A guide to the best beaches of Jamaica

Nobody could visit Jamaica without taking the time to enjoy the island’s world-famous beaches. With miles of shoreline to enjoy, our guide will help you find your favourite stretches.

Seven Mile Beach

Active and lively, Seven Mile Beach is close to the famously laid-back town of Negril, in west Jamaica. The beach stretches around a scenic bay dotted with kiosks and stands selling snacks, sandals and soothing drinks. Reggae music rises into the air from a couple of beachfront bars, where dancing until dawn is not so much possible as it is encouraged. While there are plenty of opportunities to set down your towel and unwind by the ocean as vendors bring you food and drink at your leisure.

Boston Bay Beach

Adventurous types looking for something a little different during Jamaica holidays will definitely appreciate the opportunities on offer at Boston Bay. Head to the east coast of the island to find this secluded cove, although don’t confuse that seclusion with boredom. It’s quite the opposite here, given that Boston Bay is the hub for surfing and windsurfing in Jamaica. It’s also home to a few fairly famous places where you can grab some spicy chicken and smoky barbecued meats, which will keep you lively while you contemplate surfing lessons from the nearby experts.

Reggae Beach

As you can imagine from the name, Reggae Beach is a tropical cove where local musicians gather to let their sounds echo out to meet both sunshine and starlight. It has tons of natural beauty, from its colourful drooping palm leaves to the stark blue sheen of the sea, all packed into the quarter of a mile shoreline near Ocho Rios. The relaxing music often picks up into the evening, with bands and bonfires gathering to make beach parties happen until the break of dawn. Alternatively, you can go diving among the depths to explore the reefs and meet the marine wildlife.

Cornwall Beach

Located in Jamaica’s well known Montego Bay, Cornwall Beach is next door to the more renowned Doctor’s Cave Beach, which is eternally popular with families enjoying cheap holidays to Jamaica. However, Cornwall Beach is the quieter option, although not at the expense of fun in the sun. The sand is a creamy white, the sea is clear and inviting and the parties that go on here every Sunday feature bottomless refills for your mug of rum.

Frenchman's Cove

This is one of the hidden treasures of Jamaica, on the northeast coast. It’s located through lush green woodland and close to a river that’s clean and pleasant to swim in. You’ll find that few people know how to get to Frenchman’s Cove, which makes it a good choice if you simply must have a strip of shoreline all to yourself. It’s well worth holding onto as well, with smooth sand to sunbathe on and warm sea to immerse yourself in.

Rose Hall Beach

Located between Montego Bay and Falmouth, Rose Hall Beach has gained plenty of appreciation for it’s relaxing ambience. It’s a fantastic place to watch the sunset or reflect on your Caribbean journey, although the laid-back flavour of this place doesn’t come at the expense of modern comforts. The nearby beach club has restaurant and bar facilities, together with shops that will keep you topped up on the essentials. What’s more, there’s often live entertainment going on at the club, which means you don’t need to completely disconnect from the local culture for the sake of finding somewhere serene to sunbathe.