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Lefkas holidays

Lying in wait off the coast of mainland Greece, Lefkas holidays are as peaceful and scenic as they come.

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Natural fresh air

With a verdant make-up of vivid forests, vibrant olive groves and effervescent vineyards covering the hilly landscape of Lefkas, you'll feel like you're breathing for the first time when you experience this fresh island.

The coastal scene is a constant beauty too with several harbour areas and beaches interspersed between cliffs. Facing east from Nidri you can look across the islets to mainland Greece while Vassiliki on the south is placed in its own natural bay on the Ionian Sea.

The atmosphere within Lefkas resorts encourage you to utilise the sunshine and nature by day before settling in to an idyllic café or taverna by the ocean at night. This island is a relaxing and atmospheric getaway destination that will rejuvenate tired couples and families.

Where to stay in Lefkas

VassilikiView on Map

Vassiliki holidays are more discreet than other getaways in Lefkas due to its location on the south side of the island. Found at the centre of a large scenic bay, Vassiliki offers soothing coastal locations across the cliffs, beaches and harbours found by the town.

It is also a favoured watersports spot thanks to the wide open space of calm sea within the bay. The town's diving centres offer experienced and novice enthusiasts the chance to get out and experience their own nautical adventures.

Those who came to Vassiliki for quiet escapes won't be disappointed either. The shops, restaurants and tavernas share the Lefkas culture and allow you to sample the slow paced way of life that locals love.


Quick Tips

  • Greek Orthodox
  • Euro
  • Greek
  • Approx 22,000
  • GMT +2

Harbours and beaches

For many people, the coastline of Lefkas is the starting point for aquatic adventures. The majority of towns in Lefkas feature nearby waters that are filled with boats and if you head towards the nearest harbour, you're sure to find a vessel ready to take you out onto the waves.

For those who came to Lefkas to laze in the sun then there are plenty of beach choices to cater that request.

In Nidri you have a beach with plenty of room for tanning across the sand, pebbles and sunbeds. If you'd like to take a break from the summer sunshine then take shelter in the shade of the nearby trees or inside the beach bars and cafes.

Vassiliki's beaches are spread around its bay area. Ponti Beach is a pebbly option close to the town while a 40-minute walk will take you to the calm surroundings of Agiofilli Beach. There are watertaxis leaving from Vassiliki's harbour if you don't want to make the long walk in the sun.

Traditional towns

Despite the tourism industry gracing parts of Lefkas, the island has maintained a strong theme of Greek charm within the towns and villages. The locals, the buildings and the cuisine on offer remind you that this is a classic Greek destination.

If you'd like to discover beautiful sites hidden within the island, set off on a hike or cycling tour through the natural paths of Lefkas. By Nidri many people make the long walk towards the Nidri Waterfalls which is enclosed within a wild but attractive forest area.

Drinks outside each night

Nightlife is subdued in this island but there are still some great options for where to hang out each night on holidays in Lefkas. Within Vassiliki you'll find some terrific bars and tavernas that, during the summer, host a range of live entertainment.

Over in Nidri you can sit on land and enjoy food and drink or you could enjoy a night time boat tour under the moon and stars, also complete with food service. Back in the town the main street of Nidri hosts the most welcoming of bars and tavernas that help locals and visitors to mingle freely.

Lefkas Town shops

The gift shops in Lefkas offer typical Greek goods and produce. Handcrafted jewellery provide quirky options for keepsakes from your holiday or you could pick up some olive oil and wine that has been grown on the island.

On your way to Lefkas from mainland Greece, you'll pass the capital Lefkas Town on the north eastern part of the island. If you're looking for a blend of cultural and upmarket shopping options then come back here for a browse. The capital is a 25-minute drive away from Nidri and 50 minutes from Vassiliki.

Lefkas cuisine

While the usual Greek fare is offered splendidly in abundance within the hundreds of tavernas of Lefkas, there are also opportunities to sample the catch of the day. This is an ideal choice for those looking to utilise your surroundings on this harbour dominated island.

The vineyard culture is strong in Lefkas and so are the wines produced there. Make sure to sample all you can within the restaurants, pubs, tavernas and wineries around the island.

Each resort offers dozens of different dining options that encapsulate terrific Greek cooking but there is also a peppering of international flavours thrown in for variation.

Getting there

The closest airport to Lefkas is found on mainland Greece at Preveza Airport but it is an easy drive from there over sea bridges to reach your island.

The flight from the UK will take around three and a half hours in total.

The central bus hub of the island is based in the capital but from there the services run through Nidri and as far down as Vassiliki. You can get around easily by boat too with many harbours offering fun excursions as well as simple taxi rides.