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Planning a trip to Greece? Browse our articles for fun facts, things to do and information on Greece. Our articles feature all you need to know about this awe-inspiring destination, from a history of Greece to the best waterparks to enjoy on family holidays.

10 Fun Facts about Greece

Greece arguably has one of the most colourful histories of any country in the world. It’s packed with stories of centaurs and sirens, gods of mountainous proportions, and religiously-followed superstitions. When it comes to this myth-heavy destination’s past and present, the lines between fact and fiction can get a little blurry, but we’ve drawn up a list of ten pretty fun – albeit occasionally strange – facts you might be surprised to learn about Greece.

A bitesize history of Greece

The history of Greece goes back to its first settlers, around 40,000 years ago who mainly lived a rural hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The country’s development doesn’t just concern mainland Greece – each of its many islands and colonies can lay claim to some monument, philosopher or stunning piece of architecture that illustrates the growth of this extraordinary country. And, with anywhere between 1,200 and 6,000 islands that come under Greek influence or rule, you’ll understand why the history of this country is so important.

Things to see and do in Greece

Beaches, bars, history and cuisine. There’s so much that Greece does – and does well. You might know it as your favourite holiday destination, as the birthplace of Western civilisation, as the cradle of philosophy and mathematics, or as the ultimate party paradise.

Best waterparks in Greece

A day out at a waterpark can be a great holiday activity for both families and groups of mates. They provide places to eat and a range of amenities so you’ll have everything you need when you visit. Greece is known for having some of the best waterparks in Europe, so there are lots of good choices. To help you decide, here’s our guide to some of the best waterparks there.

The best Greek islands for party people

There are countless party islands in Greece, which all have their own charm and appeal. From cosmopolitan Mykonos to the lively night-times found in Laganas on Zante or Kardamena on Kos, there’s an island to meet every party-goer’s needs. Parties start on the beaches during the day, making the most of the constant sunshine, and carry on all night. To get the most of the action it’s best to visit in the high season of June to August.

What exactly is the famous Cretan diet?

Calling a diet ‘famous’ might liken it to a fad but the Cretan Diet was actually just born out of necessity. It doesn’t take carb-counting or a strict set of rules to follow this diet – it’s all about eating locally, something residents on the island of Crete know how to do well.

Top 10 books set in Greece

Books have inspired many to pack their bags, leave home and set off on an adventure. We’re not suggesting that you leave your house forever – just have a fantastic holiday in Greece as a result of reading an awesome book set in the country.

25 stunning destinations in Greece

In addition to mainland Greece, thousands of picturesque islands are sprawled throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas of Greece. Mountains provide a backdrop to magnificent ancient ruins, fantastic villages and lovely beaches. Here are 25 of the most stunning destinations to enjoy while in Greece.