A guide to food and drink in Majorca

Majorca has a massive selection of restaurants, cafes, diners and tapas bars of all shapes, sizes, styles and price ranges. This magnificent island is brimming with fishing marinas, farms full of livestock and agriculture, and orchards of juicy fruits. This means the island’s restaurants use the freshest and local ingredients for their dishes in order to put a smile on their customers’ faces. All Inclusive holidays to Majorca will often feature a meal plan at the hotel, but this doesn’t mean you can’t eat out and sample the amazing local food.

Exploring Majorca's delicacies

Roman and African influences have given Majorca’s food a rich and flavour-packed history, laced with the island’s own traditional Spanish style. While dining on the Balearic Islands offers up similar gastronomy to Spain‘s mainland, Majorcan fare also boasts seafood harvested directly from the shoreline, pitched alongside tropical ingredients to make for wholesome and delicious dining. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite places to grab a bite to eat below, and they’re well worth checking out if you’re heading away on holidays to Majorca soon.

Seaside fare at Kingfisher, Port de Soller

Sitting watching the yachts beside Port de Soller’s pretty harbour, which twinkles at night, you’ll get honest and original Majorcan food at Kingfisher. Majorca is big on gin and tonics nowadays, and Kingfisher has a great list of some of the world’s favourite gins, each garnished beautifully with fresh ingredients from the local area. The food, also sourced locally and organically, is beautifully prepared, all fresh and served with a smile.

A popular spot at Tuck Inn, Santa Ponsa

The Tuck Inn attracts everyone and anyone to dig in to one of its hearty meals. It’s famous among visitors of Majorca, with great staff who remember each and every face that comes in through their front door. Whether you’re looking to grab breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just wanting to watch the sports and enjoy a cold one, Tuck Inn is the place to be.

Homely feeling at Como en Casa, Alcudia

Como En Casa is a dining experience to remember, and a top pick when on a package holiday to Majorca. The restaurant, which is designed to look like a home, has each room decorated as the rooms of a house. Tapas, steak, salads, pizzas and many more specialities are served to guests who gaze around in wonder at the interior. The service is friendly and efficient, and the menu extensive, with a great selections for meat-eaters and vegetarians.

Style and substance at Restaurante Toque, Palma

If you’re after a taste sensation with flawless decoration, then look no further than Restaurante Toque. This little bistro-style eatery has a gorgeous understated atmosphere. That’s not all, though, because they also makes sure that all the dishes look amazing. Toque takes care to prepare and dress their plates to impress, without falling into that trap of underfeeding their guests. It’s an experience to tickle all the senses at Restaurante Toque.

Comfort munch at Smith's Cafe-Bar Restaurant, Alcudia

Smith’s starts you off with real cocktails made from fresh fruit, then seals the deal with a menu chock-a-block with international classics. They do a fantastic full English, if you’re looking for a taste of home, or a great curry if you’re after something from a little further afield. Smith’s Cafe-Bar Restaurant, as the name suggests, has classics from home – so whether you’ve been planning your trip for months or got a last minute holiday to Majorca, you don’t have to miss your home comforts for long.