A guide to the best restaurants in Montego Bay

Said to have the best restaurants in the whole of Jamaica, eating in Montego Bay is a real treat but it can be pricey. A useful trick is to choose a meal from the ‘specials’ board as these are always fresh and often a lot cheaper than dishes on the main menu. Expect to find jerk pork or chicken on offer in most restaurants as well as some fantastic seafood. Coconut prawn – often called shrimp – is sublime. Wash your meals down with a can of the local beer, Red Stripe, or try a traditional rum punch in true Jamaica holiday style.

Eat well for less at the Pork Pit

Fantastic food at reasonable prices is the order of the day at the Pork Pit. Jerk pork and chicken all feature on the menu and so do deliciously tasty ribs. You’ll find this restaurant as a result of the aromas wafting from the open air grill. It’s popular with residents and holidaymakers.

Open air dining at Scotchies

With its massive open air grill and stools placed all around the service area, enjoying a meal at Scotchies is a casual affair. The restaurant calls itself a ‘jerk centre,’ and the food here certainly packs a punch. This is the place for some authentic local cooking when on holiday to Jamaica.

Seafood splendour at the Houseboat Grill

The lobster season starts in July and the Houseboat Grill is one of the best places in Montego Bay to sample some of this excellent seafood. Moored in the Marine Park Fish Sanctuary, you can try the very spicy black bean chilli soup, or stick with fish. Marlin, squid, and, of course, lobster are all on the menu.

Jamaican seafront dining at Pier 1

Everyone deserves a culinary treat when on holiday and Pier 1, with its ackee fruit, seafood chowder and coconut crusted fish, will give you a true Jamaican dining experience. Come with a healthy appetite as the menu is extensive and the portions are very generous.

Upscale delights at the Sugar Mill

The food here is beautifully arranged and tastes delicious – this is a restaurant that pays attention to detail. Situated in the Half Moon resort, you’ll enjoy Jamaican standards with a twist. The lobster is sublime and the selection of puddings is stunning.

Enjoy the ribs at Biggs BBQ restaurant and bar

Biggs is famous for its wonderful ribs, pulled pork and cornbread. Wash down your meal with the house speciality, some Bluegrass lemonade – a mixture of homemade lemonade with the addition of blueberry vodka, it’s strong and flavoursome.

Laid-back ambience at Jerky's

Serving fantastic local delights, Jerky’s is situated in the middle of the Fairview Shopping Centre. Jerk chicken and pork are obviously on the menu and the bar provides takeaways. Try the luscious pink rum punch, it’s divine.

Al fresco dining at Reggae Jerk Centre

Enjoy your meal of jerk chicken while overlooking the stunning sea views. You can start your day here with a tasty omelette for breakfast or visit for lunch or dinner. Try the coconut water to soothe your tastebuds after eating one of this restaurant’s spicy dishes.

Varied choices at MoBay Proper

This restaurant is worth a visit if only for its fantastic name. The snapper and plantains are a wonderful example of authentic Jamaican food, as is the curried goat. The corn pork soup is wonderful and most dishes on the menu really do pack a powerful punch. With reasonable prices and lack of tourist traffic, this restaurant is a real find.

An eclectic mix at Pelican restaurant

The perennially popular Pelican restaurant has a wide ranging menu, affordable prices and some fantastic examples of Jamaican cuisine. The beautiful setting is used for weddings and functions as well as serving the average diner. The Calypso platter, the ackee and cod are all amazing. Prawns and lobster also feature and the restaurant serves gluten free dishes, useful for those with allergies.