How to Pick Your Perfect Cruise Cabin

Once you’ve made the decision to go on a cruise, the fun part really begins as you get to choose your place to sleep, chill and relax. No matter whether you’re cruising solo, with a partner or perhaps on a family adventure – or whether you’re on a budget or want to splash the cash – there’s plenty of choice when it comes to finding your perfect cabin. Read our handy guide to find out which one you should be going for…

Single Cabin

Perfect if you’re going it alone

It used to be a nightmare for solo cruisers, as travelers were forced to pay for double occupancy – but that’s not always the case anymore! Many cruise lines have now made it a lot more affordable and cater specifically to solo cruisers. Cruise lines such as NCL and Cruise and Maritime Voyages now have Solo Studios that are perfect if you’re heading on an adventure on your own – with each being surprisingly spacious! Solo passengers on NCL even have access to a private Studio Complex and Lounge offering hosted meet and greet parties. So you’ll make new friends in no time!

Inside Cabin

The no-brainer if you’re looking for the best value

If you’re planning to spend the majority of your holiday exploring destinations, checking out the ship and not so much time in your room, then Inside Cabins provide excellent overall value whilst still remaining comfortable and cosy. They can be well worth the trade off if you’re an active cruiser on a budget. You’ll get the choice of a double bed or two singles, and for families there’s often the option to have a four-berth Inside Cabin with pull down beds in place.

Outside or Ocean View Cabin

What it says on the tin – a room with a view

These types of cabin have portholes or normal windows which let in lots of natural light and give you a calming view of the ocean. Be aware that some windows can be obstructed by lifeboats and other ship fixtures, so make sure to double check this when booking. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a Balcony Cabin, an Outside Cabin (sometimes called Ocean view) is a great cheaper alternative that still allows you to be closer to the ocean in your own space.

Balcony Cabins

Feel the ocean breeze every morning

Perfect for cruisers wanting to get the full sailing experience, Balcony Cabins offer the chance to enjoy the ocean views and breezes from the privacy of your own balcony, 24 hours a day! Just imagine having coffee or breakfast as you’re pulling in towards an exciting, new destination – or simply listening to the ocean waves lapping up against the ship before you settle down for the night. If you’ve never enjoyed cruising with a Balcony before, we highly recommend this option – it’s such a satisfying cruising experience! Plus, you won’t want to miss waving everyone off when you leave each port!

Family Balcony Cabins

Perfect for cruising with the kids

As you can see, these cabins are specially put together just for families. They usually accommodate up to five people, although some cruise lines may differ. This particular one with Marella Cruises comes in two main sections, with a partitioning wall in place to give both bedrooms more privacy. There’s bunks perfect for the kids, a cosy sleeping space for Mum and Dad and a spacious balcony complete with a hammock to relax in. What more could you want?!

Mini or Junior Suites

Perfect for that little extra space

If you’re really thinking of treating yourself on your next cruise – maybe there’s a special occasion coming up – consider upgrading to a Mini-Suite. They’re obviously larger, with designated seating areas as well as a balcony, and you’ll find that they’re more of a living space as opposed to just a room. This extra space obviously comes with a higher price tag though, but it’s worth it if you really want to feel at home onboard – especially if you’re on a longer sailing.


Luxury at its finest

If you’re wanting to go all out – and we mean all out – then a suite is exactly what you’re looking for. Suites will have a closed off bedroom, sitting areas, a full bathroom – often with a large bathtub – a kitchen and plenty of living space. The reason to book a suite is simple – you want to indulge on your cruise and splurge for something a bit more than the norm. You’ll often even find sunloungers on your larger-than-life balcony alongside your own hot tub! Suites offer a tremendous amount of personal space, higher-end amenities, special bonuses and sometimes there’s even exclusive access to VIP parts of the ship. Get ready to feel like a celebrity!

Pre-booking your cabin

Once you know which cabin type you’re after, it’s time to decide whether you want to pre-book your cabin – or leave it to chance. We always recommend doing so as it guarantees exactly whereabouts you’re located on the ship, rather than just leaving it to pot luck.

Maybe you’d like to be central to the ship, meaning you’re within close reach of the pool so you can bag the best sunbeds. Or maybe you want to be at the front of the ship so you’re near the Broadway Show Lounge! And if you’re travelling with kids, it’s always good to be situated not-too-far from the Kids’ Club.

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