Negril Holidays 2024/2025

Negril is all about two words – beautiful beaches. Actually, beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe Seven Mile Beach, one of the most gorgeous stretches of sand in the world. Add to this the resort’s towering cliffs, coral reef excursions and Jamaican fare, and you’ve got yourself one serious stunner.

Negril Holiday Deals

White sand dreams

Negril’s white sand backdrop and palm tree fringe is unique, to say the least. Unique, peaceful and pretty much as gorgeous as it gets. And in spite of its appeal among families looking for cheap holidays to Jamaica, this little resort has somehow managed to retain its low key charm.

The show-stopping Seven Mile Beach is found in Negril, and that’s only the beginning where gorgeous scenery is concerned. Restaurants are nestled up along the cliffs carved into the waterfront, bars are suspended above the sea and the most energy you’ll expend is snorkelling past a coral reef. Even the hotels are postcard-worthy.

Seven Mile Beach

Though not seven miles long, exactly – it’s just a little over four – Negril’s Seven Mile Beach is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. Mother Nature works her magic here. That pristine stretch of white sand and pinch-me blue waters aren’t just reserved for beachy beer commercials. In Negril, they’re a reality. .

Seven Mile Beach and the smaller Bloody Bay are the area’s top attractions, speckled with bars and restaurants, and backed by palm trees. The atmosphere here is the picture of tranquil with light breezes coasting in off the waves and the faint patter of steel drums in the distance. It might sound a little too good to be true, but we’re really not kidding

Coral Reef Dives

Unsurprisingly, life revolves around the beach in Negril, so if you’re looking for action, be prepared to get wet. There are jet ski and parasailing rentals to snag on your way to the shores, along with catamaran cruises coasting through the waves.

Further out to sea is a protected coral reef that local diving centres will happily take you out to, suiting you up in snorkelling gear and sending you down to swim with the fish. The water bordering Seven Mile Beach is so crystal clear, you won’t have trouble spotting wiggly eels or an assortment of rainbow-coloured fish.

Farm fare

The dining settings in Negril are about as varied as it gets, though always consistent in supreme deliciousness. Jamaican food takes the cake here, so to speak, and you can expect fresh fruits and veggies, jerk chicken and pork plus a scoop of pumpkin soup.

Along the beach or overlooking the cliffs, restaurants here are stationed just about everywhere. There are even some tucked in the dense foliage an hour’s drive away on local farms where you’re made to feel like one of the family. Cooking in these intimate spots is done up close and personal, where you’re invited to watch the chefs at work. And if you come at the right time, you might even be treated to live music the Jamaican way.

Casual beach nights

Nights out in Negril keep things largely low key, but that’s not to say they’re boring. You’ll find the odd club around town, but mostly the drinking is done along the coast with sand under your feet and a chilled Red Stripe in hand.

The beach huts sprinkled around the waterfront might not look like much – some are actual shacks suspended over the sea – but they’re where the fun is at. Things are kept pretty laid-back with hushed music and clusters of locals, but that’s just Negril’s style. Kicking back and relaxing are what this Jamaican resort does best, even when they’re partying.

24 hour luxury

Negril is equipped with a dizzying array of 4* and 5* accommodation from the biggest brands in luxury hotels. Riu Palace Tropical BayTUI Sensatori Resort JamaicaClubhotel Riu Negril – you name it, Negril’s got it.

Much of the accommodation in this slice of Jamaica are adult-only, which means the relaxation factor is dialled high. And they’re almost always stationed along the beach, so you’re never far from the sandy sunbathing action. On All Inclusive holidays to Jamaica, restaurants often offer a switch-up to the classic Jamaican fare you’ll find in the rest of the resort, giving your palate a little break from its jerk chicken diet.

Shopping in the sun

Throughout Negril, you’ll find a selection of shopping opportunities to cover all your souvenir needs. There are market stalls selling authentic Jamaican crafts, quirky souvenir shops and local vendors traipsing around town.


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