Naxos Holidays 2024/2025

In the middle of the South Aegean Sea is a sun soaked island with whitewashed houses, ancient ruins and a whole lot of charm. Naxos ticks the holiday checklist with sun, sea, sand and culture we bet you can’t wait to explore.

Naxos Holiday Deals

A couple of beaches to tide you over

Exotic beaches are generally a must for a summer holiday, we all need a dose of vitamin D and some time to kick back and relax with only the sound of the waves to listen to. Thankfully, Naxos has a collection of beaches, so you can do whatever you’d like from topping up your tan to windsurfing and trying a bunch of other watersports.

If you fancy riding a few waves, kitesurfing, windsurfing or on your own pedal boat, head to the beautiful Plaka Beach. Here you can waterski, sail and ride on the family-friendly banana ride, the choice is yours. Plaka offers soft sand, clear waters and place to eat right on the beach. It’s the ultimate spot for people who like to mix a little flavour with their sunbathing.

Prefer a secluded beach with a calming ambiance? Head to Agios Prokopios Beach or Agios Georgios Beach, both of these shores have an air of tranquillity and are bound to make you relax from the minute you lay down your towel. Clear waters appear to be a theme at Naxos and the Agios beaches are no different. Don’t worry, although you’ll believe you’re miles away from the hustle and bustle, there are plenty of bars and restaurants within walking distance.

A little taste of Naxos

Blue flag beaches aren’t the only thing Naxos has to offer, as the largest of the Cyclades it’s fitting that this island could self-sustain itself if needed. Although this doesn’t make much difference to us in the long run, it makes a whole lot of difference to the food we’ll be eating there. Naxos is known for its own meat, fruit, vegetables and lots more leaving this island as one of the few small islands belonging to Greece where you can enjoy a meal with local produce only.

The restaurant-lined marina makes for a perfect place to dine. Sea views and soft lighting ensure romantic nights turn into treasured memories. Naxian wine will more than likely be served everywhere you go, said to heal broken hearts, the wine is deemed magic. We believe the fantastic taste is magic enough for us.

The gigantic marble doorway

When in Greece we tend to expect white walls and bright blue doors, what we don’t expect is a doorway from an ancient marble temple and nothing else. This lone piece of history is a great place to see Naxos Town and far out to sea, not to mention it’s the perfect spot for an early evening Instagram shot.

Medieval houses and Venetian-style mansions decorate the island of Naxos, as do ancient ruins and castles, you could spend days wandering down the cobbled streets and exploring the history which still stands today. The town is full of aesthetically pleasing churches and tavernas aiding the fishing village residents, the traditional agricultural people living close to the mountains and of course the happy tourists.

Take a trip out to sea

With temperatures mild during the winter and reaching the mid-30s in the summer, the sea tends to be a little warmer than we’re used to, this comes in handy as the diving around Naxos is nothing short of amazing. There’s a few diving centres and a couple you can learn to dive with.

Swim through the engine room of the old cargo ship – Marianna – wrecked not too far from the shore, observe the bright coloured fish swimming alongside the coral reef or, inspect the sunken seaplane, there’s a bunch of wreck sites for you to explore. With the chance to see sea turtles and schools of fish, snorkelling is a good option too.

If you’d rather go out with your own private group, renting a yacht is a popular choice. You could always take a picnic with you and make a day of checking out the stunning coastline.

You’re in for a traditional treat

If you’re heading to Naxos mid-July you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. Every year on the 14th July locals celebrate the patron saint of Naxos by church ceremonies and a procession of the icon is paraded through the streets, a big feast usually follows so we’d suggest a small lunch.

During the first week of September the Dionysia Festival takes place, there’ll be theatrical performances, concerts and art exhibitions followed by a wine feast in tribute to the God of Dionysia. Also in September is the Rekee Distillery Festival, a fun time for locals and holidaymakers to enjoy traditional drinks.


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