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The town is still a thriving fishing village and this diversity ensures that it retains a certain charm in comparison to some of the larger resorts on the island. You won’t find high-rise hotels dominating the landscape of Porto Cristo, and the town prides itself on offering holiday-goers a relaxed experience, sure to recharge your batteries.

Porto Cristo Holiday Deals

The biggest tourist attraction on Majorca

It’s quite surprising that Porto Cristo is so quiet and laid-back, especially as the island’s biggest tourist attraction is on its doorstep – the twin Caves of Drach and Hams. They are some of the most famous on the island, and it’s easy to see them with late deals to Majorca.

The name of the Drach cave network translates into English as ‘The Dragon Caves’, and inside the belly of the dragon you’ll find Lake Martel, one of the biggest underground lakes in the world. Here you can take a guided tour among the impressively up-lit interior of the caves, which culminates in a performance of classical music inside a boat.

The Hams caves take their name from the Majorcan word for ‘fishhook’ or ‘harpoon’, in reference to the bizarre formations of stalactites and stalagmites which dominate their interior. Though smaller than the Drach caves, the Hams caves still offer similar concerts and tours and remain an important tourist attraction in their own right.

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  • A pearl in the sand

    The nearby town of Manacor, for which Porto Cristo has served as a port hub for many years, is renowned for its unparalleled imitation pearl production methods. By combining compressed fish scales with glass, the manufacturers are able to create imitation pearls that will fool all but the most trained pairs of eyes.

    Indeed, the imitation pearl specialists Majorica, who have been in business since 1890, first started out with humble beginnings in Porto Cristo. Though they have since expanded and moved their headquarters to Barcelona, there is a still a functioning factory and retail outlet of the enterprise in the town.

    Despite not being a central location for the tourist industry, there are still All Inclusive hotels in this Majorcan town.

    Attractions on and off the shore

    The calm, crystalline waters of the bay surrounding Porto Cristo make it a relaxing place to spend your time, full of nothing more stressful or strenuous than a dip in the sea.

    The innumerable coves, caves and inlets in the immediate vicinity of the town make it a perfect place to don a snorkel mask or scuba diving gear and explore another world beneath the waves.

    For those who feel like a fish out of water when submerged, plenty of boat trips are on offer. There are a range of luxury pleasure boats which take in the stunning array of hard-to-reach coves, such as Cala Millor, Cala Romantica and Cala Bona. Or opt for glass-bottomed vessels which open up the sub-aquatic delights of the Mediterranean without even getting your hair wet.

    Keeping your feet firmly on the ground, inland is the Safari-Zoo Majorca, home to animals as diverse as giraffes, monkeys, lions and tigers. Alternatively, you can visit the architectural attractions of Can Feliz and Can Lis, created by the world-renowned genius behind the Sydney Opera House, Jorn Utzon.


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