Kalithea, Rhodes Holidays 2024/2025

With an ideal location half way between Rhodes Town and Faliraki, you can enjoy the best of both worlds as well as this resort’s great natural spots and beaches on Kalithea holidays.

Kalithea Holiday Deals

Take the break you crave

Aside from the expected combination of sun, sea and sand that this resort provides so effectively, Kalithea is also famous for its selection of natural bathing spas.

By the sea you can scuba and snorkel through the clear waters while on land you can enjoy the mini-markets, cafes tavernas and bars.

Holidays to Kalithea ensure that visiting tourists are not left wanting in terms or excitement or facilities but the overriding theme is relaxation. Families and couples will love this resort and the towns and cities that are so close by.

Rock pools and coves

The beaches of Kalithea present a combination of sandy and smooth rocky areas to lie out on. Oasis Beach has large rocks sitting by the sands while there are also coved areas to grab some shade.

Niolas Beach is one of the sandier options but there are still formations of rock pools around which provide great areas for kids to paddle in. When the sand gets too hot there are walkways to get you from land and into the clear waters.

There is also a private mini-beach but if you pay just €3 you can spend all day by this beautiful bay. There is an array of exciting aquatic life swimming by the bay such as squids and octopuses so strap on your snorkel to see these creatures swim throughout the underwater caves.

Famous for its spas

Treat yourself to a well-earned pampering session in one of Kalithea’s natural baths or spas. Since the twenties people have been enjoying the bathing waters here and now the restored baths are a must try and see. The La Marquise Wellness Spa is a glamorous space to replenish your body and the Beauty Vital Spa offers several treatments from the Eden Hotel.

From the bay areas you can hop aboard a boat trip to take you far out into the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy the sunshine while riding the waves or dive into the waters with scuba trips around fascinating areas of the Rhodes coast.

Quiet tavernas and a wild nightclub

The hotels provide the majority of evening entertainment within Kalithea but there are a pleasant selection of bars and tavernas that are relaxing spots to hang out in the evenings.

There is one club to go wild in while on holidays to Kalithea and the Paradiso Beach Club is a great venue. Found by the seafront, this open air venue holds up to 4,500 party animals and hosts a range of music events. World famous DJs have performed here and the club rivals any that is offered in the nearby party destination of Faliraki. If you’d like to try a variation of lively nightclubs then Faliraki is less than 15 minutes away.


With a couple of smaller shops and some mini-markets to browse, Kalithea is adept at providing the essentials for your holiday experience as well as some souvenir opportunities.

The most expansive shopping experience on the island is found just 10 minutes away within Rhodes Town. There is an abundance of craft shops and boutiques here that can send you away with something special. There are also plenty of internationally renowned brand names available for the fashionistas of Rhodes.

Great traditional meals

The majority of eateries are Greek and Mediterranean based so you can enjoy a fine selection of traditional meals in the evenings. After you’ve been brave enough to try a plate of karavoli giachnistoi (snails), wash it down with a local beverage like ouzo or retsina.

Panorama Restaurant is a wonderful spot to enjoy a dimly lit meal on the evenings while the Koskinou House and Thalassa provide great outdoor dining areas underneath gazebos.

Rhodes Town and Faliraki

The drive from Rhodes International Airport to Kalithea will take you from the north west coast to the north east coast of Rhodes. The trip can be made by car in around 25 minutes.

Kalithea is ideally placed almost equidistant between Rhodes Town and Faliraki. It takes ten minutes to reach the capital in the north and just 15 minutes to get to the party resort further south. There are busses heading towards both locations on a regular basis but taxis can get you there at a good price.

Best time of year to visit

Temperatures in Kalithea stay hot enough for a terrific holiday from March through to November. From June to September the days will regularly reach at least 30C while the evenings stay above 20C.

Between Rhodes Town and Faliraki there is a vast programme of celebrations, festivals and parties held throughout the year. The Medieval Rose Festival of the capital and Greek Orthodox Easter in Faliraki are two notable events to look out for.


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