Thessaloniki Holidays 2024/2025

Fabulous Greek food, captivating culture and stunning scenery at every turn – a city break to Thessaloniki will reward you with more than just the sunshine.

Thessaloniki Holiday Deals 2024/2025

A city break full of surprises

When you think of a city break, more well-known cities may come to mind – Rome, Budapest, Barcelona – but trust us, just because it’s lesser-known, doesn’t make Thessaloniki any less beautiful. 

This seaside star is a hive of activity, where you can spend your days meandering through markets, tucking into tasty Greek gyros and being in awe of ancient ruins.

Greece’s second largest city after Athens is full to the brim of exciting things to see and do, but its laid back vibe also makes it the perfect destination to take things easy too.  

It’s perfect as an all-year-round destination, so you can enjoy a scorching city break here in the summer or opt for cooler days in the autumn and winter. No matter when you go, this superb city certainly won’t disappoint!

Gorgeous Greece at its best

The essence of Greece is sprinkled throughout Thessaloniki, with the sights, sounds, and people here all emanating that gorgeous Greek charm. 

This bustling port city is a cultural haven, filled with art galleries, UNESCO-listed buildings and designer boutiques. It’s been dubbed as ‘the cultural corner of Greece’, and it’s pretty easy to see why!

Visit Rotunda, the oldest church in Thessaloniki, to witness first hand one of the most important surviving examples of the early Christian, Greek-speaking part of the Roman Empire.

You won’t be able to miss the White Tower of Thessaloniki, standing tall and proud along the waterfront of the city. This building was once an old prison and is steeped in history, and today it has become a symbol of the city. 

You can choose to make your way up to the top of it, where you’ll be rewarded with stunning views overlooking all of Thessaloniki and the Aegean – a visit at sunset is a must.

And you simply can’t come to Thessaloniki without a stroll through the iconic Ladadika District. This vibrant area is a hub of entertainment, where cobbled streets lead to old, quirky buildings turned into lively tavernas, bistro bars and rustic restaurants. 

It’s the ‘Las Ramblas’ of Thessaloniki – a place to dine, drink, dance, or to simply soak up the amazing atmosphere. There’s impressive dance clubs to enjoy at night, or more reserved spots where you can take in some live music. 

The best of both worlds

What do we love more than a city break? A city break that offers up beaches, too! With the shimmering Aegean right on your doorstep, you can choose to swap city life for beach days at a moment’s notice.

The culture, the history and the food might be what draws you to Thessaloniki, but being able to have a beach day after busy days exploring is an added feature that only few cities can offer. 

The heavenly resort of Halkidiki is only an hour away by car, and is fast becoming one of Greece’s most up-and-coming holiday resorts on the mainland thanks, to its crystal-clear waters. Here you can take it easy on a stretch of sand, or head off on a boat trip if you’re feeling like having some fun!

And only half an hour south of Thessaloniki is Agia Triada and pretty Perea Beach. This huge sweep of sand will satisfy any beach cravings you may have, with plenty of tavernas, bars and shops nearby to keep refreshed too. 


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