Sicily Holidays 2023/2024

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, complete with scenic mountains, lush lemon groves and miles of vineyards. Its ancient castles and fascinating history make Sicily holidays the perfect choice for cultural exploration, while it also offers superb beaches with plenty of opportunities for snorkelling, diving and sailing.

Sicily Holiday Deals

Take in the amazing natural beauty

The island of Sicily is renowned for its enchanting natural landscape and fantastic scenery. Whichever part of the island you visit, you’ll enjoy amazing views out to sea and lush greenery inland. It also has three volcanoes, including the majestic Mount Etna, which is visible across the whole island.

If you’re looking for lots of cultural places of interest to visit, Sicily is a superb destination. The island has a fascinating history – a combination of many different influences, including Roman, Greek, Phoenician and Arabic. This gives Sicily a rich diversity of archaeology and you’ll find over a dozen castles and forts dotted around the landscape. Choose between a wide range of holidays, including cheap deals and All Inclusive Sicily breaks.

Holidays in Sicily


Enjoy the sunshine on the superb beaches and picturesque bays

The coastline around Sicily is incredibly varied with dramatic white cliffs, gently curving bays and long stretches of sand. This gives you a wide choice of beach activities to enjoy, including swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and watersports.

If you’re staying in the idyllic hillside resort of Castelmola you’ll experience the most fantastic views along the coastline and out to sea. You’re also only five minutes’ drive from picturesque Taormina, home to one of the most popular beaches in Sicily – Lido Mazzaro. This long stretch offers two curving bays with amazing views of the tree topped hills.

However, if you’re holidaying in the medieval town of Cefalu in northern Sicily, you’ll find quiet beaches with shallow water and fantastic views. There is nearly eight kilometres of beach to explore here, ensuring plenty of space to stretch out and relax. In some sections along the coastline you’ll even be surrounded by a beautiful view of ancient buildings made from sand-coloured stone.

Discover the diversity of delicious Sicilian cuisine

The restaurants and cafes in Sicily are often family owned, complete with a friendly, relaxed atmospheres. You’ll be able to enjoy authentic Italian lattes and cappuccinos alongside home-cooked dishes prepared with fresh fish and local ingredients.

Sicilian cuisine is deliciously diverse and different from the rest of Italy due to the many influences it has absorbed over the centuries. Expect traditional Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta alongside Greek and Spanish style dishes. The combination of the three produces some very interesting flavours, while you should always accompany your meals with an elegant Sicilian wine.

Come evening, choose to relax in a quiet restaurant while listening to some traditional live music, or hit the hotspot bars and clubs that are situated along the Taormina coastline.

Shop until you drop

There are plenty of opportunities to shop in Sicily, whether you’re looking to buy fresh produce and wines, local handicrafts or sleek Italian fashions. As in many hot destinations the shops close in the afternoons and open again in the evenings when it’s a little cooler, so be sure to make time for some pre-dinner retail therapy.

Take in the amazing castles, palaces and temples of Sicily

There are plenty of sights to see and places to visit if you’re keen to explore fascinating history and culture on a package holiday to Sicily. It’s also a vibrant centre for the arts, including ceramics, architecture, poetry and music. Many of the towns in Sicily retain picturesque medieval and Baroque architecture that gives an enchanting, romantic feel.

You can also explore the many impressive temples, palaces and castles which have been built over the centuries. Each helps to give Sicily its own interesting character and create amazingly beautiful views at every turn.

Sizzling Sicilian nights

There’s an excellent mix of things to do in the evenings in Sicily too, to make the most of your holiday nights out. You can relax and enjoy some tasty cocktails in glitzy surroundings, or head out for a lively late-night club in one of the bigger cities.

There are also opportunities to join in the fun of a street festival, linger with friends in an all-night cafe or enjoy a sophisticated evening out at the opera, at places like Italian Opera Taormina.


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