Trelawny Holidays 2024/2025

A laid-back Caribbean paradise with year-round great weather and amazing natural scenery, it’s no wonder that holidays to Jamaica are becoming ever more popular. Trelawny is the perfect parish to visit, with its host of fabulous and not-too overcrowded beaches to explore. Enjoying a leisurely pace of life, some think of Trelawny as something of a time-warp location, with Georgian architecture and dusty roads all contributing to the charm and character of this sleepy region that is close to Montego Bay.

Trelawny Holiday Deals

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Despite not being one of the loudest or most well-known parts of the country, Trelawny Jamaica offers a host of fantastic experiences that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, such as the incredible Luminous Lagoon tour.

Setting off at sunset via boat, you are whisked to a lagoon that is filled with incredible iridescent organisms that turn the water bright neon-blue when you dive in. There’s also a restaurant on the dock, so you can enjoy a spot of local cuisine before setting off for some of the most unique photo opportunities in the world.

A walk through time

Holidays to Trelawny wouldn’t be complete without taking the time to enjoy one of the numerous walking tours of the area, which showcase not only the beauty of the natural surroundings, but also the impressive heritage and history.

Interestingly enough, Trelawny itself and the wider area of Falmouth have both been crafted in a specific way, to allow for full enjoyment on foot. It’s been like this since the 1700s, which gives a little historical insight in itself. From preserved plantation buildings through to more modern architecture, a walking tour really helps you understand the secrets of the region’s past and the people that shaped it.

A beach for every day of the week

Jamaica is globally-acknowledged for its clean, beautiful beaches, and Trelawny holidays offer you easy access to some of the best of them.

Jacob Taylor Beach is a particularly popular stretch of sand and sits adjacent to Fisherman’s Beach, which is a great spot for meeting local artisans and fishermen. The catch of the day is always freshly served in the nearby restaurants, and is a great way to acquaint yourself with the ‘real Jamaica’.

For picture-perfect vistas, Burwood Beach is also well worth a visit, with friendly locals always being happy to help direct you there.

Adrenaline-pumping adventures

While some people simply want to lounge on soft sands all day, adrenaline junkies need to be entertained too – and Trelawny Jamaica, despite its super-chilled reputation, can absolutely step up to the challenge.

With paintball, river rafting and tubing all on offer, Trelawny holidays needn’t be all about the beaches and they can even be educational too. While rafting, for example, guides will be on hand to talk about the history of the river, as well as all of the native plants and animals that you might see on your visit.

Try tasty food tours

If the way to your heart is through your stomach, a food tour is not to be missed. Jamaica is known for its incredible local dishes, exciting use of jerk flavours, and seafood that’s so fresh it could try to swim off your plate! But it’s the sheer variety of dishes that will blow you away.

Walking food tours are on offer in the region, and will definitely make holidays to Trelawny impossible to forget. They typically take a couple of hours and give you the opportunity to try a host of different regional dishes and learn the history behind them. Vegetarians and children can be catered for too.

Just for grown-ups

Finally, Trelawny holidays simply wouldn’t be the same without a visit to the Hampden Estate rum distillery. An absolutely fascinating insight into how Jamaica has been producing some of the best rum in the world for centuries, a tour will give you a chance to sample and appreciate some of the smoothest sips around.

Strictly for visitors aged 18 and over, this is a little bit of adults-only fun and is a great chance to pick up some presents for people back home.

Though at first glance Trelawny might seem like a sleepy little part of Jamaica, it’s actually a hive of fantastic sightseeing, educational and fun activities. From being a foodie’s paradise through to keeping adrenaline junkies on their toes and still being every beach lover’s dream, it is a must-visit spot in the Caribbean.


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