Ocho Rios Holidays 2024/2025

A fishing village turned holidaymakers’ delight, Ocho Rios offers spotless beaches kissed by endless sunshine to those who visit during Jamaica holidays. Located on the north of the island, you’ll get a good mix of natural splendour and modern amenities for both relaxation and activity. Delicious meals come with Jamaican hospitality at the highest level.

Ocho Rios Holiday Deals

Step into the sun

Your holiday to Jamaica will give you the opportunity to visit a famous island of fun, sun and sensations, and although the island is famous for places like Montego Bay and Kingston, the true spirit of Jamaica can be found in towns like Ocho Rios.

That’s because this place used to be a fishing village, laid-back and traditional, yet today it’s seen as one of the best places for tourism in Jamaica.

With beaches like these, all rolling sands and curving bays, it’s not a big guess as to why Ocho Rios is seen in such a positive light. They even featured it in the James Bond movie ‘Dr No’ back in the 1960s.

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  • Shop, dine and sunbathe

    Assuming you’ll be able to tear yourself away from the stunning beaches of Ocho Rios, you’ll have the chance to take in some of the most sublime shopping in Jamaica. Streets and plazas lined with stores are ready to entice you, offering everything from clothes to scuba gear to souvenirs and local delicacies. The beating heart of commerce here is the gorgeous Island Village shopping centre, where fashion boutiques and specialised outlets line a lagoon framed by pretty trees.

    When it comes to restaurants, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all covered by the choices you’ll find in Ocho Rios. Spiced Jamaican jerk meats can be found around every corner, together with tasty fish and a fair few salads. Sweets, cakes and candies round off what’s to be found, and there are a few fast food and international options to further beef up the selections. You’ll not spend a minute hungry here.

    Active adventures

    The areas surrounding Ocho Rios are well suited to those of you with a taste for exploration and fun. You have caves, trails, forests and coastlines open to you, ready to give up their secrets to savvy explorers. The only question is how you choose to do it, with options ranging from off-road and ATV safari experiences through to horseback riding and cycling.

    Ocho Rios is close to caves like the Green Grotto, with secret paths weaving through their mysterious rocky tunnels. Luckily these caves are well lit and have plenty of guardrails, so you’ll stay safe in your journey underground. When that’s done, choose between a ride on a camel through historic plantations, a trip to the waterpark, or a spot of golf.

    Rum and reggae

    We’ve all heard the stories about Jamaica’s love of the good life, but once you’re here you’ll understand the heart of that philosophy. Live music performances can be found everywhere, from the hottest bars to the quietest beachfront retreats. The tunes blend folklore, reggae, calypso, ballads and modern beats to tremendous effect and dancing is a given, so we hope you’re not shy.

    Art is also a big part of Jamaican life, and you’ll find plenty of that in Ocho Rios, from paintings to sculpture to inventive street artists.

    Relax in the sunshine

    You could quite happily spend all day every day on the beach or by the pool, but Ocho Rios has more to offer in helping you unwind. The spas and resorts are generous in treatments and rejuvenating practices, with specialists who’ll talk through your needs to see what works best.

    However, for those of you looking to spend your time by the shore in the spirit of adventure, Ocho Rios has much to offer. Boating trips and watersports are readily available across the coastline, allowing you to skim the glistening water of the Caribbean or drift along on a guided tour.

    If the treasures of the deep are more your thing, diving classes are available for scuba fanatics of every skill level, and you never know what you’ll find immersed beneath the waves.


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