A guide to nightlife in Sicily

Nightlife in Sicily isn’t always as you’d expect. It’s a careful blend of ritzy cocktail bars and big time dance clubs, but also has opportunities to enjoy an outdoor festival or night out at the opera. You’ll find a higher concentration of clubs in Sicily’s big cities, where whole streets are devoted to pulsing DJ sets. There are also all-night cafes where you’re welcome to settle in with a glass of the area’s signature almond wine that holidays to Sicily have become synonymous with.

Waterfront views at Maljk, Cefalu

Maljk rests just along the coast and comes ready with sunloungers on its wooden deck for maximum lounging. There’s even a small pool in the middle for daytime swims with a spectacular view of the beach.

This classy spot specialises in cocktails of a wide variety and typically follows a drinks ticket system, in which you purchase drink tickets and redeem them up at the bar for a tipple of your choosing. Come Saturday, this otherwise peaceful spot turns into a full-out party destination with a neon bar, pumping DJ sets and break-taking sunset views.

Homegrown wine at Enoteca Rossorubino, Cefalu

This quaint little wine bar is a tip-top spot to knock back a few glasses of local vino after a long day of sightseeing or a short day of getting out of bed. The light bites on offer here aren’t meant to function as a full meal, but rather, a palate-teaser for better things to come. And by better things, we mean the wide array of Sicilian wines.

There aren’t many tables at this little bar – around 10 or so – but the seating arrangements spill out onto a patio that borders a busy street. That’s where you’ll find maximum people-watching potential. It’s the only thing that goes better with your full-bodied wine than a plate of bruschetta.

Caveman chic at Kursaal Kahlesa, Palermo

Kursaal Kahlesa is one of the most popular night spots in Palermo and is widely considered to be a must visit during Sicily holidays. It’s known around the world as a classic party destination, all for good reason. Stashed away in a ruin-like cave of sorts, high stone walls add to the venue’s eclectic atmosphere.

It’s part restaurant, part lounge bar and part nightclub all rolled into one, but the dark and eerie atmosphere gives it constant party vibes. Catch some of the regular live music here, or on the weekends, enjoy DJ sets that feature stints of dancing.

Dazzling surroundings at Morgana Lounge Bar, Taormina

Morgana brings a little bit of a ritzy feel to Taormina’s nightlife scene. This venue is easily accessible from Castelmola, as the two towns are stacked on top of one another. The decor is eye-catching to say the least, as the walls come in a dazzling array of colours and designs including hand-painted tiles and emerald scales.

Then there are the cocktails. Probably the reason behind your first visit and definitely the reason you’ll be returning, the drinks here are big, bold and beautiful. Expect tall glasses packed with fruit that can be easily enjoyed on the lounge’s plush couches and outdoor terraces. The menu features a healthy selection of nibbles too, should you find yourself feeling peckish in the early hours.

On-point cocktails at Flamingo Taormina, Taormina

Another of Taormina’s glitzy cocktail gems, Flamingo is steeped in neon back-lighting and decked with flamboyant leather couches. The tables on the outdoor deck are exclusively candlelit, upping the romantic vibes here tenfold.

Flamingo is a laid-back spot with a very cool atmosphere, made even cooler by seriously talented mixologists that know their way around a cocktail. Here you can expect expert martinis, mojitos and everything in between.