A guide to nightlife in Lindos

Though Lindos manages to keep quite the traditional face by day, the gloves come off at night and make way for local clubs and bars. The parties here have been known to go well into the evening – or morning, depending on how you look at it – packed with cocktails, coastal views and a whole lot of dancing. You can also spend a quiet night at a family-run taverna, sure, but once resident DJs settle in and the music cranks up a few decibels, you’ll find it difficult to stay away from the late night action when on holiday in Rhodes.

Lovely Lindian Apollo Bar

Lindian Apollo Bar is a friendly, family-run drinking hole that tends to keep its doors open to eager punters late into the night. The owner George is an exceedingly happy individual with one of the biggest smiles on Rhodes. Panos the bartender is at the top of his game and serves up the best passion fruit cocktails and long island ice teas.

Historic Captains House Cafe Bar

Housed inside a historic building with lots of architectural character is the wonderfully warm and relaxed Captains House Cafe Bar. It’s certainly not cheap but can safely lay claim to being among the best. You can sit down in the courtyard and grab a coffee or a drink before dinner.

Quaint setting at Rainbird Bar

Rainbird Bar is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy a chilled out alcoholic tipple at dusk or a coffee in the morning. The courtyard here overlooks olive groves and a tiny church and, beyond that, gorgeous coastline. The bar has a talented group of helpful staff serving up a variety of drinks and snacks, helping you soak up the best of Lindos.

Essential revelry at Lindos By Night Bar

Established in 1982, Lindos by Night is an essential part of the Lindos nightlife scene. Owner Sotiris and his staff welcome you over the three floors of real estate, with a resident DJ in the middle bar or the rooftop offering spectacular views of the Acropolis. Chill out by the fountain with a cocktail and a side order of Greek passion. Yammas!

People watching at Yannis Bar

Yannis Bar is the best drinking den in Lindos, especially if you’re looking to round off your Rhodes holiday with a spot of people watching. Placed right in the heart of Lindos, you’ll be able to watch the natural ebb and flow of people from your courtyard seat while you sip one of the many delicious drinks on the menu. If you’re in the mood for dancing, the bar takes on a second life by night, with resident DJs playing tunes long after dark. Find Yannis Bar on the main street heading into the centre of Lindos.

A British staple at Sunburnt Arms Bar

Masquerading as a British pub but with a Greek foundation is the tiny Sunburnt Arms Bar. Serving up English beers and snacks you’d usually find in your local, Sunburnt Arms Bar is a nice one to try if you want to feel at home for an hour or so. The pub is popular with locals as well as tourists, and it’s open every day and night.

Greek hospitality at Dreams Bar

Dreams Bar can be found right in the centre of Lindos and offers genuine Greek hospitality and a strong party vibe. The bar is set on three levels, so you can relax in the courtyard, have a boogie on the air-conditioned dance floor or check out the views on the rooftop terrace. If the shots and cocktails are flowing, then expect Greek dancing – possibly even on the bar itself.

Cocktails at Crazy Moon Bar

Crazy Moon Cocktail Bar is a warm and friendly family-run bar, a must visit during your holiday in Lindos. Hosts Marcos, Kostas and Nikos are a likable bunch and will do their best to make this one of your favourite spots in the village. They serve a range of fantastic cocktails and beers. If you are here to party, stay inside and enjoy music from the resident DJ. Head outside to the courtyard area for a more laid-back atmosphere.

Catch the sport at Giorgos Sports Bar

You can watch the world go by at Giorgos Sports Bar as well as watch the game. Whether you just want a spot of breakfast or a drink to go with the match, Giorgos is a safe bet for a good time. The bar also serves a good selection of breakfasts and lunch snacks in a pleasant atmosphere and with all sorts of sports on multiple screens. This haunt stays open late into the night too.

Go dance at Arches

Unlike other bars featured in this list of Lindos’ best nightlife, Arches is a bona fide nightclub and not a bar. It serves up the best funky house, RnB and hip hop for the locals and visitors to Lindos. Arches is the destination to get that hedonistic rush, mixed with upmarket glitz. The venue welcomes adults of different ages but seemingly always retains its effortless cool. The building’s been soundproofed so nights start at 1am and go on early into the morning.