Cruise ship in port

10 Reasons to Swap Your All Inclusive Holiday for a Cruise

Thinking about a having a change from your run-of-the mill holiday – but not quite sure if a cruise is for you? Well we’ve got 10 reasons why you need to swap that All Inclusive hotel holiday for the adventure of a lifetime on an All Inclusive cruise….

1) See more of the world

This is probably the most obvious reason but, if you’re staying at a resort, you are more than likely going to be staying in one city or town for the remainder of your holiday. With a cruise, you’ll be able to see lots of countries (never mind just cities!) all in one holiday, so you’ll definitely be able to tick off a few places from your bucket list with one itinerary!

Marella Cruises’ Mediterranean Gems itinerary is a popular choice, visiting Italy, France and Spain – all in one sailing! You’ll take in the city of Pompeii and all it’s fascinating history, before heading to toasty Tarragona to explore it’s ancient amphitheatre and medieval Old Town. Chuck in the lovely port of Livorno that’ll lead you to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, as well as a stop in Italy’s captivating capital Rome, and you’ve got yourself a holiday jam-packed with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The Colosseum is calling you!

Trying to visit all those places with separate holidays would not only take more time, but a lot more money too. Cruise ships are often docked for 10 hours or longer, so you have plenty of time in your destinations to explore all the sights and get a feel for the culture. Plus, you only have to unpack once, and all of the travel is done while you sleep comfortably in your cabin. Win-win!

2) Get more for your money

When looking at cruises vs traditional holidays, people often see cruising as an expensive alternative – but they’re actually fantastic value for money when you consider the multiple destinations you travel to in one break. Plus, cruise ships pack in loads more fantastic facilities than most hotels!

We’re talking about several restaurants, fantastic onboard entertainment, pools, mini-golf courses, rock climbing walls and even nightclubs. Not only do you have a huge range activities onboard, you also get to explore the sights on shore and have time to check out whatever attractions are there too – like theme parks, beaches, markets and shopping districts.

And if you’re worried about your budget, you needn’t be. Cruising can be done on the cheap! Opt for an Inside Cabin, sail in the off-peak season months, and stick to a budget for spending in port. The great thing with Marella Cruises is that there’s so much already included in the cost, that you needn’t worry about spending another penny once you’re onboard if you don’t want to. You’re already All Inclusive as standard – meaning you can drink and dine to a high standard in a variety of places onboard, and things like tips, charges and transfers are all covered too.

3) Socialise and meet more people

Cruises are all about camaraderie. You won’t be able to spend a whole week on a ship without making some new friends along the way! You can choose to dine in your group size or expand out to larger tables with other cruisers – there’s nothing nicer than sharing stories about your day’s adventures!

After a meal of laughter and drinks, they won’t be strangers anymore and you’ll have a fun new group of friends to see shows with and take excursions with once you dock. That goes for the kids too – they’re sure to make new pals in the Kids’ Club when they’re having pizza pyjama parties and taking trips to see the Captain!

4) Outstanding entertainment

It’s fair to say the quality of the entertainment team on cruise ships just can’t be matched! They’re true professionals, bringing you Broadway-style theatre performances, stand-up comedy routines and live music nights just to mention a few. The actors and performers are all of the highest calibre – spending endless weeks rehearsing to bring you mesmerising performances full of glitz, glam and plenty of pizzazz. From musical numbers that’ll have you singing your heart out to loved-up rom coms, these shows will have you feeling as though you’re at the West End!

When you’ve had your fill of shows you can always go for a round of mini golf or catch a film under the stars at the outdoor cinema. You’ll even get given popcorn, hot chocolate and a blanket – what more could you want?!

5) Cater your holiday to you

No matter what type of holiday you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it onboard a cruise. Whether you’re after a totally active adventure doing as much exploring as possible, or a week of complete and utter relaxation, a cruise can offer the best of both worlds. Some cruises are specific to who they cater for – there’s adult-only cruises to the likes of Asia as well as an entire ship, Marella Explorer 2, which is dedicated to grown ups only. So if you want a romantic getaway for you and your partner without the kids, she’s your go-to ship.

Of course other ships in the fleet are massively geared towards families, with superb facilities at every turn ensuring plenty of family fun. And if you’re thinking of cruising solo, there’s cabins dedicated just for single travellers too, as well as gatherings and organised events specifically for those on an independent adventure.

