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Visit Aphrodite’s Empire in Paphos

Perfect Cyprus Holiday for Families & Couples

The resort town of Paphos is in the south west of Cyprus, just over 30 miles west of Limassol. The airport outside the city (Paphos International Airport) is smaller than the airport in Larnaca but it provides convenient access to resorts in western Cyprus. Divided into Old Paphos and New Paphos, the city is an attractive destination for honeymooners and couples who enjoy its natural beauty and spiritual history.

The mystical birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Palaepaphos or Old Paphos plays an important role in Cypriot and Greek culture. Once the island’s capital, and home to numerous cultural relics, the whole of Old Paphos has been added to UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List. Particular attractions are the floor mosaics in the houses of Dionysos, Theseus and Aion as well as the Kato Paphos Harbour.

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Attractions in Paphos

Coral Bay

Located on the idyllic west coast of Cyprus, Paphos has beautiful beaches that provide plenty of activities ranging from scuba diving to exploring hidden peninsulas and alcoves. A popular beach near the town is Coral Bay, which is long and sandy and has trendy restaurants right across the road that are popular spots in which to enjoy a shore-side meal.

Latchi and the Baths of Aphrodite

The small town of Latchi on the north western side of Paphos is surrounded by calm, quiet beaches that are great places to relax, particularly on the golden sands and tiny coloured pebbles of Yiannakis Beach. While you’re in Latchi, stop by the beautiful Baths of Aphrodite where it is said the goddess rendezvoused with Adonis among the fig trees. Local legend states that if you swim around this rock at midnight during the full moon, the goddess will reduce your age by 10 years, but if you don’t put much stock in legends explore the various nature trails nearby instead.

Aphrodite’s Rock

Following Aphrodite’s Trail, stop by Petra Tou Romiou, also known as Aphrodite’s Rock, where it is rumoured the goddess rose from white foam that appeared among the waves. A place of inspiration among painters, writers and poets, this beach is a great place to take a long walk, or enjoy a bit of solitude away from the city.

Tombs of the Kings

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tombs of the Kings lies just outside Paphos Harbour and is filled with ancient underground graves carved from solid rock. Thought to be the grave sites of aristocrats and high officials from the past, the tombs are cut into the hillside and feature classic ancient architecture and frescoed walls.


This village is built in Old Paphos, just under 10 miles outside New Paphos and home to a museum that’s located in a medieval villa just south of Kouklia. Remains of the fortifications of the vast temple of Aphrodite of Pafos (Pafia Aphrodite) can still be seen - an important site of pilgrimage in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD before it was later destroyed by an earthquake. A larger number of Cypriot antiquities are on display in the nearby Paphos Archaeological Museum, also well worth a visit.

Holidays to Paphos with Holiday Hypermarket

Paphos is a charming seaside town in Cyprus that is cherished for its open-air fish restaurants and attractive harbour. It also has a fascinating and significant cultural role that reaches back into antiquity. Home to historical sites like Palaepaphos, the Tombs of the Kings and Kato Paphos Harbour, Paphos is a great place for honeymooners and history buffs too.

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