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Sorrento Holidays

This cultural town has a phenomenal collection of beautiful regions nearby while Sorrento holidays offer delicious restaurants, a cool nightlife and vibrant flora that surrounds the impressive buildings within.

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Beaches, docks and cliffs

The largest resort on the Neapolitan Riviera, Sorrento has become an inspirational area favoured by poets, artists and writers. The cobbled and narrow streets of the town are a stark contrast to the expansive Mediterranean Sea and Mount Vesuvius which are both seen from the coast.

The cosy surroundings, fantastic climate and sumptuous dining opportunities are just some of the contributing factors that make holidays to Sorrento some of the most romantic around. Couples and families couldn't ask for anything more as the town is home to terrific shops, restaurants and a great nightlife.

Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Euro
  • Italian
  • GMT +1

Hang out by the sea

The coastline of Sorrento features a combination of large rocky cliffs and areas with small manmade docks. There are a couple of small beaches but you'll find plenty of areas to tan and swim along the coast.

Puolo Beach is found at the bottom of a steep walkway but the small patch of sand and long pier is worth the walk. There are also a good number of places to eat and drink in the area.

Walk 20 minutes out of town towards the Sorrento Cap where there are sunloungers laid out ready for your arrival. Known locally as the Punta Del Capo, it provides so much more with bathing spots, forested areas and some roman ruins.

So much to see

The coastline of Sorrento is lined with dozens of boats with some offering the chance to take a trip out onto the Mediterranean Sea. The nearby islands resort of Capri and Ischia are two beautiful places to visit with plenty of tourist facilities found within.

Sorrento is home to a number of sights and landmarks which can be viewed and experienced through a driven or walking tour. There are several operators who are happy to share the stories of the town with you. Along the way you could see sights such as the Deep Valley of the Mills, the Marina Grande or one of the many churches and cathedrals.

Outside of town the trips are short to major locations such as former city of Pompeii, Italy's third largest city Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

Great nightspots

There are dozens of pubs, bars and lounges to enjoy after dark in Sorrento. Things never get out of hand within the venues while there will often be different forms of entertainment found on an evening.

Fauno Notte Club is described as a nightclub but the stylish décor and comfortable settings makes it feel more like an upbeat lounge. Elsewhere you'll find many bars serving some of the best local foods before inviting you to stay inside after and enjoy a couple of cocktails.

Lemon products

There are dozens of shops to explore within Sorrento with many bursting with local personality. Browse along Via San Cesareo where you'll find a street lined with local produce such as olive oil, lemons and cheese.

The town is famous for inventing the lemon liquor limoncello. Bottles of the good stuff are still produced here and make for a great souvenir to remember your holiday in Sorrento.

Idyllic dining spots

There are hundreds of places to eat in this cultured town with multiple forms of Italian food served throughout venues that appeal to many price ranges. Being a major destination within the Neapolitan Riviera, a lot of restaurants offer genuine Neapolitan pizzas as well as Mediterranean and seafood dishes by the coast.

Often you'll find that restaurants are a little pricier by the waterfront but that is a reflection of the idyllic views. Ristorante Bagni Delfino's terrace is right on the water and people who dine here can look out to the nearby cliffs, boats and Mount Vesuvius, all in the foreground of the daily sunset.

Easy to get around

After landing at Naples International Airport, the transfer to Sorrento will take just over an hour.

It is not too vexing to walk from one end of town to the other but there are also local busses, taxis and bicycles for hire to help you make the trips. The walks from the town to the harbour and beaches can get steep so the €1 lift is a popular alternative to help you get up and down.

If you wish to travel out of town your options include: hire cars, local busses, tour operators or the Circumvesuviana trainline to Naples.

Best time of year to visit

The landscape of this town is alive with lush greenery during the summer months and with high temperatures of 29C, summers in Sorrento could provide the perfect holiday. The climate stays warm and dry enough for a great getaway from May through until early October.

Summer sees a number of annual festivals held in Sorrento with the bookends of July hosting two noteworthy celebrations. The Lemon Festival is held in early July while the 26-29 of the month sees the Sea Festival held on the seafront of Sant'Agnello.