Cefalu Holidays 2024/2025

Spot the squat mountain along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and you’ll have found Cefalu. It’s a Sicilian town whose buildings might be historic, but whose atmosphere is far from it. Peppered with gorgeous beaches, watersports activities and local restaurants, Cefalu has all the makings of an Italian island getaway.

Cefalu Holiday Deals

Under the mountain

Cefalu might have Greek origins, but this little town is distinctly Italian. Found on the northern coast of Sicily beside an unusually stocky mountain and the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Cefalu is one of the biggest draws on this side of the island.

Scattered around town are ancient ruins, a Norman cathedral and a medieval wash house. You’ll also find plenty of shopping opportunities and amazing homemade Sicilian food – and that’s only the beginning of this Mediterranean haven.

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  • Lungomare Beach

    Holidays in Sicily are all about sun, sea and sand. If the beach isn’t already your number one priority when visiting Cefalu, it won’t be long before it is. Lungomare Beach stretches five kilometres across the northern coast of Sicily, extending from the old town in the east and crossing into more modern sections in the west. Dotted along the shores are a number of houses, cafes and restaurants, not to mention an ample number of sunbathing spots.

    Spiaggia Caldura is another beach hotspot and can also be found to the east of Cefalu. Its shores are a little more craggy, but there are sunloungers, umbrellas and a handy beach bar nearby if you don’t want to get your feet wet.

    Ancient origins

    With a history stretching back over thousands of years, it’s no wonder Cefalu is speckled with ancient sites that illustrate its colourful past. Standing tall in the centre of town is the Santuario Gibilmanna, a Norman cathedral whose towers and mosaic-laden interior dazzle holidaymakers from far and wide. Wind your way up the towers, and you’ll be treated to gorgeous shots of the sea.

    La Rocca is another imposing site, composed of ancient ruins, old stone houses and remnants of the Temple of Diana stacked atop a hill. In Cefalu, simple strolls to the ice cream shop will whisk you past beautiful churches, art museums and charming courtyards buzzing with activity.

    The Lavatoio Medievale might be a wash house from the past, but pause into these cavernous halls and you’ll swear you can hear the voices of women that once washed their clothes in the shallow basins.

    Fun on the water

    The waves lapping at Cefalu’s shores aren’t just for looking at – they’re for boating through, kayaking across and snorkelling beneath. Lucky for you, the town comes ready with rental facilities that’ll get you doing more than just wading out on the water. Dolphin and whale watching tours are available, alongside sailboat rentals and diving centres to really get you going.

    Authentic Sicily

    For the most part, dining in Cefalu will get you Sicilian cuisine all the time. Sicilian food is a mixture of cultures that have called this island home, including Italian and Greek. You can expect heaps of seafood, pasta and wine made from old-school Sicilian recipes.

    Cefalu restaurants are situated so you can nosh beside the rocks carved just above the sea, alfresco on city streets or in quaint courtyards. The town offers just about every foodie vibe you can imagine – Michelin-rated restaurants, spots for food to-go and family-run trattorias, each dishing up fresh plates served with home-grown pride.

    Corso Ruggero for shopping

    Corso Ruggero is the main drag in Cefalu and it’s here you’ll find the biggest concentration of shopping options. They really do have everything, from local shops stocking pottery and other handmade goods to clothing stores boasting the latest in Italian fashion. Make your way down some of the side streets to find local food stuffs like cheese and Sicilian wine.

    On the town

    Not to be outdone by bigger towns around Sicily, Cefalu is at the ready with a vibrant nightlife scene. There’s plenty of variety depending on your preferred after-hours vibes, as bars bring bouts of low-key live music while trendy cocktail spots have made their home along the waterfront. You’ll even have your pick of Irish and British-style pubs, each pouring pints of your favourite ale.

    If you feel like sampling the delights of Cefalu for yourself, be sure to book a Sicily package holiday today.


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