Samos Holidays 2022/2023

An island of immaculate beaches, charming restaurants, friendly bars, and lots of activities – Samos is the jewel of the Aegean Sea. With history and culture, this island is vibrant yet relaxed, with a bustling capital and an abundance of interesting places for you to explore on your holidays to Samos.

Samos Holiday Deals 2022/2023

Natural beauty

The island of Samos has plenty to see and do and is the perfect destination for couples, groups, and families alike. The pristine beaches are also home to several diving centres that can take you on trips to explore close reefs, shipwrecks and nearby uninhabited islands. On the north coast of the island, windsurfing is one of the more popular activities.

There are a variety of footpaths for hiking on Samos, which can take you on adventures to old monasteries, vineyards, waterfalls, villages, or caves. And if all of this excitement gets too much during your Samos holiday, you can retire to one of the many charming bars and restaurants on the island and relax with a glass of Samian wine.

Currency: Euro

Language: Greek

Time Difference: GMT +2

Population: Approx 35,000

Religion: Greek Orthodox



Holidays in Kokkari take things slow, with a handful of beaches, hiking trips into nearby mountains and waterfront tavernas brimming with Muscat wine - the island's speciality. It isn't difficult to slow your pace on cheap holidays to Samos in this coastal town, and in no time you'll find yourself living like a local.


Looking for an easygoing, relaxed town with plenty to see and do on your Samos holidays? Then Pythagorion is the destination you're after – whitewashed houses with terracotta roofs look postcard-perfect against the turquoise sea. With great hotels, cosy tavernas and beautiful beaches, this town will tick all of your boxes.

Samos Town

Samos Town is the capital of Samos and is one of the island's three ports. The town is also known as Kato Vathy as it's situated immediately below the town of Vathy. There are some wonderful beaches only a short walk away from Samos Town, making it an ideal spot to catch some rays during your holidays to Greece.


The second-largest city on the island of Samos, Karlovassi combines gorgeous mountain scenery with tucked-away beaches and a nearby town offering neoclassical architecture. The main town is also home to a university which creates a real buzz, so there is a vast selection of bars and cafes to suit younger crowds. If you're hoping to spread your wings and see more of the area, Karlovassi is just 45 minutes away from the island's capital, also called Samos.

Beautiful beaches

The beaches of Samos are famous for their beautiful blue waters and peaceful, unspoilt environment. They are well maintained and organised with plenty of amenities for tourists, but still retain their natural beauty and tranquility.

Popular beaches include those at Kokkari, Lemonakia, Mykali and Tsamadou, but there are plenty more secluded spots you could discover for yourself if you’re looking for somewhere more private. Many of the beaches are a combination of pebbles and sand, and lots provide opportunities for watersports and snorkeling. You can also find some lovely tavernas and beach bars along the coast where you can grab some refreshments after a day spent in the sun.

Vineyard creations

Samos is famous for its wine, so be sure to visit a winery while you’re on the island in order to get a taste of the authentic Samian experience. The island’s vineyards have been celebrated since ancient times, so the Samian winemakers have had millennia to perfect their craft. The grapes grown on Samos are of the Muscat variety, and consequently a lot of the wines made on the island are sweet dessert wines, including the famous Samos Nectar and the Samos Vin Doux.

A little slice of history

In Greek myth, Samos was the birthplace of Hera, the Queen of the Gods and wife to Zeus. The sprawling ruins of the ancient sanctuary, the Heraion, built for her on the island, are a fascinating attraction to visit and can give you a real feel for the rich and important history of this island. If you remember Pythagoras from school, you might also be interested to know that the famous mathematician was born on the island, as was the hedonistic philosopher Epicurus.

Things to see

With such a long and illustrious history, there are plenty of attractions to immerse yourself in on cheap holidays to Samos – the Heraion mentioned above is just one of the many highlights. There is also the impressive Tunnel of Eupalinos, which is considered one of the great engineering achievements of antiquity, and also various archaeological museums for those interested in the ancient period. To discover more about one of the island’s famous industries, you can visit the Samos Wine Museum. There are also various churches and castles, and the Potami Waterfalls are a must-see.