue for a number of different events.

    Whether you’ve rented a car or not, it’s no more than an hour to Corfu Town. For those who haven’t, the public transport system in Corfu is regular and efficient and never costs more than a couple of euros. The bus goes from the centre of Corfu Town direct to Kassiopi and back again until mid evening, seven days a week.

    The festival of Kassiopi

    If you’re considering Greek island holiday packages for an August getaway, it’s worth knowing that on the 15th, the town of Kassiopi heads into a manic celebration over the Day of the Virgin Mary. This a sight to behold and sums up island culture in a nutshell. When all the Greek bouzouki music, traditional dancing and Corfiot wine come together for this incredible day, the atmosphere is unbeatable.

    Join in with the enthusiastic crowds as they feast on incredible locally-produced food, barbecued to perfection on the streets of Kassiopi. Local folk musicians come out in force to serenade the people, and you’ll find yourself dancing along with the rest of them in no time.


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