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Athens is a city where the past and the present unite. It’s famous for grand ancient sites such as the Parthenon and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, but it also has a really cool, modern side to it where you’ll get lost in a sea of thriving bars, restaurants, shops and theatres. Those who like the best of both worlds on their city break will fall in love with the gorgeous Greek capital.

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It’s no secret that one of the main reasons people visit Athens is because of its incredible history. The old Greek ruins, museums and ancient temples are truly fascinating. However, there’s equally so much to do and see when you step out of history and into the present day. You can split your time in Athens between historical tourist attractions and simply cruising your way through a beautiful city that’s just bursting with things to do and sights to see.

Some of our favourite things to do in Athens include wandering the seaside Stavros Niarchos Park, browsing one of various colourful food and antique markets, checking out Athens’ spectacular contemporary art scene and having a moment of calm at an inner-city spa. You can take your city break at whatever pace you want, and it’s a bonus that the weather is likely to be lovely – Athens is fortunate to have warm, bright summers and pleasant, mild winters.

One Of The Oldest Cities In The World

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a known history dating back more than 3,400 years. You’ll feel this as you meander the picturesque city streets – there are historical gems around every corner, from old Greek monuments and statues to towering temple remains. Whether you’re headed to one of the most popular tourist spots or you’re simply soaking in all the little details, you’ll be bewildered by the history in Athens.

Naturally, some of the busiest spots in the city are the historical sites you’re used to seeing on postcards and in catalogues. You simply can’t visit Athens without seeing the Acropolis – it’s the most important historical site in the Western world and was built in 448 BC. The Parthenon is the crown jewel of the Acropolis, and an iconic symbol of Greece as a country. The maze of white walls, columns and monuments in this part of the city look simply beautiful in the Grecian sunshine. Add this to the top of your to-visit list!

Splashes Of Colour & Creativity

Athens is full of creatives. Lovers of art, theatre and architecture will thoroughly enjoy exploring this exciting part of the city. Of course, there is a lot of fascinating historical architecture to marvel at, but there’s just as much modern art and street displays to discover along the way. You’ll come across everything from stunning murals to vibrant graffiti – Athens has slowly but surely made a name for itself in the world of street art among the likes of Berlin and Lisbon.

All kinds of galleries and theatres are scattered around Athens, so you can guarantee there’s more of the arts to see if you’ve miraculously tired of looking for street art. You could fill your days with trips to exhibits and art museums and your evenings going to impressive dance shows and drinks at live music bars. One thing’s for sure – you won’t be bored even for a minute!

A Modern Side Of The City

There’s a buzzing and modern side to Athens that often comes to mind secondary to the historical side, but it offers so much to explore on your trip. This multi-layered metropolis features everything from quirky shops and cafes in cool neighbourhoods like Kolonaki and Monastiraki to contemporary brunch spots and fun segway tours in the city centre. It’s got all the elements of a packed city break, with the added depth of a history like no other.

One thing all city breaks need is incredible cuisine, and Athens certainly doesn’t disappoint on the food front. Greek favourites such as saganaki, moussaka and baklava are a must-try in traditional Greek taverns, and if you want to branch out and try tastes from other parts of the globe, you’ll find plenty is on offer. Think Mediterranean feasts, French dining and fresh, tasty seafood. Delicious!


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