Palma Holidays 2024/2025

For great weather and good times, you can’t beat holidays to Majorca – especially those that take you straight to the cosmopolitan capital of Palma. Filled with spectacular architecture, tourist-friendly attractions, brilliant nightlife and picture-perfect beaches, this popular destination in the Balearic Islands keeps welcoming holidaymakers from near and far, time and time again. Perfect for families or an adult crowd, Palma holidays have something special to offer everyone and leaves no doubt as to why Spain always has been and always will be one of the most popular holiday hotspots in the world.

Palma Holiday Deals

Try the traditional tapas

There’s so much incredible food to try during holidays in Palma Majorca, with seafood being particularly popular and tasty, and often sourced locally. However, for a true taste of authentic Spain, you can’t overlook traditional tapas dishes.

The best way to experience this world-famous cuisine is to ask a local where they like to eat, which, in Palma, will most likely be the Barri Gòtic or Passeig Maritim streets. Here, you’ll find small but friendly tapas bars serving up unforgettable taste sensations, such as potato cakes, spicy meatballs and chorizo stew. Who needs fine dining when you can enjoy delicious food like this?

Embrace beach life

As with most of the Balearic Islands, as soon as you start wandering around during holidays to Palma Majorca, you’ll more than likely find a stretch of sand that looks pretty enough to relax on. Each has the magic formula of endless sunshine, soft sand and safe water to tempt you, but Playa de Palma is a good port of call, as it’s made up of lots of small individual beaches, with Ca’n Pere Antoni Beach being the closest to Palma itself. The promenade behind it is lovely as well, with plenty of bars and shops to pop into.

Take in the old town

Holidays to Palma Spain wouldn’t be complete without taking in the gorgeous old town, otherwise known as the Barri Gòtic. Home to the spectacular La Seu Cathedral and a host of other incredibly ornate buildings, this area is an amazing contrast to the more modern, commercial parts of Palma. It is a fantastic area to explore, and gives some easy insight into how the city has developed over time.

When your legs grow tired from wandering around the old streets, you’ll be spoilt for choice with many charming little cafés to try, and you already know that the tapas here is incredible.

Become a night owl

There’s a reason why people in Spain take siestas come the afternoon; so that they can wake up refreshed and ready to party long into the night. Palma follows the Spanish tradition of not getting things started until late into the evening, and continuing the party into the early hours of the morning. So, if you want to hang out with the locals, you might need to prepare for a late dinner. La Llonja is a particularly popular area to head to at night, thanks to the plethora of eateries, bars and music venues. An afternoon nap suddenly seems like a really good idea, doesn’t it?

Take a romantic train ride

Everybody knows that trains are the most romantic form of transport, but add to this the gorgeous scenery of rural Majorca as you leave Palma and head to Soller, and the experience becomes even more special. The journey takes around an hour, and you’ll get to appreciate a side of Majorca that few tourists ever see, with inspiring mountain views and scented orange groves rushing past your carriage window. On arrival in picturesque Soller, boutiques and cafés await you, offering a relaxed day out, with the journey home being just as delightful as the outbound one.

An incredibly cosmopolitan holiday destination that offers the best of every world, including an old town, beachfront and modern shopping district, Palma is a one-stop destination for every type of holidaymaker. The fantastic city offers you everything from delicious cuisine to beautiful beaches and nightlife. Add in the fantastic weather that the Balearic Islands are known for, and there’s no reason to not plan a Palma holiday as soon as possible.

Stock up on designer goods

While the old town is beautiful and charming, Palma holidays aren’t all about the history, as there is a shopping district, perfect for some well-deserved retail therapy. Spread out over two tree-lined streets, the Passeig de Born is a mini London, with designer stores and boutiques all vying for space. They offer a variety of designer items, from handbags and jewellery to shoes and clothing. However, if you prefer to pick up some authentic, locally-made trinkets, you should make time to visit Plaza Major at the weekends, which is when the best flea market comes to town.


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