A guide to nightlife in Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town offers a great range of nightlife where you can party well into the early hours. From rock bars and dance clubs to something a little more more traditional, there really is something to keep everyone entertained after dark during holidays to Rhodes. Orfanidou Street is known locally as Bar Street and is where you can experience an eclectic mixture of lively clubs and traditional Greek culture. It’s home to a wide array of venues, each of which offers something unique. Or you might want to go off-the-beaten-track to explore some of Rhodes Town’s lesser known hotspots.

Party like there's no tomorrow at Club Toxic

Toxic is a must-visit for those looking to really let their hair down, particularly on a Tuesday and Friday night when the club’s hottest parties often spill onto the streets outside. Toxic is host to some of the island’s most highly respected DJs and visitors can enjoy happy hour between midnight and 1am.

Take it down a notch at Socratous Garden

At Socratous Garden you can sit back and enjoy a few drinks while taking in some of the gorgeous scenery Rhodes Town has to offer. Here, you’ll find tables nestled among areas of lush greenery, giving the bar a chilled-out vibe that continues well into the evening. This traditional Greek bar has an extensive cocktail menu you can sample as the day draws to a close.

Rock, rum and revelry at Captain Hook Bar

Captain Hook is one of Rhodes Town’s many rock themed bars, playing a selection of new and old, thrash and metal music long into the night. The bar itself is full of nostalgic rock and roll memorabilia, while the staff are consistently warm and friendly as they serve a wide range of unique drinks.

Hit up party city central at Bad Boys - Znaps Club

Located on Orfanidou Street, Bad Boys takes pride of place on Rhodes Town’s 150-metre-long party strip. It’s one of the most highly thought of nightlife hotspots in the area and always has a great party vibe, no matter what day of the week you choose to drop by. The club’s central location and lively atmosphere make it one of the hottest tickets around.

Watch the beautiful game at the FBI Bar

For those wanting to take things at a slower pace, the FBI Bar is one of the leading sports bars in Rhodes Town. With a vast range of international sporting events being broadcast at any one time, it’s the perfect place to sit back and relax with a cool pint as you catch up with your home team.

Rock out over a beer at Sticky Fingers

Another of Rhodes Town’s famous rock bars, Sticky Fingers regularly plays host to live rock and metal bands. It’s a great place to discover new and unknown artists, with the friendly bar staff serving a quality selection of drinks at affordable prices.

Hear the latest local hits at Raxati Cafe

With an eclectic mix of live music and sets played by the resident DJ, the Raxati Cafe is the perfect place to experience traditional Greek music with a relaxed, retro vibe. Situated just off the main strip, the prices are a little more suited to cheap holidays to Rhodes than at some of its more tourism-led counterparts.

Splice the mainbrace at Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of the region’s most widely-renowned themed bars and is built to resemble a grand pirate ship emerging from the water, as well as being decorated from top to bottom inside in pirate-related memorabilia. Pirate shows are common during the evenings, while the powerful soundtrack of international club tunes helps to make this a unique party experience.

Watch live bands jam at Colorado Nightclub

Conveniently located along the famous Orfanidou Street, Colorado is one of the area’s premier nightclubs. The venue regularly plays host to some of the most exciting live music acts that Greece has to offer, with the action spread across three floors in order to cater to every music taste.

Melt into the music at Mojo Bar

Mojo is Rhodes’ stand-out bar for lovers of house music. Visitors here can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime clubbing experience, as the enchanting sound of psychedelic house fills this tiny venue. Slides are projected onto the four walls of the club as the music intensifies, making this one truly unmissable party.