Lake Garda Holidays 2024/2025

Picture Italy’s largest lake, with the mountains tumbling over the water edge, medieval forts showcasing stories of a time gone by and vineyards dotting the tranquil landscape, you’d be hard pressed for a more diverse or beautiful setting than Lake Garda.


Feel inspired

Explore the rich history this Italian gem has to offer, not to mention the beauty said to have inspired so many world-famous poets and artists from every corner.

Holidays from Lake Garda consists of clear waters, coves, beaches, relaxation, fun and thrill. Choose from 12 exclusive resorts all bursting with individual characters from the Roman fountains, the 13th-century castles of Malcesine and the lively harbour village of Bardolino.

When you’re done admiring the alpine mountains and rocky peaks, you’ll find yourself hitting the top sights. There’s no shortage of natural wonders, take a hike up Monte Baldo for the best snaps of the lake and get lost in the fairytale hillside towns. Lake Garda isn’t just about the views, let the adrenaline pump through your veins in the theme park, Gardaland or get wet and wild in the Canevaworld, after all you’ll want to make the most of the hot Mediterranean sun.

The land of pizza and pasta

It doesn’t matter if you’re heading on an All Inclusive holiday to Lake Garda or simply searching for a bite to eat, you’ll only indulge in Italy’s finest cuisine. Just follow the lingering scent of freshly cooked bread, the cheesy goodness from the pizza oven and freshly grained coffee, foodies will be in their element.

In fact, the food itself is the perfect excuse for a holiday to Lake Garda, you’ll get a real taste of Italian culture and the delicious concoctions this genius nation has made word famous. Risotto is a regional favourite, but look out for your classic spaghetti carbonaras and bolognas too. Plus you can rest knowing every meal you have will be with a view.

Not only is the food outstanding but the wine is sensational, complimenting each dish you’ll find yourself sipping endless glasses of red. The Bardolino wine is produced and made in the area, tasting so good it was named after the village itself. The cuisine here is so impressive, you’ll find food and wine events here all year-round.

Discover a whole new world

Thrillseekers should head to the northern side of the lake, where there’s steep hills for hiking, windsurfing and paragliding fun. When your days are full of adventure, it’s only right you save a couple of days to indulge in Italy’s finest. We’re talking wine fresh from the local vineyard, touring olive groves or settling yourself on the soft sand beaches. The south side is all about relaxation.

Despite the impressive array of activities, sights and food options in Lake Garda, you’ll find yourself conveniently located near bustling towns and cities such as Verona, Milan and Brescia. If you can bring yourself to leave the lakeside, head for the romance, history and diverse locations telling more stories of this interesting country.

A step back in time

After a large mass of ice slid into the base of the mountains and started to melt nearly 1.5 million years ago, Lake Garda was born, that was the start of the largest natural freshwater lake in Italy. It soon became part of the Roman Empire, leaving their mark behind you’ll find plenty of ancient ruins and artefacts ready to be explored. One of these famous landmarks is the Museo Civico, a medieval fortress with its very own drawbridge. You’ll also find Castello Scaligero lying in the province of Verona, a famous castle and ancient Etruscan tomb.

Many countries fought for this hidden treasure, providing this natural beauty with the rich history it has today. Since then Lake Garda welcomes holidaymakers from all over the world with a total surface area of 370 square kilometres, you’ll be itching to bag yourself the ultimate package holiday to Lake Garda. It doesn’t matter how many times you return, there will always be unearthed wonders at this stunning lake.


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