Kolymbia Holidays 2024/2025

Kolymbia’s one-kilometre stretch of sandy beach is enclosed by a bustling main strip of restaurants and cafes. Imagine yourself unwinding on a sunlounger, or discovering the town’s fantastic array of shops and authentic Greek cuisine, on package holidays to Rhodes in this small resort with plenty up its sleeve.

Kolymbia Holiday Deals

Relax in a seaside town

Quiet and unassuming, this little resort on the east coast of Rhodes is a hidden gem in the holiday world. With a varied coastal scene and plenty of relaxing attractions your holiday will be packed with fun activities for the whole family. The natural beauty of Kolymbia cannot be matched, with mountains, springs and countryside abounding.

This resort is nestled nicely between the two larger resorts of Faliraki and Lindos, meaning you can easily take a bus or taxi to check out the surrounding town’s sites.

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    Kolymbia’s spacious one-kilometre beach is a European Blue Flag winner for safety and cleanliness. It’s made up of smooth sand and pebbly areas with tons of room for you to claim your own turf for any lengthy sun tanning sessions you have planned for your cheap Rhodes holidays. There’s a few rocky patches when you enter the shallow water, so it’s a good idea for any children in your party to wear appropriate beach footwear. A large cliff overlooks the entire coastline and provides some much needed shade from the hot Grecian sun.

    If you’re a fan of watersports Kolymbia has excellent facilities available down by the water, including snorkelling and windsurfing gear rentals. The town’s main street is located right next to the water and here you’ll find a ton of restaurants, cafes and bars ready to take your order.

    Get out and explore

    The surrounding area’s natural beauty more than makes up for the size of this resort. Just a couple of kilometres inland you’ll find the Seven Springs. This natural wonder is made up of rushing streams and tunnels, all enveloped in a forest of greenery. There’s also wonderful hikes around the Tsambika mountain, which can be easily found just off the beach.

    But the forest and mountain aren’t the only opportunities to stand back and marvel at Kolymbia’s beauty. This resort’s blue seas are especially captivating and from Kolymbia’s shores you can take boat trips to the northern island of Simi to view its towering churches and awe-inspiring monasteries. You can also hop aboard boats heading towards the bay of Saint Paul and Charaki.

    Out on the town

    If you’re interested in wild clubs and nights finishing at six o’clock in the morning Kolymbia may not be the right place for you. This resort is all about relaxation and taking it easy, and this mentality also translates into its nightlife scene.

    Evenings here are a laid-back affair with the night’s entertainment revolving around a few pubs, bars and lounges that remain open reasonably late. You’ll find a couple of late night joints on the town’s main beach road and some classy cocktail bars on Oslo Road. If you’re opting for All Inclusive holidays to Rhodes here you’re also sure to find great entertainment right on your doorstep, with hotels and resorts putting on a variety of nighttime affairs to keep their guests amused.

    A street of wonders

    Kolymbia’s main strip located just opposite the beach is Eucalyptus Road. This two-kilometre long road is named after the sweet-smelling trees that line its path. It’s the ideal spot for you to do your shopping this holiday as there’s tons of retail opportunities.

    Eucalyptus Road has numerous shops selling jewellery, handmade crafts and little knick-knacks for you to take home as souvenirs for your trip. Many of the shops are open late as well, so you can do a little after-dinner browsing.

    Traditional meals by the seaside

    Restaurants in Kolymbia are all about the local cuisine. It’s not an overly touristic resort so instead of fast food chains you’ll find authentic Greek dishes and seafood caught straight from Rhodes’ coast.

    Most of the restaurants are located on Eucalyptus Road and offer fantastic views of the seafront. If you’re looking for something different from the usual Greek dishes there’s also a few pizzerias in town to stave off any cravings for Italian.

    Friendly neighbours

    For a fun day out head to the nearby resort of Faliraki. This larger town is just 15 minutes away and has a large collection of amenities, attractions and activities to keep your holiday ticking over.


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