Stegna Holidays 2024/2025

The ultimate relaxation destination, Stegna holidays are all about completely unwinding on the glorious white-sand beach. Join in with the watersport activities, sample the seafood at the Greek tavernas, or just soak up the rays on the coastline. No one’s in much of a hurry at this tranquil resort, while its location away from the well-worn tourist routes makes it a great place to find cheap holidays to Rhodes.

Stegna Holiday Deals

Everything you need

You’ll find this peaceful and laid-back resort right on the outskirts of Archangelos village. Its long stretch of sand is the focal point for holidays here, and everything you need is located along its coastline. Hotels and rental apartments are scattered along the seafront and if you walk to the far side of the beach you’ll reach the resort’s small fishing harbour.

Stegna’s quiet natural beauty draws visitors who want to escape the busy crowds of the larger cities. But if you do want to explore somewhere bigger, the capital city of Rhodes Town is just 30 minutes away and Stegna makes a fantastic base for day trips.

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    Down a winding street lined with almond and lemon trees you’ll come to the reason everyone wants to visit Stegna during Rhodes holidays – the beach. Secluded and unspoilt, it’s free from noisy crowds and is the ideal tranquil location for you to get your tan on. Colourful sunloungers and parasols are available to hire, or you can just stretch out on your own beach towel – there’s plenty of room.

    If you’re up for some adventure, watersport facilities – including banana-boat rides, paragliding, water skiing and snorkelling – are available at this beach. The rest of the resort is located along the shoreline, complete with hotels, apartments, restaurants and bars.

    Fantastic feasts

    This small resort is loaded with fantastic places to eat along the coastline. It’s all about the Greek tavernas here and in Stegna they’re serving up authentic fresh dishes including scrumptious seafood straight from the sea.

    All of these beachside restaurants have outdoor patios looking straight onto the water and giving fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the most popular seafood dishes in this area include shrimp and clam pastas, fried octopus and flavourful lobsters. If you’re staying in Self Catering accommodation there are several mini-markets along the main strip that sell all your grocery necessities as well as sun creams and cold drinks.

    Late night drinks

    The nightlife in Stegna is a pretty relaxed affair, with a few late-night beach parties hosted by coastal bars and Greek tavernas serving wine and cocktails. One of the best ways to spend the evening in Stegna is by having a leisurely meal by the seaside and watching the sun go down as you sip margaritas and ouzo. For something a little more upbeat you can always head to the capital city of Rhodes Town and join in with their lively nightlife scene.

    Neighbouring villages and cities

    Only 30 minutes away from tiny Stegna is the capital city of Rhodes Town. Buses from Stegna to Rhodes Town leave daily and are an inexpensive way to travel.

    Once in the capital city you can explore its medieval town and upmarket areas as well as restaurant-hop between Rhodes Town’s upscale eateries. There’s lots of places to shop including quaint boutiques, designer shops and local markets. Rhodes Town’s long beach is a must-visit, and after you’re done sunning yourself you can get geared up for a wild night of partying in the city centre.

    A little closer to home is Archangelos village, built in the seventh century. This historic village has plenty to see – like a medieval castle built by the Venetians, and churches from the Byzantine Era. Right across from Stegna beach is a small island called Saint Nikolas. For a fun trip out you can hop aboard a boat at the harbour and explore the ruins of Saint Nikolas church, which dates all the way back to the Middle Ages.


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