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Best budget holiday destinations for 2018

As Christmas rolls into view, the shopping frenzy begins, but there’s still room to bag yourself a cheap holiday deal between mince pies and tree decorating.

In 2018, we’re keeping costs low and fun at an all-time high, whisking you off as far as the Caribbean and sticking close to old favourites that are now more affordable than ever. To make your budget stretch further, make sure you book early and take advantage of free child place holidays.

If a budget holiday is on your Christmas list, wish no more – here’s where the new year could have you jet setting.


Even with Black Sea coasts to its name, Bulgaria has somehow managed to fly under the radar – with deals you can’t refuse this destination screams budget-friendly.

And Bulgaria isn’t a one-trick pony, either. Out here, you’ve got the tourism-friendly shores of Golden Sands, down to the blissfully quiet Obzor Beach and the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Nessebar – a town that’s been inhabited for 3,000 years.

And we can’t forget Sunny Beach, one of Bulgaria’s biggest draws. It’s a party town at heart, though family friendly activities like go-karting and waterparks dominate days. But the good news is, many of Bulgaria’s top holiday resorts are clustered together along in its eastern coast – the best of both worlds right at your fingertips.


You don’t need us to explain the merits of Benidorm – its six kilometres of beaches, vibrant nightlife and family-forward theme parks, and waterparks make this Spanish hotspot unforgettable. Trips to Benidorm are so popular, that they’ve taken on a life of their own.

This all might make Benidorm seem like it’s out of the average holiday price range, but it’s actually the opposite. With Benidorm being so large and tourist-friendly, there are countless ways to holiday here. Enjoy All Inclusive resorts to Self Catering apartments and everything in between.

Affordable in more ways than one with tasty eateries, shopping centres and exciting excursions, all at prices that won’t break the bank. Just a short flight away, Benidorm is a paradise for money savers.

Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is the sliver of Spain’s coastline that encompasses Benidorm, but there’s so much more to this pocket of paradise. Days here are supremely sunny more often than not, and almost always revolve around the beach, as Costa Blanca has many.

Budget holidays in Costa Blanca begin in little towns like Denia and Moraira, whose local, laid-back attractions come second only to the beauty of the sweeping coastlines that surround them.

Denia sits in the shadow of the Montgo Mountain and offers visitors a wealth of outdoorsy attractions, while Moraira is a sleepy fishing village still steeped in its original rustic charm. Down this way, holidays are effortlessly cheap and always relaxing.

Costa Del Sol

Another of Spain’s popular holiday destinations, Costa Del Sol is surprisingly cheap as far as holidays in the sun go. The region’s long list of resorts means you aren’t lacking in choice out here, while a selection of nearly 20 Blue Flag award-winning beaches means beauty isn’t in short supply either.

Benalmadena, Fuengirola and Torremolinos are the most versatile of the bunch, with a swathe of zoos, gardens, theme parks, restaurants of all price ranges and beaches between them. For a more traditional taste of the Costa Del Sol there’s resorts like Algeciras, a coastal town that stares out to Gibraltar. Here, days in the Moroccan quarter and flamenco-soaked nights are the way forward.


Greece is one of those holiday spots that’s so big, and has so much to offer, that finding something to suit your specific budget is effortless. That’s one of the beauties of having more than 200 inhabited islands to your name. The most budget-friendly Greek resorts are usually on the bigger islands, like Crete and Corfu, as they can offer a lot more variety of hotels, dining and attractions.

Crete is one of the base zones for the ancient Minoan civilisation and is the home to the country’s biggest nightlife spot, Malia, while Corfu is all about beach days with a hint of Italian culture. The bigger the island the better the deal isn’t always necessarily the standard, though – there are still deals hidden in the whitewashed streets of Mykonos and Santorini to be found.


We’re still not exactly sure how holidays to Morocco are so cheap, but we’re not complaining. Finding luxury 4* and 5* hotels out here for a fraction of what the price would be elsewhere is not unheard of – plus, you get an exotic metropolis like Marrakech and the red-gold shores of Agadir.

Part of what makes holidays in Morocco so budget-friendly is that many of the attractions here are all about experiencing the culture. From wandering through Marrakech’s busy souks and the endlessly vibrant Jemaa el-Fna square, to exploring the ruins of Agadir’s ancient Kasbah, the best activities out this way get you right into Morocco’s nitty-gritty, and best of all, are usually free.

Dominican Republic

For an affordable holiday of the long-haul variety, the Dominican Republic fits the bill. Many of the luxury resorts on offer here are stashed up alongside the island’s white sand coastlines and cost a whole lot less than you’d expect for a Caribbean destination.

Resorts like Bavaro are top for keeping costs low, as it sits right on the outskirts of one of the Dominicans most popular spots, Punta Cana. You’ll have the option to stay out and relax on Bavaro’s shores or feast on local cuisine from traditional restaurants, then float in and out of Punta Cana at will. That’s where natural attractions like the Hoyo Azul and trips to Catalina Island await.

Those budget holiday deals won’t be around forever – start planning your 2018 getaway today for irresistible prices.