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Mykonos Holidays

Holidays in Mykonos are as diverse as their visitors. You can spend your days exploring the beautiful tranquil beaches and historic landmarks and then, in the evening, party the night away in one of the island's many nightclubs.

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Relax in Mykonos

Cheap holidays to Mykonos make this Greek island a popular spot for people looking to unwind. With an array of large and small resorts there's tons of variety when it comes to activities and sites to discover.

This beautiful island has plenty to offer, including white and golden sand beaches, historic landmarks, a variety of Greek and international cuisines and a thriving nightlife scene.

The capital city of Mykonos, Mykonos Town is the island's cultural hub and it's here you'll find all the wild clubs and beach parties that Mykonos holidays are famous for. Whether you're looking for a relaxing romantic beachside resort or a crazy girl's weekend away, there's a holiday here for you in Mykonos.

Where to stay in Mykonos

Mykonos TownView on Map

Mykonos Town is the cultural hub of the popular island of Mykonos, offering all the action and adventure you'd expect from a capital city, but with the low-key island atmosphere. It mixes nightlife with history, beaches and excellent cafe culture and dining around its winding streets and marina.

TourlosView on Map

A secluded village setting, Tourlos offers an authentic Greek island atmosphere, with a quaint harbour for those balmy evening strolls. Mykonos Town, the island's capital, is just a stone's throw away so you'll be able to enjoy all the action, but still have your own peaceful place to go back to.

Quick Tips

  • Greek Orthodox
  • Euro
  • Greek
  • Approx 10,000
  • GMT +2

History for the masses

The island of Mykonos is rich in history and its origins can be traced back 5,000 years. It was invaded and occupied by numerous different civilisations that each left a cultural mark on the island.

One way to uncover the mysteries of the island for yourself is to visit the Archaeological Museum in the capital city of Mykonos Town. Here you'll find artefacts that have survived from the years of Roman and Venetian rule.

Greek mythology has also always played a large role on the island and both Zeus and Hercules are said to have had separate battles here. The nearby island of Delos is a must see for any new visitors to Mykonos. It's been called the Island of Gods and is believed to have been where Apollo and Artemis were born. This UNESCO-protected site holds temples, sanctuaries and statues dating back to 3,000 BC.

But the most historic landmark of Mykonos has got to be its 16th century windmills. 16 of these Venetian circular structures are dotted around the island and can be seen from every point. They were once used as mills to grind wheat, but today serve as iconic landmarks for the island and museums.

Wild nights out

Mykonos' epic beach parties and thriving nightclub scene have become a focal point for the island. The capital city of Mykonos Town is where you'll find all the best clubs, bars, karaoke joints and drag queen shows. This friendly island is a hotspot for the LGBT community and during the summer months, Mykonos turns up the music and welcomes DJs from all over the world to play electronica, house, hip hop and Greek pop music in its clubs.

The beach parties on Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are legendary and draw thousands of young people eager to dance the night away on sand. For something a little more subdued you can head to the smaller resorts around the island which focus their evening entertainment on chilled out Greek tavernas and cocktail bars.

Beaches galore

Some of Greece's most incredible beaches can be found here on Mykonos. With pure white sands and turquoise waters, these rival any of those in more far-flung locations. The coastline along the south coast of the island has beaches that are well organised, with great facilities including watersports, umbrellas and sunloungers.

You'll find several hotels located along the coastline as well as plenty of Greek tavernas and restaurants that serve up delicious seafood delights. To get away from the crowds you can head to the north coast, where the beaches are secluded and several spots are used by naturists.

Food glorious food

Eating out in Mykonos is a real treat, with fresh authentic Greek cooking served across the island. Mykonos' cuisine is all about using local produce and most of the seafood is caught off the island's shores and served fresh that day. The most popular local dishes include octopus and squid. The smaller resorts around the island focus specifically on Greek tavernas and seafood restaurants, with meze being a favourite meal among visitors.

For more variety on your holidays to Greece, you can head to the capital of Mykonos Town where you'll find more than 150 restaurants and tons of international cuisines like Italian, Japanese, Mexican and American.