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Lesvos holidays

Lesvos holidays combine the beauty of a Greek island with a hot Turkish summer climate.

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Laze in Lesvos

One of the lesser-known Greek holiday destinations, Lesvos features a comfortable amount of tourism amenities that hasn't disturbed the island's charm and tradition.

Lesvos' two stand-out destinations, Molyvos and Petra provide incredibly accommodating and relaxing settings where you can make the most of the sunny scenery. The activities on offer and the dining facilities ensure you're never left wanting on holidays in Lesvos.

The coastal settings, untouched nature and impressive views combine to let families and couples take it slow on this relaxing island.

Where to stay in Lesvos

MolyvosView on Map

One of the northern-most points of Lesvos, Molyvos is a sunset facing resort that features holiday chill and charm in abundance.

The scenic destination features eye-catching coastal spots, natural outer-regions and the Molyvos Castle which is always looking over the rest of the town.

The relaxing town of Molyvos hosts a delicious selection of tavernas, some unique shopping options, and leisurely tour opportunities that can show you the surprising beauty that this resort proudly displays.

PetraView on Map

Get comfortable in the charming destination of Petra, a Lesvos beauty that has not forgotten its roots. The cobbled streets and classic buildings of Petra look like a snapshot of Medieval Greece but the tavernas and activities offer modern commodities.

The Blue Flag flying beach of Petra is a terrific spot for sunbathers and it is also a wonderfully scenic attraction for those who want to view the coast from taverna terraces.

Petra has a laidback personality that is best displayed throughout the welcoming restaurants and tavernas. Settle in during the days and nights to interact with the locals and sample their delicious drinks and dishes.


Quick Tips

  • Greek Orthodox
  • Euro
  • Greek
  • Approx 90,000
  • GMT +2

West-facing beaches

While you're always offered prime positions out in the sun poolside at your accommodation, you can take your tanning tendencies down to the beach in both Petra and Molyvos.

One of the island's best beaches, Petra's sandy space features a Blue Flag flying above it. This symbol lets you know that you're playing and laying on a beach that is certifiably safe and clean.

Over in Molyvos there are more pebbles to manoeuvre but once you get to your sunbathing spot, you can breathe in the surroundings of a soothingly peaceful atmosphere. The calm coast is bordered by miles of natural greenery and the beach is backed by cultural old town settings.

Take in your surroundings

Lesvos is a desirable island for tourists but the influx of summer travellers has minimally interfered with the locals' lifestyle here. Instead of commercialised tourist traps, the streets feature shops and restaurants that are designed for Greeks but enjoyed by all.

Culture is prevalent throughout the streets of Lesvos and there are also special heritage sites outside of the villages that are worthy of your time and attention.

Stay seated after dinner

Nights in Lesvos are as laidback as the days with tavernas and restaurants welcoming you inside to enjoy a selection of local drinks and meals.

The relaxed vibes of the days continue into the evening and so does the splendid summer temperatures. Take your place out on the decks and terraces to enjoy spectacular sunsets from the west-facing coast of Molyvos and Petra. Wines and cocktails taste that extra bit special when sampled underneath the moon and stars on holidays in Lesvos.

The island remains mostly chilled after dark but you can still find lively nights full of dancing and drinking if you're prepared to travel. The capital of the Lesvos, Mytilene, features a number of upbeat bars and some nightclubs which stay open much longer than venues in the traditional towns.

Best of island goods

Holidays to any Greek island would not be complete without the opportunity to grab a quirky souvenir. Fortunately the gift shops on this island provide a good selection of unique options that have been handmade, crafted or produced in Lesvos.

Purchase and sample some of the flavours of the island with cheeses, wines and olive oils available while other stores offer up ornaments, jewellery and accessories to display upon your return from Lesvos.

Lesvos cuisine

Sampling Greek food by the coast is a common theme but a spectacular one that is available in Lesvos. Many tavernas offer outdoor seating areas that allow you to look out to the sea while you eat. Time it right and you can enjoy the sunset at the same time.

The island's proximity to Turkey sees many of the neighbour's cuisine themes sneak onto the menus but the majority of choices are typically Greek. There are international alternatives that include Asian dishes, Italian options in pizzerias and simple options in expat pubs.

Getting there

The total flight time from the UK to Mytilene International Airport should take around four hours. From there the drive to your chosen destination, Petra or Molyvos, will take over an hour.

Car hire is available for those who want to explore the island on their own schedule but there are also bus services traveling from town to town every hour.