Sardinia Holidays 2022/2023

Situated off Italy's west coast, the island of Sardinia has a bevvy of beaches, delicious cuisine, ancient monuments and four million sheep! Whether you have a sense of adventure and want diving or watersports, or simply to worship the sun on a pristine beach, holidays in Sardinia will cast a spell over you.

Sardinia Holiday Deals 2022/2023

Sardinia, an island of mystery and charm

With sandy beaches, stunning coastline, and beautiful rugged landscape in the interior of the island, Sardinia holidays All Inclusive packages have been attracting visitors for years. Sardinia has its own distinctive identity, with its dialect, cuisine and culture, and you’ll soon notice Catalan as well as other influences in some parts of the island.

Exploring this island is a real treat, as it offers cliffs, grottos and canyons as well as its impressive oak forests. That’s not to mention the fascinating town of Alghero or the ancient port of Olbia.

Currency: Euro

Language: Sardinian

Time Difference: GMT +1

Population: Approx 1.7 million

Religion: Roman Catholic


Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo Sardinia is known for one thing and that's being a terrifically glamorous holiday destination where regular holidaymakers and A-list celebrities can rub shoulders. Holidays to Sardinia have a far reaching appeal, recognised by people from all walks of life. How you shape your holidays in Porto Cervo is up to you, as there is plenty to see and do. With fine dining, perfect beaches and a millionaire's marina, holidays to Porto Cervo Sardinia are anything but predictable.


The north-east region of Sardinia is something of a gem in terms of amazing holiday potential. Nestled amid the spectacular Costa Smeralda area is the beautiful Palau. A modestly-sized yet picturesque and welcoming beach resort, Palau is demonstrative of why holidays to Sardinia continue to tempt travellers from all over the world. Whether you think of this destination as Palau Italy or Palau Sardinia, you'll be immersed in amazing Mediterranean experiences as soon as you arrive. Whether you want to stay local or explore a little further afield, there'll be plenty to keep you entertained and happy.


On the north-eastern corner of the island of Sardinia is Olbia, a port city with a long history and constant tourism as it also houses one of the island's airports. Although it's considered a transit city, Olbia has more than enough to offer for those sticking around.


Found on the northern coast of Sardinia in a sheltered cove, Cannigione is perfectly positioned for either enjoying as a holiday destination in its own right or being used as a handy base for numerous day trips and excursions in the area. The perfect example of why holidays to Sardinia are so coveted, Cannigione holidays mix traditional visual tropes such as terracotta roofs and Mediterranean café culture with incredible views, gorgeous beaches and even a touch of celebrity-spotting too – making it appeal to everyone and shooting it to the top of many must-visit destination bucket lists.


Visiting Budoni is like stepping back in time to a simpler age. This impressive stone village with architecture dating back to medieval times is packed full of history, and is an evocative place you can't help but be touched by. It also has a modern side, and there are plenty of clubs and bars to enjoy when evening hits. Whatever you enjoy doing on your holidays to Sardinia, you can do it in Budoni.

Baia Sardinia

The well-known resort of Baia is set on Sardinia's beautiful Emerald Coast. There is a little bit of everything for visitors here, making it one of the best destinations for holidays to Sardinia. From archaeological excursions to exhilarating water sports, delicious Italian food to beach-side nightclubs and trendy bars. And that's not forgetting the beautiful soft, white sands of the beach stretching out in front of this exciting resort. Its prime location also makes it perfect for a little jaunt over to some of the most famous destinations on the island.


Located on the northwest coast of Sardinia is the ancient fortified city of Alghero. It's bursting with historical sites and fine restaurants, as well as being the centre of the Coral Riviera with its array of beautiful, well-equipped beaches. Alghero remains young due to its university and has a good nightlife scene, making it an ideal spot for cheap Sardinia holidays.

The Nuragic culture and more

As well as all the sheep, a standout feature of Sardinia are the unusual stone standing towers and other examples of the ancient Nuragic civilisation. This civilisation mightn’t have left any written records about itself, but remnants of their villages, graves and monuments can still be seen if you take a drive to Sardinia’s interior. Carthaginian and Roman ruins also jostle for attention across the island. And you can even party in the ruined castle in Costa Smeralda.

Wonderful long beaches

If your idea of holiday bliss is to stretch out on the sand and take in the rays then you’ve come to the right place. The Italians call Sardinia’s plentiful beaches ‘bellissima’ – and they certainly are most beautiful. Porto Cervo in Costa Smerelda is where the fashionistas go to stay. And the colourful Italian president, Silvio Berlusconi, even had a villa here, so this is a pukka place for some celeb spotting.

The tempting sands of Sardinia’s northwest coast are picture postcard beautiful. A trip to Spiaggio Bombarde, close to Alghero, is popular for the quality of its sand, and its amenities. It has sunbeds and parasols as well as a couple of restaurants close to the beach.

Just a 10 minute drive away from Alghero is the fantastic natural playground of La Speranza. The shallow waters surrounding this cove are wonderful for children to paddle in and there’s also a restaurant near the beach for meals and drinks.

Fiery, tasty food

The food in Sardinia is renowned for its robust flavours and distinctive recipes. This is the time to experiment, and not to simply stick with what you know. If you’re staying in Olbia, known by the Greeks as ‘the Happy City’, try the local zuppa gallurese, a hearty dish made from bread, cheese and beef broth.

Seafood is very popular in Sardinia, and the spaghetti con bottarga, made with grey mullet roe, is delicious. Expect to see local lamb on many of the restaurant’s menus, as rearing sheep was the main economy on the island before the arrival of tourism.

Charming historic towns

Whichever part of Sardinia you visit, you might literally fall over some of its fascinating history. Olbia has an ancient centre away from the flash and the cash of Costa Smerelda, and Alghero is one of the jewels in Sardinia’s historic crown. With its Medieval heritage visible in the ‘centro storico’, you’re in for a treat when wandering here.

Further afield, an hour’s drive away from Alghero, is another intriguing medieval town, Bosa. Spending time wandering around Bosa’s ancient alleyways, or hanging out in the town’s marina in a wonderful restaurant is a fantastic way to pass your time.

Exploring the water

As you’d expect from an island, Sardinia is a magnet for watersports. Whether you enjoy a simple boat trip exploring the coast or you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you’ll soon find that each resort is close to some exciting watersports activites.

Diving is very popular, and there are many centres all along the Sardinian coastline. Additionally, Porto Pollo is rated as one of the best kitesurfing centres on the island – it’s a 50-minute drive away from Olbia.