A guide to the best beaches in Sicily

Those taking a Sicily holiday are understandably treated to a healthy selection of beaches. Unlike other islands however, Sicily lays claim to one of the most beautiful in the world, not to mention some pretty stunning runners up. They boast restaurant-lined promenades and enough sunbathing spots to keep you happy no matter how long your holiday is. Thanks to Sicily’s tiny size you’re never too far from a beach – even the hillside resort of Castelmola has a set of shores within its reach.

Lido Mazzaro, Taormina

Within eyesight from the hillside town of Castelmola, the Lido Mazzaro in Taormina is a true little town beach, flanked by a thick line of trees, old world-style hotels and ancient stone walls that sprawl out along the perimeter.

Quite a bit of the beach is owned and operated by the town’s hotels, but you can hire a sunlounger for a flat fee per day and stake your claim on these warm, pebbly shores. Otherwise, there are a few public swimming spots to be found alongside the legion of docked boats.

Isola Bella, Taormina

This beach is on the list for both the cool factor and its beauty. Found just south of the Lido Mazzaro, Isola Bella is a stunning island whose nickname is the ‘Pearl of the Ionian Sea’. It’s a little pinprick of an island that you can reach via a swim down the narrow sand bar when the tide is low, or by dinghy when it isn’t.

Isola Bella’s coast is rather rocky, but its scenic appeal continues to make it a popular choice with sunbathers. The pebbled coast connecting the island to the mainland is much better for lounging however, and provides easy access to the brilliant stretch of clear, aquamarine water.

Lungomare Beach, Cefalu

Lungomare is the main sandy strip in Cefalu, glowing with activity in the summer months. It clocks in at around five kilometres of space, speckled with lidos offering sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. You’ll still find just as much space open to the public though.

There’s a promenade that runs along the back of the beach, lined with restaurants, bars and cafes. The general rule of thumb here is that the farther away you get from central Cefalu, the cheaper the sunbathing rentals, and in the off-season the beach becomes almost entirely free to lounge on.

Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa

Though technically located on the remote ‘Rabbit Island’ out in the vast expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, we couldn’t make a list of Sicily’s best beaches without including Spiaggia dei Conigli – ranked one of the best beaches in the world.

Backed by a rather desolate looking set of craggy rocks, the bay itself is a vibrant blue-green and as clear as clear comes. It’s a top spot for diving, as loggerhead turtles have been known to frequent its rocky crevices. Lampedusa can be reached by a ferry service leaving from Agrigento or by plane from Catania or Sicily’s capital Palermo.

Spiaggia Caldura, Cefalu

This little rocky inlet is just a 20-minute walk from central Cefalu. Its entrance is hidden between two hotels, consisting of a set of stairs that will lead you down to the beach in no time.

There’s not a tonne of space here, but there’s enough to stretch out with rock walls and trees at your back. Even with the hotels behind it still carries an air of exclusivity and the beach itself is a mixture of sand, pebbles and rock.

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