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Majorca Holidays

This amazing island manages to pack in dozens of different styled resorts with miles of nature and space to spare. Majorca holidays can offer everything from relaxing beach breaks to adventurous mountain hikes and, of course, 24/7 party atmospheres.

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Everyone loves Majorca

Not only is Majorca a favourite with British holidaymakers, but you'll find folk from all over Europe and further afield here. In recent years, Majorca has welcomed over six million visitors into its sunny arms. That's pretty impressive for such a small island.

With so many resorts, each with their own personality, holidays to Majorca caters for everyone. There are fun resorts for the kids, parents and grandparents, there are hideaway resorts for couples to enjoy each other's company, and there are wild club-centric resorts for groups of friends.

Where to stay in Majorca

MagalufView on Map

Holding a bad boy reputation throughout Europe, visitors can't help but return year after year to experience the thrills and spills of Magaluf's party atmosphere. Not a destination for the kids, 18-30s love this wild resort.

World famous clubs like BCM, Sol Wave and Stereo Bar provide memorable nights out with thousands of partygoers filling the streets, bars and clubs here.

During the hot summer days, cool down along Magaluf's glorious 1km long beach or head over to the popular Western Water Park.


Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Euro
  • Catalan
  • 850,000
  • GMT +1

Clubbing, relaxing and socialising

In terms of holiday entertainment, some would say it doesn't get better than the party town of Magaluf. The beautiful beach here plays second fiddle to the large scale nightlife found just behind. Dozens of pubs, clubs and nightclubs means there is always a party to join every night of the week on any day of the year.

Other resorts know how to have just as much fun but with a bit more reverence than Magaluf. Arenal is another hectic nightspot that features more European travellers than British ones.

Resorts in the north and east sections of the island are more relaxed but can be just as sociable. You'll find a fun selection of cocktail lounges elsewhere while Ca'n Picafort and Alcudia feature pubs and bars that the whole family can enjoy.

Paella, tapas and wine

Majorcan cuisine is very similar to mainland Spain's dishes so expect to enjoy a lot of paella dishes accompanied by wine at Spanish and Mediterranean restaurants. There are some delicious local options too with servings of Frit Mallorquí, a meat based dish served with fried peppers and potatoes, and Sopes Mallorquines, a variation of mushroom stew.

You'll also find plenty of pubs with home favourites on tap and restaurants knocking up pizza and chips alongside tasty traditional Tapas.

Palma shopping

You won't struggle to find a holiday souvenir or some beach gear in any of the coastal resorts in Majorca. There are plenty of shops available that cater for tourist's needs but the real retail star is at the island's capital, Palma.

Majorca's only city stocks the town with countless boutiques and stalls, placed between areas of impressive history and architecture. As well as the independent sellers there are large commercial malls selling familiar brand names.

Getting there

Majorca's only airport is the Palma de Mallorca Airport which is right by the capital in the south of the island. The flight time from the UK will be between 2-3 hours depending on where you fly from.

Once you've arrived it should take no longer than an hour to reach your desired destination. Many resorts in the west are less than 30 minutes away but the resorts in the north and the east will take around 60 minutes to reach.

Public transport is strong around the Palma area but not fantastic for elsewhere on the island. If you want to discover the island at your own convenience, hiring a car is recommended.