Crete Holidays 2024/2025

One of the most popular Greek islands to visit on holiday, Crete has earned its reputation as a beach paradise with gorgeous shores, mountain landscapes and wild nightlife. If that’s not enough, the food is phenomenal and there’s temple-loads of history here too – after all, this is the fabled birthplace of Zeus. Holidays to Crete offer a combination of views, experiences and foods that make it a destination like no other.

Crete Holiday Deals

A versatile island

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands at 160 miles wide. It’s also the most southerly, found on the cusp of the North African and Mediterranean climate zones, which means that here, summer is almost always in full swing. Have a read of our Crete weather guide for a monthly weather breakdown.

Carved with mountain ranges and lined with miles of beaches, Crete is an incredibly versatile island. Many of the resorts are gathered along the coast but you’ll also find noteworthy spots tucked inland amid groves of olive trees.

Party-goers head to the neon-lit dancefloors of Malia while adventurers scale gorges in the White Mountains. History buffs marvel at the sites from ancient mythology and sunbathers are quite content lounging along the coast to the faint tune of wine glasses clinking from nearby tavernas.

Crete is well-equipped for holidays of any speed and price range – there are All Inclusive hotels, private villas and family-run apartments in virtually every resort, all with plenty of things to do. Have a look at our list of the best hotels in Crete and why we think they’re so amazing. Each town highlights a different facet of the peaceful Cretan lifestyle, so it’s easy to find one that appeals to your holiday vibes. Take a look at which resort in Crete is best suited to you.

Holidays in Crete


Beach vistas

Do a panoramic sweep of your surroundings in Crete, and, more often than not, you’ll find an arcing coast on one side and a green, hilly landscape on the other. The beaches are the main hubs of activity for most resorts, as they’re usually treated to beach bars and tavernas, rows of sunbeds and umbrellas and water sports whirring out on the waves. And with warm temperatures throughout the year, there’s never a bad time to enjoy the great outdoors on holiday to Crete.

Many of the resorts offer diving centres for budding snorkellers, as well as windsurfing and paragliding equipment, banana boats and pedalos available to rent onshore. Resorts like Hersonissos and Chania even have their own waterparks, so even if you’re planning to do Crete All Inclusive there are still a few things to do that might lure you away from your hotel – perhaps outside your resort if you’re up for the adventure.

The mountain ranges towering across Crete are havens for outdoorsy types. They’re often reachable via short car trips into the hills, as well as off-roading excursions. Carved with gorges and walking trails, the mountains are a top spot for hikes whose incredible views stretch for miles.

Sites of mythical proportions

Having been around for a few thousand years, Crete has racked up a serious amount of history. It’s also the backdrop of many Greek myths, as it’s rumoured to be the birthplace of Zeus. Over the years, Crete has swapped ruling hands a number of times, which means its architecture is a comprehensive timeline of the island’s evolution.

Crete was once the centre of the ancient Minoan civilisation, thought to be brought down by a volcanic eruption. Nowadays, the Minoan buildings are in ruins, but you can still wander through the crumbling streets in archaeological sites like the Palace of Knossos, where the Minotaur was said to have lived, or the palace in Malia.

The Ottoman and Venetian empires left their marks on Crete in the form of towering mosques, Venetian harbours and lighthouses. Bigger resorts like Rethymnon and Chania are famed for their vibrant harbours, as well as centuries-old fortresses keeping a close watch on the towns from above.

Cretan cuisine

The island is treated to the same Mediterranean flavours as traditional Greek cuisine, but with its own Cretan twist. Crete is known for its use of fresh vegetables, seafood and slow-cooked meats that make for memorable meals. To top it off, you’ll almost always see complimentary dessert and a shot glass of raki – the local liquor – materialise at your table once you’ve finished your mains.

If you’re along the coast, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a range of restaurants gathered by the waterfront, though more traditional, family-run spots are usually tucked up into town or the hillsides. You’ll primarily find Greek eats in most resorts, though larger towns see hundreds and hundreds of dining options, including international bites.

Wild Malia nights

As much as Crete is the perfect destination for lazy days made up of sandy beaches and cocktails, holidays to Crete can also bring the night to life. Whether it be music boasting venues or traditional Greek nights of plate smashing, once the evening rolls around, you’ll see another side to Crete.

Known for its thriving nightlife scene, Malia attracts young party types. Beach Road is the resort’s centre of attention, lined with clubs, bars and pubs, not to mention takeaway spots for cheeky, late-night eats.

The town’s main strip is the scene of all-night dance binges and cocktails underneath neon lights – you’ll even find a club that’s open 24 hours. Hersonissos offers much of the same, plus the Star Beach Club, a boisterous coastal spot that throws some pretty wild beach parties.

Market stalls and high end shopping

Retail opportunities come in all shapes and sizes in Crete. The smaller resorts have quirky souvenir shops and supermarkets while the larger ones often feature high end brands and local markets. Crete is known for its homemade olive oil and honey, both of which can be picked up from shops across the island.

Hersonissos is the island’s high-end hotspot, with a number of well-known brands gathering along the waterfront. Chania, on the other hand, is home to the Mercato Agora di Chania, a massive market whose stalls sell everything from jewellery and souvenirs to fresh produce.

If you’re wondering how much money you’ll need in Crete, have a read of our guide to get a better idea of prices for eating out, bars and pubs, and even just out and about in Crete.


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