Plimiri Holidays 2024/2025

This quiet village at the southern tip of Rhodes offers you everything you need for a peaceful, serene trip: sun, sand, sea – and all the fresh seafood you can eat. It’s all about the simple things in life while on holiday in Plimiri, and you’ll leave the village feeling refreshed and restored – and missing its total seclusion.

Plimiri Holiday Deals

Avoid the hustle and bustle

Plimiri’s unspoilt setting gives it a magical quality. With just one long beach and a single taverna, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of busy tourist towns, and unwind on the soft sand. You’ll quickly get used to the slow pace of life here, as you spend the days on a near-empty beach, and head to the taverna for freshly caught fish. It’s a true tropical paradise – and it’s entirely yours.

Take in some history

Take a 15-minute drive to the traditional villages of Lachania and Kattavia. The pretty buildings with their blue shutters, and the narrow, winding streets will have you reaching for your camera at every step. Or, head down to Lindos – a 40-minute drive. The ancient acropolis is the main attraction, but it’s bliss to just wander around the car-free town and absorb its history.

Freshly caught seafood

Plimiri only has one taverna – but it’s the best you could ask for. It serves just-caught seafood, so every meal is delectable. Choose from dishes like barbecued fish and grilled octopus with traditional Greek salad. As you relax on the beach before you eat, you can watch the chefs hang the octopuses up to dry and grill fish in front of you.

Bars and beachfront dance floors

If you’re beginning to crave entertainment, take a trip up the coast to Gennadi. You’ll find a selection of bars and beachfront dance floors to keep you occupied all evening.

Secluded Beaches

Plimiri’s secluded beach is a white stretch of sand and pebbles that winds along the coast for more than two miles. You’ll rarely need to fight for space – a handful of sunbathers and divers may join you. Make the most of the clear waters and swim and snorkel, and see if you can spot the off-shore wreck.

Ancient Greece

No visit to Plimiri is complete without visiting Lindos, 40 minutes down the road. Its acropolis draws in visitors from all over the world, and is one of the must-see sights in Rhodes. As it’s at the top of a hill, you can choose whether you walk up to it – or go on the back of a donkey. At the summit, you can explore the ancient acropolis, as well as Roman temple, a 13th-century church, and a theatre.

Nearest airport to Plimiri

Rhodes International Airport – 50 miles

Take a taxi or rent a car, and the journey from Rhodes airport should take under 1.5 hours to reach Plimiri.


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