Falmouth Holidays 2024/2025

Situated east of Montego Bay and formerly one of the busiest ports on Jamaica, Falmouth is a beautiful Georgian town. With its stunning beaches, wonderful wildlife and extraordinary lagoon, Falmouth has plenty of attractions for those in search of a more relaxed style of Jamaica holiday.

Falmouth Holiday Deals

Old world charm in Falmouth

A holiday in Falmouth is a little bit like stepping back in time. There are many parts of this historic venue that are little changed from when the town was first constructed in 1769. Around every corner in this architecturally stunning town you’ll be able to discover many extraordinary treasures.

A tour with one of Falmouth’s many heritage walks is one of the best ways to explore this destination. You’ll be able to admire Arleigh House, dating back to 1795 or revel in the splendours of the astonishingly beautiful courthouse built in 1815. Due to its unique old character, Falmouth is used as an excursion point for many of the cruise ships that dock in its port.

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  • Chillin' on the beach

    Snatching the rays, or swimming in the calm sea is what most holidays are all about. The Red Stripe beach is about as cool as its popular namesake beer, you can even pamper yourself with a relaxing massage while enjoying the hot sun. With its clean sea and sand, this is a wonderful beach for relaxation.

    Another option is Burwood public beach, which only re-opened in January 2016 and, to date, holidaymakers are delighted with the gazebo and bandstand. Its shallow waters are wonderful for those who aren’t too confident about their swimming skills.

    Enjoy the magic of the luminous lagoon

    You simply can’t leave Falmouth without sneaking a peek at its luminous lagoon. Stretching down from Trelawny to Falmouth, this magical expanse of water is one of the most stunning scenes you’ll encounter when on holiday to Jamaica. Viewing the lagoon you may be forgiven for thinking that you’re watching some sort of ghostly apparition or optical illusion – you’re not.

    The lagoon literally lights up thanks to millions of marine plankton who live in the water’s unique ecosystem. The Glistening Waters Marina is the place to go for a boat trip where you can get up close and personal with this illuminating experience.

    Exotic wildlife

    Just a 45-minute drive away from Falmouth is the extraordinary Cockpit Country. This part of Jamaica is frequently referred to as a ‘country within a country’. It has a landscape covered with acres of forest, containing limestone caves and unique examples of Jamaica’s biodiversity. As well as being home to some of Jamaica’s most exotic wildlife, including turkey vultures, the area also houses many of the island’s historic settlements and villages.

    The wildlife odyssey continues with a trip to Salt Marsh, just a five-minute drive away. This expanse of swampy wilderness is close to a local settlement that’s an awesome tourist attraction, Jamaica Swamp Safari village. The venue has been built specifically to allow visitors to get up close and personal with the local wildlife. Crocodiles, raccoons and snakes are among the exhibits and it’s easy to find the venue as it’s advertised with a large sign stating ‘Trespassers will be eaten’.

    Another way of exploring the fantastic wilderness around Falmouth is to take a trip on a raft down the Martha Brae river, an short 11-minute drive away from Falmouth. This is genuinely living life on the edge, as the rafts are constructed from bamboo and the water can be a tad lively.

    Discover the true taste of rum

    From Hampden Estates rum distillery outside Falmouth to a wide variety of restaurants and bars in Falmouth itself, there is plenty to satiate the appetite of any holidaymaker. Rum in many colours and strengths, can be found at this fantastic distillery that’s only a 24-minute drive away from downtown Falmouth.

    A tour of Hampden Estate will allow you to sample all the varieties of the wonderful golden spirit that’s produced here and learn about the history of one of Jamaica’s oldest sugar estates.

    Seafood and sea views

    If you’re a lover of all things spicy and jerk, then the restaurants in Falmouth are a real treat. This is also a wonderful destination to source seafood, and a meal at Leon’s Lobster hut is the place to really enjoy an authentic Jamaican meal. Garlic lobster complete with rice and peas is just one of the treats in store at this seafront restaurant. And the foodie deliciousness just keeps on coming in Falmouth.

    As well as some excellent beachfront restaurants and swim-up bars, there’s a whole range of eateries in downtown Falmouth. Vegetarians will find it easy to find satisfaction here as the Healthy Eater’s vegetarian and seafood restaurant is a popular destination.


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