Felanitx Holidays 2024/2025

Holidays to Felanitx let you see the real Majorca. Get to know its locals in weekly markets, see its traditional way of life at the parish church and step back in time with the slower pace of village life. This rural town is in south-east Majorca, around an hour’s drive from the capital, Palma. Felanitx is famous for its wine and capers, and is in the heart of the island’s second biggest wine-producing region. The countryside surrounding Felanitx is sublime – think verdant greenery, with big rolling hills. You can easily get to the coast too, as with all holidays to Majorca, but Felanitx’s delights lie in its traditions, its beautiful countryside and its historical insights into the region.

Felanitx Holiday Deals

See the real Spain

Felanitx holidays are a great choice if you want to discover Spain’s traditions and culture. The rural town is tucked away in lush countryside, surrounded by hectares of vineyards.

Thanks to its location, Felanitx has buckets of traditional charm, so you’re in for a real treat. You can buy local wines and brandies from shops and restaurants around the town, and nearly every dish that’s served up is made from locally-grown produce.

There are a few restaurants to choose from, each serving such gorgeous foods that you’ll want to return every night. You can also visit some of the local bars for some traditional tapas. Majorcan sausage is a popular dish too – and Felanitx is well known for producing it.

Feel the rhythm of local life

The Plaça d’Espanya sits in the centre of the town, and it’s easily the heart of local life. Surrounded by palm trees, coffee shops and bars, you can dip in and out of the different venues and get chatting to the locals. It’s a great place to sit back with a drink and let time drift away while you watch people going about their daily routines.

If you’re in the village on a Sunday, there’s a pop-up market outside the 13th-century Church of Sant Miquel. Here, you can buy handmade crafts, local produce, clothes and jewellery – and there are plenty of stalls selling tasty snacks like churros. If you’re in the town for the Festival of Sant Agusti, you’re in for a real treat. It celebrates one of Felanitx’s patron saints and is all about tradition.

A night at a Medieval monastery

While the town itself is rustic and charming, most Felanitx holidays revolve around the countryside. The Sant Salvador Sanctuary is a former monastery, and sits up on a hilltop overlooking the village. The sanctuary has existed since 1348, and you can even have an authentic experience staying in the stripped-back accommodation.

On another nearby hill is Santueri Castle. Also built in the 13th century, it lies on the site of an ancient Saracen fortress. The views from both the castle and monastery stretch across the town and its surrounding countryside – simply stunning.

The best of both worlds

Holidays to Felanitx, Majorca, put you in prime position to explore the island’s best attractions. The beaches of Cala d’Or are only a 20-minute drive away, and thanks to the restaurants around the marina, you can spend a day in comfort, exploring the area.

The soft sands and calm, colourful waters here are enticing and it’s also a great location for evening entertainment. Felanitx is quiet once the sun sets, so for something a bit livelier, this neighbouring town is ideal for visiting bars, clubs and busy restaurants.

If you want a real adventure, seek out the crystalline waters and platinum-white sands of the inland cove of Sa Nau. For any watersports – like sailing and yachting – Cala d’Or and Portocolom are best. And if you’re a golf fan, the 18-hole Vall d’Or course is a short drive away.

This small town is a rural escape for visitors. It offers peace and tranquility, and somewhere to clear your mind and get away from everyday stresses and strains. The myriad of hiking trails through the countryside will soothe the soul, while the rich and delicious traditional food is comforting and homely. Felanitx is a beautiful place to stay that’s rich in culture and traditions. This place really give you room to imagine a different way of life.


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