Tholos Holidays 2024/2025

Just a short distance away from Rhodes Town on the northern coast of the island you’ll find Tholos, a charming seaside resort popular with holidaymakers from all over. Also known as Theologos, the town is steeped in history and is an interesting blend of antiquity and modernity.

Tholos Holiday Deals

Old and new

Visitors to Tholos will be at once struck by how well the town juggles the demands of modern tourism with staying true to its historic roots. The quaint and sometimes crumbling architecture of the older part of the town is a striking contrast to newer hotels and accommodation options. But despite the measures taken to accommodate the holidaymakers who venture here every year, Tholos still reassuringly feels like it has one foot firmly in the past.

Visitors can expect a warm reception in town, one of the more traditional resorts to choose from when booking cheap holidays Rhodes holidays. Locals seem genuinely pleased to greet and help their guests, and you’ll find an open and amiable atmosphere in every cafe, restaurant and taverna. With such an inviting ambience throughout the town, Tholos is a genuinely delightful destination for families, couples and individuals looking for a quieter alternative to the sometimes boisterous crowds in some other resorts.

Surf's up

Tholos is blessed with an unblemished beach characterised by tiny pebbles and crystalline waters. The clarity of the sea makes it a lovely place to cool off after soaking up some of the sun’s rays, while there are ample parasols and sunloungers available for those who like to enjoy their holiday lying down.

On the other hand, the town’s northern location means it enjoys breezy conditions throughout much of the year, making for ideal windsurfing weather – it’s a rare day when you won’t see the horizon dotted with the sails of enthusiasts of the sport. As such, the more active beach-goer won’t be disappointed by Tholos, either.

A King's welcome

The people of Tholos are so friendly that you might think they have you confused with a celebrity. The open-hearted nature of the residents of the town is one of its main draws, contributing to an unbeatable atmosphere of community and camaraderie. This is only accentuated by the simple way of life that still endures in the town, which offers a charming portrait of how life has been lived here for centuries.

In fact, if it weren’t for the handful of hotels and restaurants that have sprung up to deal with the demand of All Inclusive holidays to Rhodes, you might think you had stepped back in time.

Lose yourself in history

The idea of a land frozen in time is underlined by the well-preserved state of the old town. It almost seems less like a modern township than a living museum – the narrow labyrinthine streets are fringed by tall, imposing whitewashed buildings, offering an insight into typical Rhodesian architecture. The village makes for a lovely place to while away an hour or two wandering among the antiquated buildings – the Agios Spiridonas is a particularly picturesque church in the centre of town.

Outside the village itself, there’s a treasure trove of other historical sites to visit. A short trek west of the town will take you to Soroni, home to the gorgeous little church Agios Soulas. The chapel is located in the heart of extensive and well-maintained grounds and plays host to the biggest religious festival on the island at the tail-end of July.

The Monastery of Kalopetra, located atop a hill just outside Tholos, is another charming religious building. Its unique vantage point offers great views of the surrounding countryside, while the adjoining restaurant serves up delicious meals and is almost worth the trip in itself.

Spread your wings in the Valley of the Butterflies

At the base of the aforementioned hill lies one of Rhodes’ premier tourist attractions – the Valley of the Butterflies, or Petaloudes, as it’s known to locals. A gentle stroll through a shaded forest will take you to the base of the hill, where a cobbled incline leads you to the summit. But the real lure here only comes out in spring – if you’re lucky enough to time your visit right, you’ll be treated to the colourful spectacle of hundreds of butterflies fluttering by. In keeping with the laid-back atmosphere found in Tholos, this is one attraction sure to help you forget your cares and put you back in touch with the beauty of nature.


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