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Sicily Holidays

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily holidays give tourists the chance to enjoy stunning surroundings and cultured towns, all accompanied by an ideal climate.


Couples’ paradise

Sitting on the toe of Italy's boot, Sicily is a famously beautiful destination that oozes romance around the natural surroundings of this laidback island. Wherever you choose to stay on your holiday to Sicily, you can be sure that you'll experience phenomenal views across breath-taking landscapes.

There is substance to the beauty of Sicily too with historical landmarks, a large active volcano and miles of vineyards, olive groves and lemon trees.

While families and groups can all appreciate the beauty of Sicily, it is couples who will truly benefit from a getaway here. The make-up of each town lends itself to slow walks through the streets and there are hundreds of romantic restaurants to dine at along the way.

Quick Tips

Approx 5 million
Roman Catholic
Italian and Sicilian
GMT +1

Mountains, hills and beaches

Mount Etna is the looming volcano that can be seen from almost everywhere on the island. The rest of Sicily is made up of lush nature that the locals utilise into food and drink. Lemons, honey and almond wines are favourite produces here.

By the coast you have some wonderful beaches to choose from. Cefalu in the north has a long 8km beach to sprawl out on or stroll across.

Down by Castelmola you're high in the hills and have a terrific view over the coastline. It is just a short drive to the popular beach in Taormina though.

Greek and Roman

Sicily has a long history with many ruins and structures symbolising that fact. The majority of historic areas were built and left by either the Greeks or the Romans but there are also some Norman buildings like the castle that sits above Castelmola.

Castelmola looks down over Taormina where there is a large Greek amphitheatre that is still used today. Meanwhile Cefalu's old town is a cultural hotspot and so is the Temple of Diana, another area of Greek ruins that sits above the town on a hill.

Day tours and night time fun

Holidays to Sicily are all about experiencing your surroundings. You could explore on your own atop a rented vehicle or you could have a local show you the best bits on a guided tour. The guided tours can take you around the coast on a boat trip, a driven tour around the mountains or you could trot along on horseback.

By night there is a myriad of restaurants to settle into as well as laidback music bars where the soft sounds of live musicians lull you into a state of relaxation. The local favourite of almond wine is an ideal evening treat to accompany or follow your meal.

There are some nightspots and lively bars to find throughout Sicily. Running alongside the beach there is a row of nightclubs like Club Malibu and La Calette where you can drink and dance until the early hours. In Taormina you can enjoy the clubs of Corso Umberto I or you can drink in the classy but phallic themed Turrisi Bar in Castelmola.

Sicilian cuisine

Terraced restaurants are beautiful places to dine in Sicily with some directly overlooking the water and some placed high in the hills looking down over the rest of the island.

Sicilian food encompasses many flavours from across the Mediterranean with Italian food served alongside Greek and Spanish dishes. Pizzas and pastas are widely served as well as couscous and seafood. A favourite here is manicotti which is similar to cannelloni, a cylindrical type of pasta that is baked with a variety of fillings.

Shop after dark

Both Castelmola and Cefalu host a number of fantastic local shops where handmade crafts, ornaments and accessories can be purchased.

Cefalu's Corso Ruggero is a great place to shop for something simple or an extravagant piece of Italian fashion. The town also offers plenty of places to pick up wines and cheeses. Many of the shops stay open late after a midday break so you can shop long after the sun goes down.

Getting there

Flight time from the UK is just over three hours. After landing at Catania Fontanarossa Airport on the east coast, it is quite a long drive to your accommodation. Castelmola will take just over an hour to reach while Cefalu will take over two hours.

There is a train that runs through most of the island and even has daily services into mainland Italy.

The most convenient way to get around is by hiring a car though, especially for those who stay at Castelmola in the hills.

Where to stay in Sicily


Monthly Temperature


Best time of year to visit

Mediterranean temperatures keep Sicily delightfully hot for more than six months of the year. The height of summer in July and August sees day time averages reach 30C while the nights are likely to stay above 20C.

Though the summers get busy with higher visitor numbers, the mellow lifestyle of Sicilians ensures that things never get too hectic. Cefalu's beach has 8km of space to choose from too so you're unlikely to find this sunbathing hotspot to be too crowded.

Places to Visit

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