Articles about Jamaica

Planning a trip to Jamaica? Take a look at our articles for information on the best local markets, snorkelling spots and natural sites to check out during your next Jamaican holiday. From guides to the culture and traditions of this Caribbean wonder, to information on where to find the best architecture, our articles feature everything you need to know for your holiday.

Golfing in Jamaica

While the beaches tend to steal the show as far as Jamaica’s holiday scene goes, the golf courses here are, without a doubt, giving them a run for their money. Steeped in greenery and with many featuring views of the sea, they’re not just an afternoon game but a full-blown experience.

Wildlife in Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and is home to more endemic species than any other Caribbean island. Due to deforestation, hunting and the introduction of non-native species many are sadly threatened, however lots of the fragile ecosystems have now been classified as protected areas. From giant swallowtail butterflies to magnificent manatees, the unique wildlife in Jamaica is not to be missed.

Architecture in Jamaica

Just as the Caribbean is a melting pot of islands, so too is Jamaica, this time with its architecture. From Spanish verandas introduced to structures propped up with British pillars and top examples of modern design, Jamaica’s skylines are vast and varied, to say the least. Here, we go through a timeline of Jamaica’s architecture and where to look up for some of its best pieces.

Nature reserves and Lagoons of Jamaica

When it comes to natural scenery, Jamaica might be 75% beaches, but that other little sliver is reserved for lush nature reserves and lagoons populated by tropical flora and fauna. And these landscapes aren’t just for looking at – you can dive in, hike up and boat across to make sure you’ve lapped up absolutely every morsel of what this unique terrain has to offer.

Culture of Jamaica

Reggae, rainforests, beaches and jerk have all placed Jamaica firmly on the map and this Caribbean island is simply brimming with culture. Due to years of colonisation, the island plays host to many different religions – from Islam to Judaism – and boasts more churches per square mile than anywhere else on the planet. You’ll soon be falling into the laid back way of life, feasting on authentic cuisine and soaking up the local traditions.

Trekking and Adventure Activities in Jamaica

Get your kicks in Jamaica by heading up mountains and zooming back down, seeing predatory wildlife up close or sinking to the depths around old plane wrecks. You can also relax in exotic locations with natural hot tubs and clifftop cascades, or be paddled along the jungle waterways on a raft. Read on to find where to go to get your adventure on.

A guide to local markets in Jamaica

There’s no better way to get in sync with an island’s culture than by visiting the local markets and, with its abundance of outdoor markets, Jamaica is no different. If you find yourself in this sunny patch of the Caribbean, here’s a handy guide to the best local shopping spots on the island and how to navigate them.

Couples Holidays to Jamaica

White sand beaches, lush countryside, endless sunshine – there’s no better recipe for a deliciously romantic getaway. And in Jamaica, all of these things are a given, so, should you and your other half head to this corner of the Caribbean, you’re in luck.

Snorkelling in Montego Bay

The clear blue waters that surround the island of Jamaica are bursting with marine life, and whether you stay close to the beach or opt for an offshore excursion you’re sure to meet many of the colourful inhabitants as you explore their impressive underwater world.