Which Caribbean Island Are You?

Many of us dream of an idyllic Caribbean getaway, surrounded by blissful sunshine, white sands and reggae beats. There is perhaps no region in the world more famous than these paradise islands, filled with culture, good food and cool drinks aplenty. If you’re interested in visiting the Caribbean and want to know which Caribbean island is the most popular, well that partly depends on you. There’s an island to suit any kind of holiday style you might think of, and if you’re planning a holiday there, take our fun little quiz to see which island best suits your personality.

Which Caribbean island are you?

Feel the rhythm of Jamaica! Fun, free-spirited, colourful and always welcoming. You’re a bold personality whose vibrancy follows in the footsteps of a legend. Just like Jamaica’s freewheeling lifestyle, you like to take each day as it comes and never sweat over the small stuff. Your smile is as broad as any Jamaican’s best, and just as the island houses both the bustling town of Kingston and Falmouth’s quieter beaches, you’re at home in the city and countryside alike.

Jamaica has it all with it’s blissful beaches and the best party atmosphere. Visit Jamaica simply to taste some of the worlds best Jerk chicken and wander among the historic sights of Bob Marley’s childhood home. There’s still isolated areas waiting to be discovered and the island’s nightclubs, no matter if you prefer a chilled out vibe or wish to dance hard, they’ll will keep you entertained until the early hours!

Fish boat on the paradise beach of Jamaica



Loud, proud and passionate, you’re just like Cuba because you like to make an entrance yet never forget your roots. You’re an unbeatable old time classic just like those vintage cars prowling Havana’s promenades and avenues.  You also know how to get into the kitchen for some home-cooked goodness and aren’t afraid of a drink with a decent kick. Upbeat music seems to follow you wherever you go, making beach parties a given and sunsets a constant companion.

Cuba is built on culture, a fusion of races and customs that make this Caribbean destination one of the most unique and fascinating.  Your trip to Cuba will be made by it’s people and old style way of life. Expect the unexpected here – a destination that has been described as a prince in a poor mans coat, Cuba may appear shabby but it’s hiding a world covered in gold dust just waiting to show everyone it’s indefinable magic.

Plaza Vieja - Havana, Cuba

Diego Grabdi/Shutterstock.com

The Dominican Republic

You can do Latin flair and the like, but prefer things a little more low-key, just like life in the Dominican Republic. You’re a foodie at heart and good at sharing and enjoy life’s most natural treasures. Generous and warm, you’re the one people think of when they’re in need of a little help but also among the first to be invited to celebrations and gatherings due to your charming nature.

From UNESCO sites to little remote villages and a vibrant nightlife scene, The Dominican Republic offers a diverse continental vibe that’s perfect for those who like a laid-back life but also the opportunity to live it up. With the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, this tropical islands boasts some of the most gorgeous coastlines and some of the worlds top beaches!

Aerial view of tropical island beach, Dominican Republic

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Low-key and laid-back, yet still with plenty to offer. You’re the one many seek out especially when they want to see the quieter, more thoughtful side of life. There’s a rustic Old World charm about you, backed up with some keen modern thinking and a talent for seeing the bright side. People who see you see style as much as substance, and that’s why the classic chicness of Aruba matches you down to a tee.

With more sunny days than any other Caribbean island and the opportunity to wander freely, Aruba offers you sweet culture and ever sweeter people. If you love emerging yourself in your surroundings and enjoying of a life’s little treats, head to Aruba to lose yourself in where you most find love and happiness.

Flamingo beach at Aruba. Renaissance Aruba Private Island

MasterPhoto/ Shutterstock.com


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