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Be Inspired by a Lesvos Holiday

The island of Lesvos is the north most of the East Aegean Islands and is one of the largest of Greece's 227 inhabited islands. Rife with award-winning beaches, stunning scenery, a wealth of natural attractions and a truly traditional Greek atmosphere, Lesvos is a captivating destination that will lift the heart of any visitor.

Quick Tips

Approx 90,000
Greek Orthodox
GMT +2


An Authentic Greek Getaway

Lesvos has been inhabited for many thousands of years, and there have been settlements there since the 11th century BC. It is known by a number of names – you may have heard the island being referred to as Lesbos, but it is more popular amongst true Greeks and educated visitors to refer to the island as Mytilini after the island's capital.

Lesvos' final moniker is the Emerald Island, owing to its lush scenery. Eleven million trees cover almost half of the island and a further third is blanketed by pine, fruit and chestnut trees, leaving only a small percentage of the island treeless. While a wonder in of themselves, these trees are not the most remarkable on the island as it is one of the only places in the world where you can walk through a petrified forest. Turned to stone by ancient volcanos, this forest is thought to be over 20 million years old and is a true natural wonder.

Glorious scenery isn't all Lesvos has to offer – its beaches are renowned throughout Greece as some of the country's best. Skala Eressos draws the crowds all year round, with its clean, soft sands, crystalline waters and the nearby lake that houses friendly turtles that locals feed their leftover lunchs to. The beach on the outskirts of Petra is also well loved and has a bit more of a resort style about it, with sun loungers, parasols and a beach promenade to enjoy, as is Molyvos town beach.

Places to Visit

Things to do

Stop at beautiful beaches such as Skala Eressos and Vetera, explore traditional villages such as Agiossos and be sure to visit the charming medieval town of Molyvos. The capital of Lesvos, Mytilini, is home to a historic castle. There are also museums and ancient settlements to discover at the monastery in Limonos offers an interesting selection of artefacts on display for visitors. There are various thermal springs located around the island for those who are interested in learning about the benefits of these natural waters.

Escape Modern Life with a Trip to Lesvos

If you grow tired of the sun and want to take in the waters, Lesvos is the best place in all of Europe as it is home to the hot springs of Polychntinou. These ancient springs have been popular as a health and wellbeing destination for thousands of years and are the hottest natural springs in Europe. Soak in the fabulous warm waters here before wandering down the sands of Skala Polychnitos and enjoying a delectable seafood lunch at one of the beach's many inexpensive restaurants for a taste of how the locals live. Lesvos is a delight all year round, with temperatures tipping 32 degrees C in the summer and never dipping lower than 7 degrees C in the winter, so when you're packing your bags ditch the gloves and thick jacket, but don't forget your swimming costume. It is known to be one of the sunniest islands in the Aegean Sea, experiencing 300 days of sunshine in a year and very rarely seeing snow or low temperatures. Lesvos is a land that feels almost untouched by the more frantic parts of modern life – holidays here are rooted firmly in traditional Greek life and will put you in touch with your inner god or goddess.

Location of Lesvos

Average temperature
JanuaryTemp: 10°C
FebruaryTemp: 10°C
MarchTemp: 12°C
AprilTemp: 15°C
MayTemp: 20°C
JuneTemp: 24°C
JulyTemp: 26°C
AugustTemp: 26°C
SeptemberTemp: 23°C
OctoberTemp: 19°C
NovemberTemp: 15°C
DecemberTemp: 12°C
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