Dolomites Holidays 2022/2023

Take a walk on the wild side with a holiday to the Dolomites, an Italian mountain range full of surprises. Home to 18 peaks, a skiing paradise, mountain climbing and a UNESCO protected site, the ultimate adventure has arrived.

Dolomites Holiday Deals 2022/2023

A thrill seeker's paradise

Formed more than 224 million years ago, you can stand and admire the soaring snow-topped mountains or pop your hiking boots on, march out and embrace it.

The best hikes up the Dolomites take five to six hours but along the way the views you’ll experience will make every step worthwhile. If you’re already a fan of these towering peaks, you won’t be surprised to know James Bond himself was caught bobsleighing down them.

Dotted with Alpine villages, prepare for pastel-colour buildings, artistic streets and excellent shopping and dining. A hotspot for tourists, Cortina d’Ampezzo situated in the middle of the Ampezzana Valley is famed for the impressive 360 degree views of the Dolomite Mountains. It’s a breath-taking panorama wherever you are, ideal for those want to take on the ski slopes. Tirolo is another favourite amongst holidaymakers and we can certainly see why, this slice of beauty is surrounded by lush green landscapes and holds 300 days of sunlight throughout the year. Don’t forget to visit the centre of the local culture and history, the picturesque castle that dominates the town.

Holidays in the Dolomites are spread across Italy and Austria, prime locations for climbing, biking and skiing. There are plenty of bucket-list activities to tick off with the opportunity to jump off the mountain tops, zipline and swing through the trees. Of course, you can always spend the day at easy-to-reach Lake Garda for a change of pace.


Lake Molveno

Lake Molveno is in the Dolomites, in the North of Italy, and astonishingly, it measures 14m down at its deepest point! Molveno is the town on the shores of Lake Molveno and if you’re looking for incredible blue colours and lengthy beaches, add this destination to the top of your list for 2022/2023.

Campitello Di Fassa

Overlooked by the majestic Langkofel and Col Rodella mountains, Campitello di Fassa is renowned for its charming scenery. The resort is one of the largest in the Fassa Valley and offers holidaymakers a wide range of leisure activities, from horseback riding through lush valleys to paragliding off mountain peaks.

Madonna Di Campiglio

The stylish resort of Madonna di Campiglio is the ideal destination for nature lovers looking for Italian lake and mountain holidays. Nestled at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites in the Sarca river valley, the village is a great base for exploring the surrounding scenery, from rugged mountain peaks to wooded hills.

Selva Val Gardena

The idyllic village of Selva Val Gardena is located right below the majestic Sella mountain ranges. There's always something to do in this quaint area of Italy, from beautiful scenic hikes to discovering the village's infamous intricate wood carvings, making this area an artistic pilgrimage.

Val Di Fassa

Set in the shadow of the majestic Dolomite Mountains lies the little town of Val Di Fassa – known for its spectacular natural scenery and range of recreational pursuits. Here, holidays to Italy can be spent hiking through picturesque valleys, enjoying panoramic views from mountain peaks and relaxing in tranquil spas.

Take your tastebuds on adventure

Kiss the clouds 10,000 feet above sea level and enjoy some of the best mountain thrills in Europe. You’ll be jumping to book a package holiday to the Dolomites especially with traditional Italian food on tap.

Sample the local dishes with all your favourite recipes oozing with distinctive flavours. Feast on Tris of Pasta of Rifugio Averau, a speciality dish for your main course, before diving into the world-famous apple strudel polenta. There’s also plenty of Michelin starred restaurants showcasing rustic Italian favourites. You can’t head to Italy without sampling a gelato or two, if you’re planning an All Inclusive holiday to the Dolomites, you won’t miss out on tasty treats.

Time capsule of beauty

When you’re exploring the 3,000 metre peaks, you’ll discover a ton of history. It only takes a glance at the trees to notice bullet holes piercing through the trunks. This is a result of the fighting in the First World War, still to this day bullet casings are covering the mountains. Thousands of Italians and Austrians clung to the rocky mountain edges to gain territory over this world wonder.

Not only are the Dolomites a natural wonder but hidden away in the cobbled streets of these Italian villages, there’s plenty of art to discover too. Head to the birth place of the great master painter Titan, you’ll find his work hanging in churches and in the main square of Tiziano. Boasting plenty of well-preserved heritage and multiple museums are the towns of Belluna, Trenta and Bolzano. You’re never short of characteristic sights when you’re holidaying in the Dolomites.

With such an interesting past and promising future, this Italian hotspot has now become one of the most famous and admirable mountains in the world.