Zante Holidays 2022/2023

Home to one of the most photographed beaches in Greece, you'll recognise this cinematic paradise straight away. The sheer limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and clear blue waters have put this southern Ionian island on the map, making Zante one of the most popular choices for cheap package holidays to Greece.

Zante Holiday Deals 2022/2023

The Flower of the East

The Venetians nicknamed Zante ‘The Flower of the East’ with good reason. The island boasts a mild Mediterranean climate, rich vegetation and stunning mountain ranges dotted with traditional villages.

When it comes to resorts, there are a multitude to choose from depending on what you want from your Zante holidays. In the south you’ll find the busy commercial resort of Laganas, which is popular with a younger crowd, whereas Kalamaki and Argassi are good options for those with little ones. While the east and south of the island have long stretches of sand and built-up resorts, the west offers a more authentic Zakynthian experience. Limestone cliffs shelter stunning bays serviced by beachside tavernas and clifftop restaurants at the beautiful retreats of Port Vromi and Kampi.

Further north of the commercial centre of Laganas you’ll find quieter resorts well suited to families, with good sandy beaches, shallow water and plenty of family-friendly activities. At Tsilivi you’ll find a long, wide beach, mini golf, bowling and a selection of international restaurants. The village of Tragaki, nestled into the side of the hills among olive groves and vineyards, is more low key. This spot is home to a handful of laid–back tavernas and music bars, and also has plenty of pretty beaches to choose from.

Currency: Euro

Language: Greek

Time Difference: GMT +2

Population: 40,650

Religion: Greek Orthodox


Zante Town

The capital of Zante, Zakynthos Town is the largest city on the island and sits on its south-east coast. Famous for being a place with a lively nightlife scene, there's also a quieter side to Zakynthos Town. Home to a beach, harbour, museums, and many other historical and cultural attractions, there's plenty to explore in this fascinating city.


For an idyllic escape in southern Zante, there are few locations more peaceful than the tiny village of Lithakia. Nestled at the foot of the Megalo Vouno hill, it's surrounded by lush green landscapes of sprawling forests and sun-kissed olive groves. Sandy stretches of beach are under a 10-minute drive away when you feel the call of the sea. The village has a handful of tavernas and shops for dinners out or picking up ingredients for cooking your own meals.


Nestled on the north-east coast of the beautiful island of Zante is this idyllic, action-packed, family-friendly resort. Tsilivi holidays offer beautiful long stretches of white sand and clear water in the south of the Ionian Sea, giving you the opportunity to relax in the sun or take advantage of one of the many activities on offer.


Tragaki is a fantastic place to savour a genuine rural retreat. Situated in between Tsilivi and Alykanas in the north, this is the destination if you're looking for cheap holidays to Zante set in a beautiful, tranquil village. The area is also within easy reach of stunning beaches and boasts in a picturesque landscape.

Limni Keriou

Nestled in southern Zante is the beautiful bay of Limni Keriou that's connected to the quiet hilltop village of Keri. Together, they create a picturesque and tranquil place where you can experience the charms of the coast and traditional Greek living all in the same day. Be delighted and intrigued by in this laid-back area of Zante.


Famous for its loggerhead turtle population and vibrant nightlife, Laganas is the liveliest resort available to those booking Zante holidays. Located on the east coast, the white-sand beach would take you over half an hour to walk from one end to the other, and is backed by lively bars and restaurants.


The beautiful, unspoiled village of Porto Koukla is often discovered by accident during cheap holidays to Zante, and is a haven of peace and tranquility despite being within walking distance of neighbouring party resort, Laganas. Located on the south west coast of Zante, this blissful retreat is surrounded by countryside exuding natural beauty, and is a popular choice for visitors who want to get away from the bustle of everyday life.


An idyllic little village on the western coast of the island, Kampi is largely untouched by tourism and remains a key destination for cheap Zante holidays. With dramatic cliffs edging the resort it offers the best sunset views on the island and has managed to retain an authentic, Greek feel to go with impressive vistas of the Ionian Sea.


The tranquil and beautiful resort of Kalamaki is located on the southern shores of the popular island of Zante, in the depths of the Ionian Sea. With Mount Skopos towering over the white sand beaches and the clear blue skies reflecting in the warm ocean, you might well do a Shirley Valentine and never come home if you book your Zante holidays in this stunning location.


Built at the foot of Mount Skopos, a 10-minute drive to the island's capital, Argassi is a beautiful seaside town surrounded by pine-clad countryside and wild flowers. Located on the east coast of Zante, the narrow shingle beach offers great views of the Ionian sea and you'll find the perfect balance between relaxation, local culture and adventurous days out on holidays to Greece in this idyllic location.


The quaint resort of Alykes, snuggled on the northeast coast of Zante, is less developed than those in the south, so what you'll find here is a village atmosphere with traditional tavernas and friendly bars. With a long stretch of golden sand and transparent water for the perfect paddle, Alykes is a great location to explore the north side of the island on your Zante holidays.


