A guide to the best beaches in Majorca

Great beaches are so important when planning your perfect summer getaway. They’re the place that a lot of us spend most of our time when we’re on holiday. Whether you’re on an All Inclusive holiday to Majorca, or are exploring on your own, you’ll want to swim and enjoy the scenery. With idyllic seaside locations all around the island, there are plenty of beautiful, secluded spots waiting to be discovered.

Northern relaxation - or water fun

Try Playa de Muro up north if you’re looking for a place to just relax and get some much-needed you time for days on end. You’ll come to know the friendly bar and restaurant owners and sample all the delights of seaside food and drink, including freshly caught fish and extravagant cocktails.

Many of the beaches are used by surfers because the winds cause the tide to pick up at points throughout the year. If it’s watersports you’re after, try the north of the island.

Eastern shores to try

For a tranquil spot protected from the Tramuntana breeze, S’illot Beach is an outstanding location. It has beautiful views, brilliant fish restaurants and an undercover area to picnic if you’d rather bring your own food. You’ll find your own special place under the sun, shades on, catching those rays with that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

Family holidays to Majorca don’t have to be limited to crowded beaches. If you’ve got kids and want to try somewhere under the radar, it’s definitely worth taking a trip to the southeast coast and in particular the Mediterranean paradise of Cala Llombards.

The shallow water is crystal clear and brilliant for the children to paddle in while you lie back on the sand and let the time pass. If you’ve come to relax, then visit the beach bar for a cocktail to the soundtrack of waves gently lapping the shore.

Secluded beaches

There are a number of hidden spots on the island for the intrepid traveller. The hikes down are exciting and the reward at the end is well worth it. Cala Tuent is one such sheltered cove, perfect for that sneaky skinny dip or intimate picnic. Located on the northwest coast, you’ll not regret making the journey when you see this spectacular swimming spot.

There are plenty of secluded beaches on Majorca and hiring a boat is the quickest way to finding your own little strip of paradise. Vessels tend to be reasonably priced and require very little preparation before you’re out on the water. You can stop wherever you like, drop anchor and take a dip or have a quick lunch before jumping back on board and sailing off to see the next sight.

Even on the most last minute holidays to Majorca, it’s always possible to organise a trip to a quiet slice of perfect island life.