Santorini Holidays 2024/2025

Magical Santorini has been used as a backdrop for countless novels, films and travel posters. Famed for its dramatic natural landscape as well as its beautiful villages, holidays to Santorini are incredible thanks to purpose-built tourist resorts throughout the island.

From lounging on the black sands to exploring ancient ruins, there’s an abundance of charm to explore here, and despite its luxurious appeal, Santorini holidays can be much more affordable than you think – and you’re in the right place. Browse our cheap holidays to Santorini and secure yourself a great deal for a holiday to remember.

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Santorini Holiday Deals

A magical mystery

Life here is led on a tranquil level. Whether you enjoy sampling local wine, exploring remote villages or even visiting the ruins of the Bronze-age city at Akrotiri, the island’s stunning natural beauty is never far away. Santorini exists as a result of an ancient volcanic eruption, and the island appears to emerge mysteriously from its seabed. With its multi-coloured cliffs reaching for the sky, up to a height of 300 metres – and its idyllic villages complete with their gleaming whitewashed houses and famous blue domes – Santorini is one of the most beautiful of all of the Greek islands.

The island is a magnet for tourists, not simply for the charm of its natural beauty but also for its plentiful resorts. Kamari on the southeast of the island has a vibrant reputation with a booming nightlife scene, while Akrotiri is famous for its fantastic archaeological ruins, and offers the tourist many other attractions. Watersports are popular on the island, as are eating and drinking delicious flavours – well, the island does grow its own grapes, produce its own wine and possess a brewery.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious and romantic trip with someone special, a fun family getaway or a cheap Santorini holiday, we’ve got the deals for you. Plus, with some seriously incredible hotels, it’s all round smiles for everyone.

Holidays in Santorini

Popular Resorts

Ancient history

You don’t have to be a history buff to explore the ancient archaeological sites in Santorini, they’re fascinating for allo, and you might even find yourself falling in love with the place despite not being familiar with its past. But, from the spectacular 2,400-year-old remains of ancient Thera – close to Perissa on the east of the island – to Akrotiri in the west, you’ll find evidence that humans have lived and loved on Santorini for very many years.

As well as the archaeological sites, there are also some beautiful old churches and monasteries as well as plentiful museums throughout the island.

Santorini has so many ruins partly because of geological events – including the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that created the island, and have continued to affect it throughout history.

Eat well

The food and drink you’ll find on Santorini holidays lives up to the beauty of the island. Fresh seafood is delivered daily to all of the restaurants, and some even use their own boats to secure their catch. Many restaurants have farms attached to them – so you can rest assured when food’s advertised as ‘locally-sourced fresh produce’, it really is just that. Vegetarians are well catered for thanks to the wonderful array of vegetables and other non-meat dishes enjoyed by the islanders.

Some restaurants also run cooking classes so that you can reproduce the wonderful fare when you return home – try out Selene, in Pyrgos. This can be a super fun activity with your friends or partner, and who knows, you might even find a new hobby.

You’ll find plenty of fine dining restaurants, particularly in Thira, as well as authentic Greek tavernas and international joints, so you’re sure to find something to suit all tastes and budgets.

The attractions of vines and hops

Santorini is home to some 13 vineyards, though there may be even more. Vinsanto is the island’s main export and is famous for its deliciously-sweet taste and is a splendid accompaniment to any pudding. If your palate prefers a dry white wine, then Assyrtiko might be more to your liking. Visiting the wineries where they’re made is a fantastic holiday experience and you’ll find that you’ll be positively encouraged to sample the wines at each of the vineyards you visit.

Beer lovers needn’t fear they’ll miss out. The Santorini Brewing company in Thira, is a young company that’s developed into a successful microbrewery. Among the range of beers that the company produces is the Donkey family of brews. Visitors to the brewery are welcomed with open arms and you can learn all about the production.

You’ll find plenty of excursions that’ll take you on trips to these venues, or you can make your own way – either way, these day trips a worth it for your cheap Santorini holiday itinerary.

Getting around the island

Although it seems quite random, donkeys really are popular on the island. You can use a donkey to travel the distance between Kamari and Ancient Thera, and donkeys and horses are also used for exploring the charming village of Megalochori where the narrow and winding streets aren’t really suitable for cars. The uphill climb from Thira’s port to the town itself is best managed astride a donkey.

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for car hire and the local bus service is also efficient and low-cost. If you fancy having a bit of an adventure and thrill, you could always hire a quad bike or motorcycle, go off-road and really get to know the island personally.

Charms and treats

From the charms of its wonderful villages – with their fantastic tavernas and restaurants – to its beautiful monuments and churches, Santorini is a stunning island to explore with tons of activities and excursions on offer, day and night.

Despite the famous charm of Santorini, there’s also plenty of fun to be had once the sun goes down – the nightlife in Santorini is probably a lot more exciting than you’d think. Classy cocktail bars and traditional Greek tavernas can be found in almost every resort for enjoyable evenings watching the sunset, and a good selection of nightclubs in Kamari and Thira if you’re looking to dance the night away.

What’s more, shoppers will love the range of outlets on the island. From upscale clothes and leather goods to fantastic pottery and artwork, Santorini is a wonderful place for some retail therapy. Cheap holidays to Santorini can still be enjoyed with all this induldgence, for window shopping can be just as therapeutic.

There’s also spas and wellness clinics in abundance – though the balmy weather and magical scenery of the island will revive even the most jaded of tourists.

Sunsets and beauty

Santorini is really famous for the splendour of its sunsets. Oia is the place to grab yourself a seat, or a place in a restaurant or bar, and simply sit back and prepare to be stunned. People have been flocking from all over the world for decades to enjoy this extraordinary natural spectacle.

Other sights worth your time are the island’s magnificent coloured cliffs, and the mysteries of the caldera – the remnants of volcanic activity – on the west side of the island.

Of course, the beaches in Santorini can’t go without a mention either. Each stretch of sand here offers something different, take the family friendly beach of Monolithos. Perfect for little ones to paddle around in the clear and shallow waters, it’s the perfect spot for a family day out.

The connecting black volcanic sands of Perissa, Perivolos and Agios Giorgios offers a huge expanse of coastline lined with beach bars, restaurants and cafes providing the ultimate set up for those on cheap holidays to Santorini. It’s also considered to be one of the best swimming spots across the island – what more could you want?