Set on the beautiful island of Zante, just off mainland Greece, Alykanas is a traditional Greek village that's popular with all age groups. Alykanas is an option worth exploring for a relaxing holiday to Zante, complete with access to wonderful food, traditional horse-drawn carriages and many outdoors activities.

Agios Dimitrios

If you’re looking to get away from it all, holidays to Agios Dimitrios are perfect. Travel to the remote mountainous village in Zante for an idyllic escape that is just a short drive from golden sand beaches and popular nightlife hotspots.


Vassilikos holidays offer a unique setting that showcases unparalleled levels of natural beauty. There’s a mix of landscapes with Mount Skopos included, pristine beaches as well as a pine forest. Being so close to Zante, Vassilikos offers beaches on your doorstep, making it the perfect place to escape and unwind for some much needed relaxation and recovery.

Loggerhead turtles

The loggerhead turtles, or caretta caretta as they are known locally, have helped put Zante on the map. This idyllic island is their only nesting spot in the Mediterranean. The endangered turtles find refuge in the white and tranquil bays of many of the large resorts, and as a result you’ll find many areas protected with some, including Laganas, strictly prohibiting watersports. If riding a banana boat or jet-skiing into the sun set is on your to-do list, head to Alykes or St. Nicholas Beach for the best selection.

If you’d like to observe the reptiles in their natural habitat, you can hop aboard a turtle spotting cruise. Regular boat trips are available to the uninhabited island of Marathonisi, where the turtles have been visiting for millions of years. Here you can snorkel in the caves around the island for a chance to spot one underwater.

Zakynthian cuisine

When visiting one of the larger resorts for your cheap holidays to Zante it may be tempting to stick with what you know and frequent the multitude of international restaurants on offer. But it’s well worth stepping out of your comfort zone and finding a traditional taverna serving Zakynthian cuisine made with fresh, organic, home grown ingredients.

A typical meal begins with a selection of hot and cold starters called mezedes. Served in the middle of the table, these include classics such as tzatziki, yoghurt sauce with cucumber and garlic, and melitzanosalata, which is made with aubergines. You’ll also find meatballs, zucchini, cheese pies and squid.

Traditional mains to look out for include stuffed chicken or rabbit, Skordostoumbi Melitzana a dish of aubergines in garlic sauce and beef ragout, slow-cooked beef in tomato sauce. Stuffed with well-cooked and seasoned meat, fries and tzatziki sauce, then wrapped in a delicious crispy pitta, no trip to Greece would be complete without sampling a souvlaki, one of the country’s most popular street foods.

Accompany your meal with plenty of Zakynthian wine or some ice cold Greek beer and finish with a shot of ouzo, an aniseed flavoured liquor, or Metaxa, another Greek liquor based on brandy.

Wild nights out in Laganas

Once a small fishing village, the wild resort of Laganas boasts some of the best nightlife on the island and is easily accessed from neighbouring resorts. Popular with a younger crowd, the brightly lit main strip referred to as The Golden Mile is adorned with every kind of venue you can imagine, from karaoke bars to live music venues.

Offering the largest night scene outside Athens, state of the art nightclubs like Rescue and Plus Club host international DJs throughout the summer and promise to have you dancing until the early hours of the morning. If you’re still going once the sun is up, down at the beach you’ll find early-morning after parties at the beachside bars.

Cruise to offshore coves and caves

The coast of Zante is adorned with hidden treasures accessible only by boat. Take a cruise to the famous Navagio Beach – also known as Shipwreck Bay or Smugglers Cove – where you’ll find an idyllic white sand bay with limestone cliffs towering above, featuring an old shipwreck. The viewing platform at the top of the cliffs guarantees you the perfect picture.

The Blue Caves are another popular attraction, with a series of sea caves and arches surrounded by stunning translucent waters. The tranquil water at Xingia Spa Beach is rich with sulphur and collagen, and a dip in the water here followed by some sunbathing on the beautiful sandy bay is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Day trips to the neighbouring island of Kefalonia depart daily from Zante. Visit the famous Myrthos Beach, the beautiful caves of Melisissani Lake, Drogerati Cave and stroll around the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos, guided by the friendly nuns who still reside here.

Don't ignore the mountains

Head to the mountain villages on your Zante holidays All Inclusive package and you’ll discover a totally different side to the island. Preserving the traditional Greek way of life, you’ll find locals producing honey, cheese, carpets, ceramics and lace, all of which make for unique souvenirs. There are plenty of places to eat, many with breathtaking views, and you’ll find traditional, Zakynthian food prepared by mothers and grandmothers, made with produce picked from gardens that morning.

Volimes, a community made up of three hill villages, has some of the best preserved buildings on the island. This village offers stunning views of both the beautiful mountain landscapes and panoramic vistas across the Ionian Sea.

Louha is one of the highest mountain villages on the island and is easily accessed from the beaches on the west coast. Here you’ll find Pelaponese architecture and a handful of tavernas renowned for their Greek cuisine and amazing views.