A guide to things to do in Jamaica

There are so many things Jamaica is known and loved for – reggae music, tumbling waterfalls, friendly people, beautiful beaches, Red Stripe, amazing athletes, jerk chicken and luxurious hotels to name but a few! It’s long been one of our favourite destinations, and with a tropical Caribbean climate and plenty of unique and exciting things to do, we just know you’ll love it too. Dive into some of the best things to do in Jamaica and let your next big adventure begin…

Top things to do in Jamaica

Mystic Mountain

Anyone with a taste for adventure and a craving for fun will fall in love with Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios. It’s the perfect place to explore the rainforest and inject a little excitement into your Jamaican holiday. You can mix and match different fun activities, including ziplining, zooming through the rainforest on a bobsled, riding the raggamuffin and going rock-climbing. The views over the surrounding jungle are simply breathtaking, especially when you’re climbing your way to the top of the mountain on a chairlift. Be sure to bring your camera along!

Rick’s Cafe

Love a bit of live music, a few tasty drinks and all-round good, chilled vibes? Rick’s Cafe has all this and more! It’s been hailed one of the top 10 beach bars in the world, and is also known to have one of the best sunset views in the whole of the Caribbean. On your visit, you’ll be able to treat yourself to drinks buckets, watch a variety of performers and spectate as cliff divers gleefully leap into the twinkling waters below (you can even have a go if you dare!). This brilliant bar is in Negril – people often reach it by tour buses or taxis, but there’s also the option to get a catamaran to Rick’s Cafe if you want an experience that’s extra special.

Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls is the most popular visitor attraction in Jamaica, and for good reason. It’s an exhilarating journey from the stunning sandy shores of Ocho Rios up through towering trees and rippling waters. You’ll end up 180 ft higher than where you started, and you’ll have had a rip-roaring adventure under tunnels and up waterfalls before you reach the top. It’s so much fun as well as being the perfect place to see Jamaica’s breathtaking natural beauty. If you’re up for a laugh and want some adrenaline in your holiday, be sure to add Dunn’s River Falls to your to-do list!

Things to do as a couple in Jamaica

The Bob Marley Museum

When we think of Jamaica, we think of Bob Marley! He’s a true icon, the ‘King of Reggae’ and someone who is widely celebrated on his home island. The museum dedicated to him is actually at his former home, so you get a real, authentic insight into his life. Fans of this musical legend will get to see how his house was when he lived there, before going to an exhibition hall where there are treasured mementos on display and then to a theatre hall playing live performances of Bob. Any fan of reggae music won’t want to miss this special experience to learn about and celebrate the incredible life of Bob Marley.

Rose Hall Great House

Rose Hall Great House is yet another fascinating thing to do in Jamaica to reveal a totally different side to the island. Simply put, it’s a historic museum, but it’s so much more than this. You’ll hear chilling stories of the White Witch, who is said to still haunt this impressive plantation house over 100 years after she died. After an eerie tour of the 18th century building, you’ll explore colourful gardens and tropical wildlife on the grounds. Those who are feeling particularly brave could even go for the ‘after dark’ tour of the house, where you’ll learn more about its haunting history and taste a ‘Witch’s Brew’ cocktail in the dungeon bar!

Martha Brae River Rafting

One of the most beautiful and unique things to do in Jamaica is certainly a raft ride on the glistening Martha Brae River. The scenery is unlike anything you’ll have ever seen before! This exciting excursion sees you float leisurely down a glowing turquoise river, passing by chunky bamboo trees, luscious green palms and tropical fruits along the way. Your friendly raft captain will tell you all about the river and its surroundings, and will be happy to take some photos for you – in such incredible surroundings, you’ll want to snap plenty!

Things to do for free in Jamaica

Seven Mile Beach

We couldn’t talk about things to do in Jamaica without mentioning the sweeping Seven Mile Beach. Many of Negril’s heavenly hotels are nestled on this sandy haven, but those who opt to stay in a different resort on the island often make the journey to see one of the Caribbean’s most famous beaches for themselves. The crystal clear waters are calm and filled with fascinating sea life, making it the perfect place for snorkelers. Pair this with the most divine soft sands and a striking backdrop of deep green jungle, and you get an island paradise you’ll never want to leave.

Jamaica’s markets

One of the best ways to experience an authentic Jamaican holiday is to visit one of the local markets. These markets are an explosion of colour and smells, with vendors selling traditional Jamaican goods like Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaican Rum and jerk spices. Whether you choose to pick anything up or just browse for the experience, it’ll be a highlight of your holiday and gives you a chance to interact with the friendly locals.

Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon

The famous Blue Lagoon is a natural lagoon, once thought to be bottomless but divers have proven since that there is a bottom – it’s just 180ft down! The mystical turquoise coloured water changes colour at different times of the day depending on the angle of the sun, so if you spend the day here you’ll see it change from turquoise to sapphire, to a rich deep blue. It’s truly mesmerising. Paid tours are available for the Blue lagoon if you like the sound of gliding across it on a wooden raft – but as long as you come here to see it’s beauty, you’ll still be in awe.