Skiathos Holidays 2023/2024

Skiathos is a little island with a lot of personality, blanketed with pine woodlands and an incredible assortment of sandy beaches. Holidays to Skiathos are the epitome of laid-back, with drinks along the waterfront and hikes through the rugged green landscape inviting you to unwind.

Skiathos Holiday Deals

A cool, calm and collected holiday

Skiathos might seem like a tiny blip of an island in the Aegean Sea, but its coastal towns pack a lot in. The island itself is only 12 kilometres long and six kilometres wide. It’s lined with beautiful beaches, pine forests and whitewashed buildings with terracotta roofs stacked high into the hillside, all of which make it into an incredible home base for a laid-back holiday.

There are a number of bus routes running throughout the island, which means getting between resorts and sandy beaches is easy. The vast majority of Skiathos is calm, cool and collected, with the slight exception of the bars, tavernas and shops of its capital, Skiathos Town.

Spend your Greece holidays visiting the stone walls of the 19th-century Evangelistria Monastery or window-shop along Papadiamantis Street – but no matter where you go, you won’t be expected to do much more than lounge along the coast with a cool cocktail in hand.

Holidays in Skiathos


Many beaches, many faces

Because the island is so small, you won’t ever have to choose just one beach to call home on your Skiathos holidays – ambling along one set of shores will take you to another. Many of the beaches feature watersports centres, and you’ll see water skis, kayaks and windsurfers gliding over the waves, as well as sunbathers stretching out on the sand. You’ll also have the chance to hop between towns on boat cruises – or make the short trek out to the nearby island of Skopelos, where ABBA enthusiasts swoon over the place made famous in the movie Mamma Mia!

The shores at Troulos offer more secluded coves, while Kanapitsa brings in the chic factor with not one but two Blue Flag beaches. And then there are the more party-centric shores of Koukounaries, where you can watch the sunset from waterfront bars – and then watch it rise again.

Family-run tavernas and ouzo-filled nights

Skiathos houses a series of traditional villages, so it comes as no surprise the cuisine here is delightfully Greek. That means you’ll be treated to dishes heavy on fresh seafood and oven-cooked lamb – not to mention waterfront views, as many of the island’s restaurants are located along the coast.

Greece is famous for its ouzo, which you won’t be able to avoid when visiting Skiathos, along with Mythos lager and special bottles of wine made by the monks at the Evangelistria Monastery.

When it comes to nightlife in Skiathos, most resorts dial down the energy with glasses of wine at local tavernas and traditional Greek music played live. Skiathos Town is where you’ll find a collection of trendy bars and the occasional disco, while Koukounaries’ Banana Beach plays host to waterfront parties day and night. Wherever you choose to stay on Skiathos, you’ll never be far from its many small towns, so after-hours playtime can always be on the agenda.


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