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Tuscany Holidays

A famous wine region of Italy, on Tuscany holidays you'll find legendary artwork such as Michelangelo's David as well as impressive and beautiful cities like Pisa, Siena and Florence.

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Culturally unrivalled

Located along the west coast of central Italy, Tuscany has a laidback reputation that contrasts from the metropolitan lifestyle of the likes of Milan and Rome. Mountains, plains and vineyards spread across the natural region. The cities are the traditional image of old Italy with classic architecture and wonderful monuments lining the streets.

Agritourism is a popular trend in Tuscany with many visitors choosing to stay at countryside hotels and visit wine regions such as Chianti. Those who choose to stay in cities are treated to the sight of beautiful cathedrals as well as artwork and sculptures in museums and galleries.

This region of Italy offers an enlightening experience while you browse historic locations with unfading charm. All of the beauty of Tuscany is accompanied by a terrific summer climate that shines down on peaceful surroundings.

Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Euro
  • Italian
  • Approx 3.75 million
  • GMT +1

Tuscan landscape

The climate in Tuscany is cooler towards the coast which explains why the region is not a famous beach destination, despite having some great sandy stretches. Elsewhere much of Tuscany's landscape is dominated by hills and the Apennines Mountains with the vineyards distributed in between.

Instead of the beaches, tourists head towards the many glorious national parks of Tuscany. The Livorno Hills Park is known as the Lost Island because it was formerly detached from the mainland by the sea but re-joined thousands of years ago. Pinocchio's Park is an ancient village featuring Italian gardens that have remained untouched in the last century. There are many more natural and protected areas across Tuscany filled with Mediterranean flora and friendly fauna.

The birthplace of Renaissance

Florence is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and when you look at the list of famous Italians who have lived here you will understand why. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael and Florence Nightingale are just some of the names on a long list of impressive alumni.

Modern day Florence has not forgotten its roots and is now a favoured location in Italy for musicians, artists, poets and authors. Merely walking around the streets will give an insight into the history while the galleries and museums will give you views of world-famous sculptures and artwork.

Further north is Pisa where you can create the standard 'pushing the tower up' picture by the famous structure. The most Italian experience you could have is eating pizza from the pizzeria at the base of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Meanwhile Siena has more of a gothic overtone throughout the architecture and monuments found in the city with towering cathedrals, museums and spacious plazas.

Unwind in the country, let loose in the city

Vineyard tours are a popular excursion within Tuscany if not just for the presence of the famous Chianti region. Otherwise you can tour the nature with cycling routes through the plains and hills while a hike up a mountain will give you terrific vantage points over the land. Out in the countryside you may pass areas with ancient castles and ruins between the towns and vineyards.

The nights in Tuscany will change depending on whether you're out in the country or within the cities. Sipping wine by the Tuscan hills is a favourite pastime of locals and tourists with many restaurants and quiet bars offering live soft music.

The cities offer a wider variation of tones with many bars and even some clubs to enjoy. Florence is a popular location with tourists and a young crowd head towards the exciting nightspots found within.

Tuscan cuisine

Holidays to Tuscany offer culinary treats that offer simple Italian meals with slight variations. Ribollita soup is a nuance of minestrone, pici is a thick hand rolled spaghetti dish and pork dishes are often enjoyed here as well as locally hunted game.

Outside of meal times you can snack on an assortment of meats and cheeses while sipping delicious wines that have been produced nearby.

Italian fashion

Florence has been the textile industry leaders for the last 600 years and the world's biggest designers still produce and sell their fashionable products in the city today.

Italian fashion is widely sold across Tuscany's towns and cities while bottles of wine are sold everywhere from the commercial centres to quant farmhouses. Offering a range of famous names, a bottle of white or red could be a great gift for those back at home, or even for you.

Getting there

The main airport in Tuscany is Florence Airport but many also fly into Pisa's Galileo Airport. Transfers depend on your accommodation position but travel times to major cities rarely take more than an hour.

Hiring a car is the easiest way to traverse the long roads of Tuscany but there are also railway lines running through the region. A journey from Florence to Pisa will take just over an hour while Livorno is just further ahead. Siena is slightly further south and a train from Florence will take around two hours.

Best time of year to visit

Temperatures across the Tuscan landscape reach 30C during the height of summer but temperatures stay warm from May until October. There is a slight chance of rain which keeps the vineyards and national parks nice and green all year round but it shouldn't be enough to interrupt your holiday to Tuscany.