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Zante Holidays

With the parties of Laganas, the family fun of Tsilivi and the countless beautiful beaches, Zante holidays invite everyone to appreciate this beautiful Ionian Island.

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Wild parties or family fun

Though it is always bottom alphabetically, it ranks near the very top on the list of the best Greek islands. That is thanks to the effort made to welcome tourists to this spectacular destination. Family attractions have been added to enhance the holiday experience and there is a terrific party scene for those who want to stay up late in Laganas.

All of the aforementioned perks play second fiddle to the beautiful nature that encompasses the isle of Zante. The third largest Ionian Island is filled with forests and mountains while the coastline presents some breath-taking beaches.

Holidays to Zante are for different groups depending on where you visit. Families can keep everyone entertained at Tsilivi, couples will love the laidback atmosphere of Alykanas and the 18-30s flock to Laganas to enjoy the mile-long strip of bars and clubs.

Where to stay in Zante

Quick Tips

  • Greek Orthodox
  • Euro
  • Greek
  • 40,650
  • GMT +2

Turtle beaches

Many of Zante's resorts feature incredibly spacious beaches with plenty of room to fit everyone on the sand. Kalamaki and Laganas's beaches are so roomy that there are even areas that are designated for use of loggerhead turtles only. During certain times of the year, you may be lucky enough to spot the animals crawling along the beach or even hatching from their eggs.

Many of the beaches feature nearby restaurants and bars to supply snacks and drinks through the day. Atop the Ionian Sea you'll only spot water sport enthusiasts along the north facing coasts. There are restrictions imposed on the southern facing beaches so as not to disturb the turtles.

Zante Town

The cultural heart of the island is found within Zante Town where the historical and scenic attractions are as important as the commercial presence of shops and restaurants. Much of the island's monuments and structures were destroyed in a large earthquake in 1953 but Zante Town made efforts to preserve all it could.

Via short drives or bus journeys from the resorts around the island, you could arrive in Zante Town to see the Kastro Venetian Fortress as well as a number of museums detailing the island's fascinating history.

Daytime attractions

The major resorts of Zante are relatively close together so no matter which town you choose to stay in, you can travel to enjoy the attractions featured elsewhere. Both Tsilivi and Kalimaki feature mini-golf courses, go-karting tracks and waterparks, though Tsilivi's waterparks and golf-courses are larger than Kalimaki's.

Taking a boat trip from one of Zante's resorts provides the opportunity to see spectacular sights. You can be taken to Turtle Island on a glass-bottomed boat or you can travel around the island to see the famous shipwreck at Smuggler's Cove and the Blue Caves.

Laganas nights out

Most resorts wind down towards the evening but still feature plenty of bars and tavernas to recline and enjoy a drink within. There are many places that provide evening entertainment during the summer months.

Zante offers up a true party atmosphere within Laganas on the south coast. This excitable resort has a mile-long strip of shops and restaurants for the day and bars and nightclubs for the night. There is a range of venues with music and themes to suit all tastes.

The Laganas party never has to stop thanks to the tendencies for parties to continue down on the beach once the clubs have shut in the early hours of the morning. It's a test of endurance but witnessing the sunrise on the beach is an unforgettable experience.

Zante cuisine

Greek food takes a strong prominence within the restaurants and tavernas in Zante's resorts. There are often a couple of international alternatives to the local cuisine but the delicious delicacies are hard to turn down.

From starter to desserts there are new and delicious dishes to try. Why not start off with some kefalotiri goat's cheese or perhaps tirokafteri and ladotiri, two cheeses typical of the island. For the main course the meals are typically Greek but never outlandish; try a Zakynthos meat dish, minced bifteki or even a stuffed rabbit cooked in wine.

For desert you can stop by a pastry shop and grab a variety of baked goods. Greek Coffee is always popular but so is a glass of alcoholic ouzo.

Souvenir shops

The resorts of Zante ensure to offer tourists the chance to purchase food from supermarkets or a keepsake from the souvenir shops. Laganas offers plenty of shopping options along the main strip but most visitors head towards Zante Town to get their retail fix.

Getting there

From London Airports the flight to Zakynthos International Airport will take three and a half hours. The airport is close to both Laganas and Kalamaki with transfers to these resorts taking only ten minutes. Transfers to other resorts will take no longer than half an hour.

Busses run between the capital and the major resorts on the island if you want to save money when travelling. Otherwise taxis are available and so are car hire services if you'd rather travel according to your own schedule.