Lesvos Holidays 2023/2024

A traditional Greek island with a slow pace, Lesvos sits in the Agean Sea offering beautiful scenery alongside a wonderfully hot climate. The island attracts beach-lovers, history buffs, wildlife spotters and those who want to focus their Greece holidays on relaxation.

Lesvos Holiday Deals

More than a sunny island

Holidays in Lesvos – or Mytilini as it’s also known – are about sitting on the shoreline at a seafood taverna listening to the waves. This is particularly rewarding at one of the cluster of resorts in the northwest – Molyvos, Petra and Anaxos – which benefit from spectacular sunsets across the Aegean Sea.

There’s also lots to see and do in Lesvos, especially if you like learning about the history of places you visit. From castles to natural hot springs, the attractions here are less about thrills and more about experiences. Peoples in Lesvos know a thing or two about how to make excellent food and drink. As well as tasting it, you can learn how some of the world’s best ouzo and olive oil is made at distilleries and museums across the island.

A nature-lovers paradise, the island is brimming with olive groves and has a large bay at the south that many rivers flow into. This means Lesvos is unusually lush and green for such a warm country, attracting lots of rare birds to its wetlands and wildlife all over.

Holidays in Lesvos