If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll also spot one-of-a-kind cruises taking place throughout the year too! Like the ‘Electric Sunsets – Cruise Back to the 90s!’ mini cruise that sees a massive throwback to the years of bouncy tunes, big hair and neon clothing! Over three nights cruisers will even be treated to performances from Bwitched! 5ive and S Club Party!

Don’t like flying? Not a problem! Marella Cruises have various cruises sailing straight out of UK ports like Southampton and Newcastle, meaning you never have to set foot on a plane. It doesn’t mean compromising on dreamy destinations though, as you can still visit cultured capitals like Oslo and Stockholm on cruises that venture into the beautiful Baltic region, as well as witness the stunning fjords of Norway with scenes that look like they’ve been plucked straight out of a fairy tale book.

Regardless of your preferences – there’s a cruise out there with your name on it!

6) Exclusive excursions

As well as seeing the sights of the ports you visit at your own pace, you can join one of the excellent excursions that are provided by your cruise line. It could be anything from snorkelling in tropical waters to zip-lining on a remote Caribbean island. There’s always something on offer, whether you’re into adrenaline-pumping adventures or something more serene and steady.

Choose for a half-day excursion sipping wines in a vineyard or go full throttle with a full day of exploration, taking in the sights, trying out new experiences and absorbing yourself into the history and culture of your new destination. We think the perfect cruise is a good mixture of a few organised excursions as well as days exploring at your own leisure.

You can read more about the wonderful world of cruise excursions here.

7) Romance on the seas

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway then look no further – seriously, the art of cruising is naturally one of the most romantic and idyllic things you and your partner could to together. You could be sat on your private balcony looking out to sea, watching the sunset and listening to the gentle lap of the waves against the ship. Or you could be dining at a romantic meal for two in one of the onboard restaurants – you’ll find a cruise is perfect for sharing new, intimate moments together.

Whether you’re thinking about celebrating a special anniversary or just wanting to set sail for some quality time together, you’ll find everything you need on a cruise. His n her treatments at the spa, a table looking out to views from the back of the ship or champagne and strawberries back in your cabin. Many people even choose to get married onboard – and have the sailing as their honeymoon!

8) Accessibility

Not all hotels have accessible rooms, which can sometimes limit your options, but almost all cruise ships will have at least a few accessible cabins and other facilities to assist those with a disability. Larger and newer ships have accessible cabins featuring wide and/or sliding doors, ramps, raised toilet seats and extra space to navigate the cabin and store a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Many cruise ships are also fitted with braille signs, lift call buttons, and screen reading software in the internet cafes. Those with hearing difficulties can arrange sign language services and get room kits with alerts. Speak to a cruise representative if you have any further requirements, and you can get suggestions on the most accessible restaurants, entertainment venues, pools, facilities and excursions from areas like Destination Services.

9) World-class dining and drinks

The standard for cruise dining starts high, and rises higher with specialist restaurants onboard that really ‘up’ the gourmet factor. You’ll get fresh buffet food dishing out home-made favourites, including a carvery section with juicy meats and all varieties of veg, not to mention snacks at your disposal nearly every hour of the day, and cuisine that matches the different destinations you’re going to.

From a buffet-style eatery to a five-course meal with wonderful waiter service, you’ll never have to eat the same meal twice and you certainly won’t have anything to complain about. Even the fussiest of eaters will be in their element!

Dreamy drinks are always on the menu on a cruise too. We’ve all been to those ‘All Inclusive’ hotels where sure, you may be able to have unlimited drinks, but let’s face it – they’re pretty poor! We’re talking about watered down cocktails and brandless spirits that we can’t even pronounce. That’s far from what you’ll find when you sail with Marella Cruises though – with their All Inclusive package you get wines, beers and delicious cocktails concocted using brilliant brands like Smirnoff, Bacardi and Gordon’s. And that’s as standard!

10) Top customer service

If you didn’t know already, cruise ships are well known for their exceptional levels of service. Expect smiling, courteous staff who will go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need. We can guarantee that the waiters will remember your name – and your favourite drink. The great thing about Marella Cruises is that you don’t need to tip, but with superb service like this you’ll find it hard not to!

There’ll also be specialists onboard in various areas of the ship – from dedicated spa experts to advise you on what treatments would suit you best to location experts at Destination Services who can recommend the perfect excursion. Every member of staff will greet you with a smile on their face, and by the time you come to leave you will almost feel like you’re leaving family! It’s no wonder Marella Cruises are known for offering ‘the friendliest service at sea!’

So what are you waiting for?

Search for your perfect cruise today! Or you can always give us a call on 0204 578 0977 – we’re always ready for a chat to find you your next big adventure.